Lazy work days - Happy Lowman Headcanons

Do you do headcannons? :) If you do, could I have a head cannon about Happy Lowman and his significant other having a lazy day around TM? Please !x

For Anon
I’m doing significant other in second person as I would and imagine.

First head cannon request, wasn’t sure what to put but enjoy!

- If you didn’t work at TM then you’d certainly work close enough to visit regularly, it suits Happy because he likes having his special people close by.

- If it’s a very quiet day for the garage and club business then sometimes you and Tig would cover for Happy so that he could sneak off to drop in on his mother.

- If there was a lot of club business going on, then you were on Happy’s own personal lock down and you had to hang around TM until he could resume being your escort. The boys found it excessive and it often annoyed you but you knew, deep down, that if he felt it was that serious then you’d safer with Happy around.

- Because his hands aren’t busy working on bikes or cars on lazy days it means that your ass gets slapped – a lot.

- Also, there is a crazy amount of groping and pulling each other down the hallway into one of the empty dorm rooms for some afternoon delight. The prospects know not to barge into the rooms now since last time happy threatened to shoot them.

- If Happy’s having a lazy day but you’re still busy it means that you gain yourself a heavily tattooed shadow, he follows you around just enjoying spending time with you.

- Any guys that come to TM and look at you for too long get FIERCE glares.

- On more than one occasion he’s walked in on you and Kozik hiding dolls around the clubhouse for Tig to stumble upon.

 - Happy’s your alibi when Tig actually finds one and freaks out on everyone.

- Happy doesn’t like having to share your attention with the other Sons but he deals with it because they’re your family too. But he does have to remind himself of that when he comes into the clubhouse to find you and Juice giggling together at some weird video on his laptop.

- You spend a lot of time of the slow days with Gemma, Tara and Lyla and all of the boys panic when they see you all looking like you’re up to no good.

- You like to hide on the other side of the yard and sext Happy while he’s surrounded by the guys and watch him get flustered. Well Happy’s version of flustered.

- Even if it wasn’t a quiet day at the TM, if Hale and Unser showed up for any reason, Happy would ditch whatever he was doing and attach himself to your side. If he was out on business than Kozik or Tig took the spot next to you because of Hale’s massive, very annoying crush on you. They didn’t like the way that he looked at you but at the same time he seemed to buy into anything that you told him so you were used as an alibi by the guys all the time.

- Sometimes you steal Happy’s tools one by one and leave them as a trail for him to find and follow. The trail always leads to one of the clubhouse bedrooms.

- The first time you showed up at TM on the back of Happy’s bike, before you’d gone public with your relationship, Tig had choked on his cigarette and Chibs had to whack his back to help him out. Jax nearly gave himself whiplash doing a doing take and Juice ran off to excitedly tell everyone else that Happy Lowman had let someone else on his bike!

Jumpy (Y/N&Chibs)

Trigger warning: Attack 

It was late evening by the time you arrived home from your shift at the hospital. The day was long and dreary, but there was a bump in action when a patient pulled a scapel on you while you were debrieding the wound. Thankfully, you were able to disarm the patient but in the struggle, you did suffer a small laceration to the neck. Thankfully, the wound was superficial, but the event had left you incredibly jumpy. Even the slightest touch from a co-worker sent you sailing for the ceiling. The nursing manager decided that you would serve the Emergency Department best by doing triage and that is where you spent the rest of the night until 2300 rolled around.
As you pulled into the driveway of your house, you noticed that your old man’s bike was not in the garage. Hmm, club business, you thought as you shook your head. Usually, you were perfectly okay coming alone to an empty house, but tonight was different; and even though it was only recnelty that Chibs had started staying at your house, you had already become accostmed to falling asleep while listening to his breathing. As soon as your feet crossed the threshold of the house, all the lights in the house was turned on. Empty. Silence. Once you felt safe, you plopped down onto the couch, turning on the tv to the lighthearted channel of cartoons. Soon enough, the darkness crawled into your eyes and you feel asleep.
The door closing brought you forth from sleep so fast you almost hit your head on the small side table siutated dangerously next to the couch arm. The lights had been turned off and silently you cursed the high tech that Juice had installed into your house recently. Creeping off the couch, you reached into the side table’s drawer and removed the knife that Chibs had gifted you for your birthday. Feeling around for your gun, you muttered a small curse when you realized it was not in its place. Heart pounding. Footsteps, loud footsteps. Crawling out of the living room, you found your way into the hallway, the front door just within reach. The footsteps were now in the kitchen, just inches behind you. Deep breath. You ran, feet padding loudly against the floor. Suddenly, a hand reached from teh darkness and grabbed your arm. A shrill scream left your throat as you slashed at the figure, blinded by darkness and fear.
“Fuck lass!” The figure finally said, dropping your arm. That voice. Dread filled your entire body as you flicked the hallway light on. Hands flew to your voice, in front of you stood Chibs, a small bleeding cut to his right cheek and an irated twitch at the corner of his mouth. The knife fell to the floor as you locked eyes with your old man, suddenly feeling very small.
“Chibs, I…I am so sorry! I thought you were an intruder!.” You croaked. Chibs shook his head,
“Ye forget ye gave me a key?” You stared at his cut, and slowly started to nod your head,
“Yes.” Chibns sighed and walked into the kitchen flicking the lights on. He grabed a beer from the frige, popped the top, and sipped it. “Yer owe me one lass.” Nodding feverously, you went straight to the cupboard and removed your medical kit. The next few moments were silent as you cleaned his wound, making sure that each touch was gentle but well placed. Chibs looked at you from the corner of his eye and finally grabbed your hands.
“Lass, yer shaking.” You shook your head, too embarassed to share anything. Chibs huffed and grabbed your face gently, “Lass, tell me.” The tears started.
“I am so sorry I cut you. I…had a bad day at work. A patient pulled a scapel on me and nicked my throat…”
“ Motherfucker. Who?” Chibs interruppted, irritated and fuming, his grip on your face tightening as he turned your head up to look at your wound.
“A…a patient. The security guards already took care of it.” You stuttered. Chibs released your face and suddenly slammed his lips against your so hard a bruise was sure to happen. The kiss was chaste, but still meaningful. When he pulled back, he leveled his face with yours so that he could look you straight in the eye.
“Yer mine. The crow on yer your shoulder? That means something. If someone hurts ye, that’s slight against me. Yer my woman. No one is allowed to hurt ye and get away.” Chibs stated, his voice low and dangerous. Eyes filled with tears as you threw yourself into his arms.
“I love you Chibs.”
“I love ye too lass.”

time travel with me on this mix, 2000s uk club/garage/2 step/dance mix, check it out! hope u like it!

B-15 Project - Girls Like Us
UKG & Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It)
TJ Cases - ‘Do It Again’ (feat Katblu)
Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson - Whats It Gonna Be (UKG Remix)
Shola Ama - Imagine (Garage Mix)
Architects - Body Groove (feat. Nana)
De La Soul - All Good (Mj Cole Remix)
Ramsey and Fen - Love Bug (R.A.F. bump remix)

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1948 Buick Super Convertible by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Francis invited me to ride along on the Upper Midwest Region Classic Car Club of America’s Spring Garage Tour. Unfortunately, Francis was unable to make it, so I went and took pictures for him. The tour started in Hastings, Minnesota and ventured east into Wisconsin. The day started out sunny, but got cloudier as the day progressed. Still a nice day and good for avoiding shadows on outdoor shots. Even though I was busy taking pictures, I had a chance to talk to a lot of nice people and see some very amazing cars. Taking pictures on a garage tour is always a little frustrating. You get to see these beautiful cars, but usually a garage setting is too tight to get nice pictures. The route was beautiful, but I had a few missed turns primarily because Wisconsin’s road marking methods are a little different than what I am used to in Minnesota. It was a great day and I would like to shout out a big “THANK YOU!” to the hosts that opened up their garages and to event coordinators that put the whole thing together. ******************************************************************************* Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. Or here for my Car Crazy Tumblr site. Or on Twitter @DVS1mn.

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are there any blogs or forums or something dedicated to garage kit advice? im considering getting one bc my favorite series has no official figures but i literally dont know anything ;w;

here are some various garage kit clubs & blogs i’ve found on mfc:

when i first started i knew nothing about garage kits myself, so i hope these can help you like they helped me!

Brandon Flowers: “Nobody ever had a dream round here'”

Brandon Flowers is the most underrated musician of the 21st century

Henry Shalders || Cherwell [Independent student news of Oxford University] || January 2017

Not many people know the best moment in their life. I know mine. 2013, Wembley Stadium, when The Killers played their first stadium concert.

As the sun set on 80,000 people on that sultry Saturday night, a show began long on emotion, short on patience, as Brandon Flowers, the band’s lead singer and frontman pulled out every stop for a gig that defined his career. After a mesmeric three hour performance he got in a taxi, drove to the Islington Garage Club and did it all again. That takes commitment.

Brandon Flowers is a curiously reclusive figure in a pop age that valorises the extrovert. He broke-through in 2003, first in the UK and later the US, with ‘Mr Brightside’. Since then he’s released four studio albums with The Killers, and two solo works. Worldwide he’s sold about 22 million albums, is described by Elton John as one of the most inspirational musicians of this century, and has performed before the British Royal family.

Oh, and The Killers’ charity Christmas singles have raised over $1 million dollars for the HIV charity RED. Actions speak louder than words and Flowers may shake before he appears on national television, but he’s a man as driven as he is creative.

Commercially Flowers is big. Culturally he is well known. Musically he is respected. But he has never received the status he deserves as a wordsmith in the Lennon-Jagger tradition. His songs are powerful, political and pertinent, transcending his Las Vegan heritage. They present a clarity of thought and certainty of value increasingly unusual in our post-truth world.

Hot Fuss was his electrifying debut, ‘Mr Brightside’ now a dance-floor classic of every club. Like everywhere. The indie soft rock, auto-tuned vocals, and missionary lyrics about ‘destiny’ were immediately popular. “I must have performed that song a thousand times and I still don’t get bored of it,” Flowers told Zane Lowe in 2013. Nor does any club DJ I’ve ever heard.

Sam’s Town, Hot Fuss’ 2006 sequel, was the album where Flowers truly found his voice. He wasn’t bashful about it either. The Nevadan claimed it was “one of the best albums in the past twenty years”, that it would be “the album that keeps rock & roll afloat.”

The critics disagreed, with Rolling Stone delivering a miserly two-star rating. It was a radical and, many argued, unnecessary departure from The Killers globally successful debut. But if you listen to Sam’s Town, and I mean really listen, you understand what Flowers is on about. It’s an American masquerade about hope, success and failure. “Nobody ever had a dream round here” is the framing-opening lyric from the title track, a nostalgic throw-back to Flower’s tragic youth surrounded by gambling addicts in a rundown suburb of Las Vegas.

Sam’s Town takes its name from the casino across the road from where Flowers grew up. The tracks together form a biographical narrative of self-reflection. ‘This River is Wild’ is a cry of the tribulations of faith, ‘Uncle Jonny’ about watching your best friend break down, ‘When You Were Young’ a classic Springsteenrock song about dating the wrong girl.The manifesto song for the album ‘Read my Mind,’ is Flowers’ essay on the American Dream. “I never really gave up on/ Breakin’ out of this two-star town/I got the green light/I got a little fight/ I’m gonna turn this thing around”—aspiration courses through the bridging-guitar crescendo. I could go on, but that’s beside the point.

Individually the songs are great to listen to, but the album succeeds because it coheres so perfectly. This is the antonym to beige pop, the kind of thing that should keep Ed Sheeran awake at night. Flowers writes soul music in the original meaning of the term. Biblical in its reach, epic in its subject matter, the lyrics resonate the harsh non-conformist value system of Flowers’ Nevadan upbringing. “Decades disappear like sinking ships/ God gives us hope,” Flowers shouts in ‘A Dustland Fairytale’, the raw emotion of self-denial trilling through the cadences of that bitter-sweet symphony. God and religion are present in much of Flowers writing, highly unusual in an age in which secularism is writ-large across pop culture.

More than a musical mastermind Flowers is an indie rock fashion icon, an old-school practitioner of Las Vegas haute-pop-couture. In an era of fashion neurosis on stage, where Harry Styles is feted for donning a blank t-shirt and Chris Martin’s rent-a-sticker guitar becomes a cultural symbol, Flowers remains stubbornly gaudy. America’s synthrock cowboy, he’s worn everything from a Dior feathered epaulette jacket to lavish quantities of eye mascara. Flowers remains a vigilant 80s New Romantic revivalist, an unashamedly ostentatious showman.

“I’ve gone through life white-knuckled…” Flowers opens ‘Flesh and Bone’ the breakout track of The Killers fourth album Battle Born. This is music with a diaristic quality, a haunting resonance and melodic variance so out of step with contemporary synth-pop. It’s music which echoes Flowers’ life story; about succeeding in the face of adversity and fighting for what you believe in.

Together his oeuvre forms a go-to lyric book replete with every mode of human emotion and experience. The man is a genius and it’s time he is recognised as such.

Imagine Jax, Gemma, and Clay being very protective over you, and having a history of scaring off the people you come in contact with, which results in you dating in secret all the time

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It ain’t easy being the princess of a biker gang

You were the product of one of Clay and Gemma’s fuckfests. From the very beginning of life you were special in the small town of Charming. Most people knew that you were someone who was not to be messed with. So when you entered your school years it was clear that you were always going to a teacher’s pet, just like Jax. It was partly because you were a behaved student, and always completed the tasks given to you, but you knew from a young age that your daddy was a bad, yet powerful man. It also didn’t help that in middle school when a kid in your class called you a no good biker whore, and your brother found out… well let’s just say… the poor kid had a busted face for a while and everyone knew why.

Throughout your life you also found that boys were scared to date you, out of fear of ending up like that poor kid from middle school. You tried to hide them for a while, but sadly you couldn’t hide them forever. Even after high school it was hard to hide them, which caused you to be very single most months. And then he moved to town,started hanging around, and soon started prospecting.  And you were a lovesick goner.

Soon you found that the boy with the mohawk and the queens accent was flirting more and more with you, and soon you looked at him and whispered softly, “You might want to be careful who you say that shit around, Jax, Clay,and Gemma have a habit of scaring of boys like you.”

“Tell me what you mean by that?” He said as he leaned a bit closer, his face inches from yours, causing you to scan the lot quickly before almost kissing him, however when you were inches from his face you whispered, “They all wanted to play with the princess, and maybe one day make her their queen.”

“That is a toy I want to play with. Where do I go to play with one.”

“Go to Stockton, the apartment complex on frost Street, apartment H. Better hope the Prince doesn’t show up. But she only plays between 6-7.”

“So only an hour.” He looked like a hurt puppy as you pulled back and smiled before walking away, “Seven in the morning I meant.” 

That night at 5:45 you heard the rumble of a bike outside your apartment, and knew he got the hint. You slowly walked away from the dinner you were preparing though and looked out the window, praying it wasn’t Jax, or Clay, or one of the other guys. But when you opened the door you smiled as he smiled at you like a goof ball. 

“I know I am early but I was hoping the princess would forgive me.” He smirked as you  pulled him into your apartment by his prospecting kutte.

That night was the start of it all…. You were now more then just the club’s princess, your father’s little girl, your mother’s human barbie, and Jax’s precious little sister…. you were Juice’s queen. That night you just sat on the couch and talked, both of you sharing stories from your childhood. And as the morning California sun started to rise you knew it was all over, and then he did it. He leaned forward with his coffee scented breath and kissed you on your couch. And you were hooked.

For months you both were careful, he would come over to your house, making sure to park his bike a bit away from your apartment, and he would get off and walk to your house after putting a black hoodie over his kutte, and a cap over his mohawk and tattoos. And he would leave before the sun even rose, but not before kissing you. At the garage, and the club house you both just acted like you were friends, treating him no different then the other guys. However when you got home you both made up for it, you attacking his face as he pulled you close. No one had any idea what was going on, and you even perfected how to act at the parties, where Juice would walk in the back with the croweaters and then say that he just wanted to know if he could take their panties and if they would talk to him. Most times they just left saying he was a total virgin, and soon they all stopped hitting on them. However you knew he was no virgin. 

You were doing well at this point, I mean you had both been romantically involved for 7 months now, and Juice was bound to get voted in soon, I mean he was a hell of a prospect, and loyal to no end. You were thinking maybe you could tell your family of outlaws about how the young prospect had stolen your heart soon, but feared it would effect him getting in the club, or worse… You both knew that you would one day have to spill the beans, especially with the news you had just gotten. 

You couldn’t go to Saint Thomas, it was too risky for what you were asking for, so you drove to the hostipal outside of Stockton, which had no ties to the Sons of Anarchy, the redwood originals, or Clay Morrow and his family. And it was there you heard three words that changed your life….

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant.” The doctor smiled as your eyes widened, and you let out a shaky breath.

You came back with the blood test in hand, your future in your hands and your womb. There was only one person who could be the father of this new life inside of you, and currently you were both in a secret relationship. Now you were faced with the issue of telling him, and telling your family that you are going to have the baby of Juan Ortiz, who you have been dating for seven months secretly so that he was voted in the club, and that they planned on telling them at some point but now they had no choice but to accept. As you opened the door though to your apartment you felt the hand wrapped around your mouth, the paper dropping as the door was left slightly open. Before being stuffed into a small van you felt something collibe with your head and everything went black.

Juice hadn’t seen you at the clubhouse, which honestly made him feel a bit sad. Even though he couldn’t let his affection for you show in the company of his new family, he enjoyed seeing you every morning, and knowing that you both would be having a causal conversation at one point during the day. However by 3pm he was starting to get worried and he was letting it show. 

“You okay Juicy Boy?” Chibs asked as Juice looked up from his work.

“Yea, I just don’t feel good.” He said as he shook his head and looked back down

“Well why don’t ya go home early. You ain’t no good to us sick.” 

“Thanks man.” Jucie replied as he slowly got up and started towards his bike, and head over to the one place he wanted to go.

He followed the daily routine, he parked his bike a few minutes from your apartment, walked to the back, put his hoodie and baseball cap on, and headed towards your apartment. His pace was quicker then usual and when he reached the apartment he could see the door was slightly opened. He hurried towards the door, and regretted not having some form of a weapon on him. As he slowly opened the door he was greeted by the darkness of the apartment. He stepped in slowly and scanned the three rooms, each turning up empty. When he reached the living area he noticed the paper on the floor, thinking maybe it was a ransom note. He already planned on doing everything in his power to find you, and quickly grabbed it. He shut the door and raced away from the apartment, his heart pounding. When he was a few steps from the apartments he opened the paper in his hands and read as he walked, and then he stopped, his eyes widening as he read the words, POSITIVE. 

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The Garage stream

Soviet Movie Club™ turns really Soviet this week as we’re hosting The Garage, a comedy/tragedy about Soviet folk and their mentality. The movie takes place in one single room in its entirety, and actually only passed the censorship despite its heavy shitting on the Soviet system because Brezhnev himself suddenly said that they needed more woke movies. 

A cooperative of a zoological museum invests in garage spaces, but it turns out that there won’t be enough for everyone as originally planned, and so “extras” need to be kicked out. Comedy with a spice of tragedy ensues. 

The movie stars a few familiar faces, in particular - a pair of Lestrades, Borislav Brondukov and Valentin Gaft, from the Soviet series and My Dearly Beloved Detective respectively. There is also Semyon Farada who flashed in The Very Same Munchhausen and The Formula of Love, the director of the movie himself, lots of famous people you don’t know, all sorts of stuff. I enjoyed the movie immensely and I’m glad that I will see this delightful very Soviet satire again.

If you want to join us, visit rabbit on Saturday, 15th July, at 9pm GMT+1, and let’s see if people shown in the movie still exist today, regardless of time and society.