Inspired by this post, because uh, I had a particularly stressful week and I needed to do something really self-indulgent?  (As usual?) My own cat made sure to contribute by repeatedly jumping on my sketchbook to and from his favorite perch on top of the bookcase next to my desk.

(Ta to the anon who suggested this; I’d already started doodling, so ah, great minds think alike I guess? ;))

Elim Garak’s sartorial euphemisms for sex:

10.) Threading the bobbin
9.) Letting out the inseam
8.) Flicking the thread take-up lever
7.) Pounding the needle plate
6.) Adjusting the stitch width dial
5.) Venting the jacket tail
4.) Joining the notch
3.) Basting
2.) Thick-needle darning

1.) Enjoyable company


“I need to write this, Doctor, and you’re the only person on this station who will understand… Indulge me, if you will; I need you as a witness. A stitch in time…” - Elim Garak

These lines are from the first chapter of A Stitch In Time, a novel written by Elim Garak’s actor, Andrew J. Robinson. The story is in the form of a letter to Doctor Julian Bashir. It includes Garak’s struggles to help rebuild Cardassia, insight into events on Deep Space 9, and the unveiling of his shrouded past. The book is currently out of print with copies circulating bidding sites, but it has been made into a digital e-book format for purchase here.

After that last DD9 comic, naturally I had to draw something to cheer myself up, yeah?  (I … think we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled aliens after this, though. Probably.)

Inspired, of course, by @ladyyatexel’s AU Garak and Bashir, her versions of ~significant (human!)Cardassian hand-holding, and also rather directly by the first chapter of @tinsnip‘s can’t steal happiness (although I moved the interaction to Deep Dish Nine, mostly because I felt the need to put Julian in his uniform).


Bashir: There you are, Garak. I went past your shop, but it was closed.

Garak: Unfortunately business has been a bit slow. For some reason, living under the constant threat of Dominion attack has made people less eager to invest in new clothing. So how was your trip to Klaestron Four?

Bashir: Oh, terrific. The Klaestrons have developed a burn treatment technology which has to be seen to be believed.

Garak: You know, I envy you.

Bashir: How so?

Garak: When I was younger, travelling was a bit of a passion for me. There are few things in life that compare with the thrill of immersing yourself in the culture of an alien world, meeting the inhabitants, earning their trust. But aside from our brief excursion to Bajor, I don’t think I’ve been off this station in nearly three years.

Bashir: What’s stopping you? Ships are leaving Deep Space Nine almost every day.

Garak: Space is dangerous, Doctor. You never know what might happen.

Bashir: Garak, you’re being paranoid. Are you saying the Cardassian government would have you killed if you left this station?

Garak: My dear Doctor, you do have a vivid imagination.

- “Second Skin”


anyone remember how I got into collages?

I started cutting up my star trek magazines and decoupaging boxes first! here’s the one that’s got garak/bashir stuff on the lid and side of it. of course it has glitter. 

I thought y’all might get a kick out of it lol

also you can totally pay for me to make you one, send me an etsy message (link to my etsy) or email me at silas_julian@yahoo.com. 

anonymous asked:

Garashir in palette 10? :0!!

OMG, I’ve been working on this picture FOR-EV-ER. (I say that every time!) Garashir brings me happies when the world feels like it’s going to hell. And it makes me feel really special that you asked me to draw these two nerds. :3 I hope you like it!

@meettheghost requested i know there are still people out there who are opposed to the “garak has a tail” headcanon, BUT if you’re interested: garak wrapping his tail around julian while they cuddle <3

Ummmm, so I kind of got carried away, and this got less ”cuddly” than, well.  Sorry. /o\

Anonymous said:
Are you still taking requests? :0 Garak and bashir slow dancing? Or ice dancing! Or chilling on the beach!! Idk I love this ship so much


Anon, I hope you find this picture and I do so hope you like it! When I’m having the worst day, Garashir makes everything better. <3 The thought of them slow dancing makes me so happy. <3


Writing was like pulling teeth yesterday, so I took a break and got completely sucked into the Deep Dish Nine pizza parlor AU.  Which I surprised myself by loving immensely (I’m usually not terribly into non-canon/human!AUs, it’s a thing … but then, very few of those have such an intriguing commitment to reinterpreting alien cultures as human/immigrant ones).  So here’s a small scene from @ladyyatexel’s Deep Dish Nine (and @tinsnip​’s Inconvenient Fireworks, for that matter), because that particular human!Cardassian hand gesture is totally irresistible.