garage queen


“Hey Rex,

You featured my Goldwing build at one point last year - Finished another project which I though I’d share with you. This time it’s a 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado The build - I’m always on the hunt for that unloved barn find rotting away, when I found this Guzzi, I felt like I hit the jackpot. Because you almost never see one of these on the road today. The vision was to create a bike which was mechanically perfect and durable to be a daily rider and simple and elegant enough to go unnoticed. Kind of like subtle make up on a beautiful woman. With this build I did not want to over restore the bike. Because I didn’t want to be upset to ride it every day, in the sun, rain, sleet whatever. I purposefully did not paint some parts of the bike and cleaned the engine area carefully so that it would keep some of its patina from when I brought it home from a barn in an awful state of rust and and scattered parts.  I thought the snow we had was a perfect setting to take some photos of the black bike. The bike was painted carbon black (the blackest black there is) with subtle white coke bottle grips. The pin striping was removed to give it a clean and simple look and let its natural lines shine without the clutter. The 70s Guzzi logos were replaced with Guzzi decals from the 1940s. Everything was adjusted on the original frame to keep the lines on the bike low slung. You will notice the blacked out details. Full mechanical overhaul included a transmission rebuild. It has 96K miles on the clock and its life story is of no garage queen. You can even see some bug splatter on the headlight in these pics. I ride this bike and ride it hard. In a way you have to with a brute like this. Most of the time, It’s like riding a rhinoceros. But when you drop it into 5th and twist it up to 70mph, all you hear from that big Guzzi twin is the sound of a human heartbeat.    The design, rebuild, paint, mechanicals, electrics, adjustments… I did all the work myself, in my garage. I call it the Nebuchadnezzar.   Best, Kusal” One word……C L A S S