For those that remember “Garage Society”, We finally had the chance to focus on it a little bit more & gave it a good revamp.

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“Garage Society was created to bring together enthusiasts from all forms of the automotive culture. Our philosophy that we created for Garage Society is the one that any enthusiasts can relate to. It’s not about the garage itself, but it’s about the bond that is formed through the garage. The bond that is created is a lifestyle. The "Garage Society” lifestyle is what forms friendships over the hobby itself. It’s the type of lifestyle where individuals are able to get together with good company & help each other build their cars, hang out & to simply get away from the internet politics. It’s the lifestyle that you find yourself up at 2 A.M in the morning tinkering on the car with the people you love to be around with.

No matter what car culture you are involved in, every individual can all relate to the pain & struggle of building a car. When it comes to the “Garage Society” lifestyle, You can be a group of enthusiasts that enjoy buildings cars out of the garage or the certified mechanic that does it for a living. To some, it is a hobby & to other’s it may be a living. To us, it doesn’t matter which relates to you, but we know that it’s a lifestyle that we are all involved in, the Garage Society lifestyle.“