traits of the types TOTALLY causally correlated to being that type

- wavy hair
- well-defined sense of personal space
- theatrical but bashful

- doesn’t like chocolate
- mostly likely to have a craft room
- accidentally roasts ppl bc things just come out their mouths without meaning to

- rocking shabby chic since 1992
- uneasily aware of your emotions
- full night’s sleep? ha how bout full night’s Staying up and doing random shit, then a full Day’s sleep

- cool as a cucumber unless caught off guard by someone they actually respect
- aware of traditional social etiquette, just doesn’t care

- not actually looking at you but staring dreamily through you
- do not call garagepunk post-rock near them
- pls don’t be sad

- honorary employee of Starbucks
- flighty but genuinely loving
- most likely to still use XD

- perma-smug smirk that I want 2 smack what do u have to be so smug about Brian
- will be concerned about u if they like u
- might laugh at a stranger falling down tho

- I have a fire extinguisher on hand personally bc of this type
- stop eating all my yogurt

- says things wrong to make ppl laugh
- ur short lmao
- stop trying to distill the Perfect plan and just do it, you will be fine

- literally was drama club president in HS
- loves you but sometimes just won’t Listen
- friendly force of nature

- doesn’t actually hate you
- “why won’t everyone just do what I say?”
- piercing cold stare on fucking point

- enough cargo shorts
- pls use your powers for good

- Loves summer and sunshine
- how about everybody just shhhh for a while
- big big smile, crinkle eye a lot

- Aggressively happy to recommend books/TV shows/etc
- could use a challenge to their all-or-nothing stances
- sometimes a little confused by memes

- likes Kendrick Lamar
- business-casual couture fashion show winner 2016
- Javert was the only one doing his job

- type most likely to rightfully file a noise complaint
- methods are both tried and true

this is a really long appreciation post for my mutuals, i’m so sorry if ur on mobile cause it’s gonna be reallY long. this is kinda in celebration of christmas and the holidays but also i’ve been on tumblr for nearly a year let me out of this hellhole i beg of you anyways this is gonna be full of inappropriate use of commas cause i slept about an hour last night but here we go.

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it’s not a christmas/new year thing and i’m not celebrating anything, i just felt like doing it (and one of my goals for 2016 is to leave tumblr but i don’t know if it will happen) so!!! thank you all for being such cool people and having amazing blogs (and most because i suck and you are all still here following me). i know i never talked to most of you and i’m really sorry for this, i have some problems to start conversations and also keeping them but you are all too cool and i wish we had ♡ well, happy holidays if you celebrate and if you don’t, have a great week too!  merry christmas, kiss my ass.

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