For the prompt fingerpainting together, submitted by anon.

Kardasi awaits below! If you don’t speak it quite as fluently as Julian and Garak do, hover over the text for a translation.

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He held as still as he could as Garak’s cool fingers daubed the pigment on to his skin, posture perfect, head tilted. There was a very clear way to do this. And by God, he was going to get it right.

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A quick gb thing~

I don’t know why I ever paused drawing star trek guys ds9 is the love of my life

A Happy Birthday to my beloved tinsnip!   She asked for DD9 Julian and Elim on the phone.

I made this extra doodle to go with it :P

(Tiny handwriting translation!:

E: As lovely as this has been, my dear, I can’t help but wonder how much work you’ve done.

J: Do you want me to go?

E:I want you to come visit me.

J: Why would I get more done with all of you when your voice is enough to keep me from work?

E: You’re already not working. Come see me.

J: God, do you use that voice on customers?  I’d buy a dress if you said it like that.

E: Come See Me, Julian.

J: Oh, GOD, Elim, you’re a MONSTER.

E: But?

J: … give me ten minutes.)


Garak/Bashir - I Won’t Believe by LulaNormaire

I love this pairing :)


Current internal dialogues-

Bashir: Poor kid looks so flustered he can’t even sew straight… 

Garak: oh gOD the attractive human is looking at me play it cool play it cool you are an agent for the obsidian order and you are nOT going to let this human distract you but that facial hair though and eyes and skin and fuck i’m distracted


Because I was listening to “Someday Out of the Blue” by Elton John on the Road to El Dorado soundtrack, and decided it was a good Garak/Bashir song… and then I got to thinking that the two would be good as Tulio and Miguel… and then I started thinking I should draw it, followed by me popping the movie in and taking screenshots and deciding who would be each character (Sisko would be the cheif, and I’m almost convinced that Miles would be the horse.) I couldn’t quite decide who Chel would be. I thought about making her Ziyal, but I think Ezri fit better. And, of COURSE, we have Dukat as Tzekel-Kan (and if I had drawn any of the background people in the screenshot I got for this, they would have all been Bajorans.)

And then, I couldn’t figure out if I wanted them in the El Dorado outfits, or in the DS9 ones… so I went for both. (here, we see Dukat in his Fire Caves outfit)

External image

So…. there’s me blabbering on about my new madness. Have fun.