garage queen

Imagine pulling into the garage after a long day at work and you can hear the music from inside the house before you even shut off the engine. Sluggishly you make your way inside through the door leading from the attached garage into the kitchen where you find the first thing that gives you pause; an empty Godiva chocolates box on the counter. You were saving those chocolates for a day just like this one and you know you had hid that box rather well. A feeling of utter dread fills you as the same song starts again with a very loud, off key voice singing along. You drop the box and cautiously make your way through the door leading into the dining room and stop to steel yourself before pushing open the door leading to the living room. You are momentarily dumbfounded by the sight that greets you before shaking yourself into action. You whip out your cellphone and begin recording. There before you belting out ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” at the top of his lungs, twisting and turning while dressed in that crime against fashion bride’s maid dress you wore to a friend’s wedding last year with the tiara you won in a pageant when you were nine perched crookedly upon his head is a very chocolate-high Loki.