johnny: well? we’re sitting, now. out with it. 

nancy: you’re waste-of-space father and i are getting a divorce.

johnny: good for you. i sort of fail to see what this has to do with me, though… oh, god. please don’t tell me you need a place to stay. 

nancy: don’t be dense, johnny, dear. i have more homes than i know what to do with. and i’ll be getting enough money in the settlement to buy ten more. not little shack’s, either. six-bed, double garage, heated swimming pool and sauna residences, darling. understand?

johnny: … then what—? 

nancy: i want you to let me do your wedding. 


17th Century Chateau for Sale in France

  • inner courtyard
  • 2 apartments
  • guest house
  • caretakers lodgings
  • offices
  • chapel
  • orangerie
  • garages
  • kennels
  • stables
  • dovecote
  • swimming pool
  • french gardens
  • park of 24 hectares
  • rooms decorated by artist Francois Marius Granet

I dig the amount of appreciation that garage rock is finally gathering.

But I’m afraid I’ll turn into one of those “I listened to them back when blah blah blah…” assholes D:


She’s on Fire - King Tuff feat. Gap Dream


This is probably the best track off that album. And hell, for a freebie, it’s pretty damn good.

Chapter 4, it’s a longer one... Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a little comment as your comments make my day! xx


Rae avoided the gang for the week. She even ignored Chloe’s continuous texts about whether Rae was still coming on Saturday. Of course she would still be going as she would feel rude not turning up to her new friend’s birthday; she had even bought her a card. Before she could grasp the week; Saturday rolled around. She decided that she wasn’t going to swim and instead mix with the people who weren’t; taking different kind of spirits as nobody questioned you if you bought free booze. She decided to dress nice, for a change. A white loose blouse with black, tight fitting jeans and some nice flats. Of course it wouldn’t be a Rae outfit without her leather jacket and back pack. She even curled her hair and threw on a little mascara and lip gloss.

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