Scamcon 2012


Just read this feedback thread:

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AKICON is a scam.  They mistreated and overcharged artists and vendors only to stuff them in a leaky, cold garage (along with unsafe electrical wiring and food service)

This is a warning to all artists far and wide, DO NOT give this scam con anymore of your money and if you did attend this past weekend: SUE THEM and get a reimbursed.  Do not just sit back and take it.

The saddest part of that whole thread is reading the Convention Owner’s reply that people are “just ranting haters” and should just “not come back next year”.  These people were banned from Sakuracon for selling bootleg merchandise and should never have even had a convention for the last three years, but this was the worst.

Artists, stand up and speak up and forever reblog. 

So lemme tell you something, folks. This is what the ceiling of the Vendor’s Hall/Artist Alley looked like at Aki-con this past weekend. Now, the people running the con would have you believe that those big stripes of gray/black all over the ceiling is tar to seal the cracks in the cement. And yes, that is roofing tar smeared all over those cracks. This is a 3400x5100px image of said shitty tarring job.

What I can see here is water damage so severe that it’s caused the paint to fall off the ceiling entirely, in great big chunks that make it look like someone’s taken to the ceiling with a hammer. Those big spots of water damage were then tarred over (multiple times, it seems, since there’s evidence of an earlier tarring job that’s been painted over). Never mind the buckets (the five gallon bucket is a hilarious, if not terrifying in its implications, addition) that are SCREWED into the ceiling to catch the drips coming from those uselessly-tarred cracks. All of the cracks are leaking black ooze, and there are also hairline cracks in the paint and cement so big and long you’d think they were in the fabric of the universe itself, streaming black ooze.

I’m actually really glad I took this picture because there’s nothing quite like high-res proof of the bullshit conditions the vendors and artists had to put up with at this con.


Aki Con 2012, Bellevue, WA, October 26-28


I put off posting this report on purpose.  I was overwhelmed by emotions after this con, and I wanted to try to look at it objectively.  I was also waiting to see how the staff would respond to criticism and concerns.  Sadly, my opinion of it hasn’t changed.

Aki Con wraps up my con circuit for 2012.  I wanted to end it with a bang!  Sadly, unlike all of the other conventions I’ve attended, I couldn’t wait to go home.

For those who aren’t committed to reading the entire experience, here’s a short version.  I would like to thank those who came by my table and supported me as an artist.  Whether it was just to take a business card or to purchase something, just showing some sort of appreciation was very welcoming.  To the other artists who are just starting out, don’t give up!  Promise, there are really good AAs out there.  The way the staff handled the upset the artists had over the parking garage was unprofessional and shocking.

This is here to serve as an account of my time at Aki Con.  Everyone is welcome to their own opinion.  This is mine.  This is my chance to speak out about what happened, how I felt, and why I am so disappointed in this con.

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