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NEW UPDATE. 100 Tracks. Hit shuffle and enjoy.


  1. 1995 – Emmit Fenn
  2. Act One – Stabby
  3. Air – Outrun
  4. All Gone – The Nod
  5. Alpha Dogs – LeKtriQue, Autodidakt
  6. Always – Wavedash
  7. Angel (Falling In Love) – Cookie Monsta
  8. Bad Motha – Boogie T, Whiskers
  9. Baddd – Bro Safari, ETC!ETC!, UFO
  10. Banana Bomb – FTSE
  11. Bass Boom – Walter Wilde, p0gman, Boogie T
  12. Bass Drop – Zero Hero
  13. Blink (feat. Aislinn Martin) – Protohype, Kezwik, Aislinn Martin
  14. Bones – LOUDPVCK, Michael Sparks
  15. Boombox – Dirtyphonics
  16. Borneo – Wolfgang Gartner, Aero Chord
  17. Brand New Love - Special Request Remix – Matthew Herbert, Zilla, Special Request
  18. Bubble Beam – Nanobii
  19. Burning For U - Purporangejuice Remix – MineSweepa, Purporangejuice
  20. Castaway - Instrumental – Goldie
  21. Chicken Soup – Skrillex, Habstrakt
  22. Creepstep – Virtual Riot
  23. The Cut – QUIX
  24. Dem Fraid – Boombox Cartel, Taranchyla
  25. Dream Away – Konstellation, Dolltr!ck
  26. Easy Go - Grandtheft VIP – Grandtheft, Delaney Jane
  27. Ectoplasm - Gentlemens Club Remix – Eptic, Gentlemens Club, MUST DIE!
  28. End Of The Night – NGHTMRE, Ghastly
  29. Escape – Figure, Niveau Zero
  30. Event Horizon - Original Mix – Malsum, Luisoko
  31. Everybody – Ak9
  32. Exterminate - Infekt Remix – The Aliens UK, Infekt
  33. Fear Spud - Original Mix – D-Operation Drop
  34. Feel So Good – Borgeous, Riggi & Piros
  35. Fire (Walk With Me) – Pane Mua
  36. Fortify – Holly, TWERL
  37. Foul – XaeboR
  38. Freesol (feat. Skyler Stonestreet) – Seven Lions, Skyler Stonestreet
  39. Get Deaded - Bassnectar Remix – Noisia, Bassnectar
  40. Godzilla – Anna Lunoe
  41. Gold - Jameston Thieves Remix – Max Styler, Devault, Luciana, Jameston Thieves
  42. Gong Tau - Benton Remix – Hypho, Benton
  43. Gunblade – Ebb
  44. Halfway – Hi I’m Ghost
  45. Help – Borgore
  46. Here Comes The Night - Junkie Kid Remix – DJ Snake, Mr Hudson, Junkie Kid
  47. Hexadecibel - Kermode Remix – Kermode, Vespers
  48. Hold Up – Borgeous, MORTEN
  49. Hush Hush – Taiko
  50. Hypernautics – Faethoms
  51. I Mean – Taiki Nulight
  52. In Love With the Devil (DMVU Remix) – Mark The Beast, DMVU, SEIDS
  53. Inhalant Abuse – Getter
  54. Jamming – Was A Be, Ne’ve
  55. Jump Pack – Tarquin
  56. Le Hospital – DubDiggerz
  57. LEVELED – Jphelpz
  58. Lezzerd – Spag Heddy
  59. Limbo – Adair, Nitti Gritti
  60. Lionart – AxH
  61. Lockdown – Sullivan King, Matt McGuire, Sam King
  62. Lotus – Shadient
  63. Mandelbug – I am Sid, Grax
  64. Mantra - Mat Zo Remix – Noisia, Mat Zo
  65. Manual Decapitation – Ikonika
  66. Me4U – Danny L Harle, Morrie
  67. More Dub – Baku
  68. Moving On – Marshmello
  69. Nightmares Vip – Culprate, Maksim
  70. Nike Shoes – Horsemen
  71. OG – Point.Blank
  72. Omoi – Akira Akira
  73. Plasma Funk – Broken Eye
  74. Prince of Crown Heights – Conrad Clifton
  75. Raindance – Vairo
  76. Rave Steppin’ – WiDE AWAKE
  77. Recovery – Duumu
  78. Reims – RL Grime
  79. Revolution - The Bloody Beetroots Remix – Crossfaith, The Bloody Beetroots
  80. Rhubarb Crumble – Jakes
  81. Right Here - QUIX Remix – Keys N Krates, KRANE, QUIX
  82. Right Now – Terravita, Bare, Tima Dee
  83. Samir – Spag Heddy
  84. Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) - Banx & Ranx Remix – Gorillaz, Popcaan, Banx & Ranx
  85. Sayim – Squnto
  86. Send Nudes – GARABATTO
  87. Sidewinder – Revazz
  88. Sleaze – Shades, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, Eprom
  89. Starship – Grant
  90. Swerve – Say My Name, Crichy Crich
  91. Teddy’s Song – Teddy Killerz
  92. This Time – Kayzo
  93. Time Dilation – Jonah Freed
  94. Traffic – LOUDPVCK, Botnek
  95. Try This – Ninja Kore
  96. U Betta – Machinedrum
  97. Used 2 Be – Wax Motif, Jevon Doe
  98. War – Truth, Killa P
  99. Wash Away – Wilkinson
  100. Whirlwind – Luca Lush

If you missed it here’s Aprils update.

Every track ever featured on a Strictly BASS playlist.

The Arrangement: Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 2

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part two of a multi-part series. Read Part 1 here. Shifts between multiple points of view.

Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

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Meanwhile in Mexico

Rock n’ Roll, the musical style and movement that birthed modern music. Born in the USA in the early 1950s with roots in African Music, Blues and Gospel, and destined to forever change the way we listen to music. Rock n Roll arrived like a storm changing everything on its path, the music of youth and rebellion, with icons like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly amongst others. It inspired an entire generation to create their own music and to evolve the genre into endless possibilities forever changing the way we create and listen to music… But what about other countries? Ever wondered how has Rock n’ Roll affected different places on earth?

Since its beginnings, Rock n Roll has never been popular with authority, and in Mexico it was no different. Rock n Roll has always been an expression of freedom and rebellion which to the government was nothing more than an all-out assault on tradition and morality, a violation of the ideological foundations of a country that has always been highly catholic with little to no separation between church and state. Rock n Roll was an explosion of youth expression a very strong contrast with the generations that came before that moment, and with it came new fashion, miniskirts and tight jeans, colorful shirts and long hair…it was definitely not something the government of Mexico was prepared to allow and it soon begun to link this new movement to immorality, depravity and even satanism.

Rock n Roll became public enemy number one and since the government owned and controlled all media, the president at the time Miguel Aleman Valdez and the Regent Uruchurtu launched a nationwide campaign to eradicate this new movement of Rock n Roll that was a danger to society. Places called “Cafe Cantante” which were dedicated to playing Rock and Roll became illegal and closed down. Most shops and restaurants adopted policies that would not allow long hair or immoral clothes in their premises…imagine the town of Footloose but as an entire country.

For the next decade, Mexico was under authoritarian rule. Young people were expected to submit and obey without question, any expression of rebellion as small as it was could be seen as a threat to the state and would be silenced, this included freedom of speech and any dispute against the ruling powers. The government begun to forbid gatherings of young people justifying this act as a threat to national security.

In 1971 during the boom of psychedelic rock in USA and England, Mexico was still behind, with two decades of prohibition of Rock n Roll the youth was restless. Two young impresarios decided to organize a car race in the town of Avandaro and figured it would be a nice moment to promote some healthy concert featuring Rock n Roll. Well the word spread like fire through Mexico about this event. A nation thirsty for Rock n Roll couldn’t care less about car races but they traveled long and wide to attend this Rock festival that would later be known as Mexican Woodstock. An estimate of 500,000 people showed up to the festival…the music starts and people loose it. Decades of oppression go up in smoke in a couple songs, people dance and have the times of their lives…some sets into the concert and people start chanting “tenemos el poder” (we’ve got the power) The government was not cool with that.

When the festival ended, the government took to the media again to satanize the festival, all headlines read SEX, DRUGS, RIOTS, FRENZY, WILDNESS! And from that moment the Rock prohibition comes back stronger than the first time around. Radio and Television were forbidden to broadcast the music, it became illegal to listen to Rock n Roll or dress like a Rocker, police were allowed to detain, arrest and eventually brutalize any “rockers” they found on the streets, being a rocker was outlawed and you could go to jail…or worse. It was a complete blackout for Rock n Roll in the entire country.

But like anytime anything becomes illegal…it will find a way to thrive, and in Mexico that came in the way of “Hoyos Fonqui” (Funky Holes) Illegal places where people would gather to play and listen to Rock. These places were often somebody’s garage or an abandoned house, some construction site, a warehouse or literally any damn place where you could hide from authority to get your music on. Unlawful places where anyone could go and some even profited from this by selling beer in plastic bags or any substance you could think of. Oftentimes even bent cops would assist these concerts selling whatever they had confiscated earlier or charging for the concert as if they owned the place. Every once and then the real police would raid these places arresting hundreds of people at once.

It took 15 years for Rock n Roll to become accepted into Mexican society. In 1986 a publicity campaign called “Rock en tu Idioma” (Rock in your language) begun to promote Rock and Roll in Mexico for the first time. A great number of Mexican rock bands begun to surge…only thirty years after the rest of the world had lived through this movement.

To date there is a delay in modern musical styles in Mexico as several stages and sub-genres of Rock never had the time to thrive in the country where the music was prohibited for so long.



pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

prompt: lol u both try to surprise each other at the same time

warnings: swearing, fluffy (v sweet!!! you might get a toothache!!!), suggestive ;)))))))) 

words: 1,783

a/n: i !!! love !!! this !!! i’m gonna do a laf one like this kinda soon. pls feel free to leave requests! i love the ones you guys have been giving me xoxoxoo lemme know whatcha think/like/want 

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“Three cream, two sugar, please.” You told the barista looking up from your phone. You smiled slightly when your eyes returned to the screen. Lin was up and retweeting his favorite Tobillo photoshops. Checking your watch, you realized you were 30 minutes early to work and decided to enjoy your coffee at the cafe; sitting down at a rounded table.

You thought for a minute before setting to work, cropping a photo of Ariel with Tobi’s face before sending it in. Lin almost immediately quoted it, saying:

Bahahhaha this is why I love Y/N. Aren’t you late for work?

You instantly smiled, tweeting back:

@Lin_Miranda I’m early actually

He fired back:

@Y/N that’s a first ;)

You rolled your eyes. A moment later, you had a text from Lin.

from: lin

i miss u :,(

to: lin

pls don’t make me cry i’m in public

from: lin

i’ll be home soon!!

to: lin

you told eliza that too and then you went off and fucking killed urself

Lin laughed aloud, causing a few people in the sound room to look up to him. Blushing feverishly, he texted back.

from: lin

true. but i guess that makes it a good thing that i modeled you after jefferson and not eliza. who else would be so…

You laughed at Lin’s teasing remarks. Still, you wished he were hear to tell you them in person. Biting back, you responded:

to: lin

you’re so full of yourself

from: lin

you would be full of me too if i were home

You immediately check over your shoulder to make sure no one saw that, cursing yourself as your stomach twisted and a blush flooded the back of your neck. You squeezed your legs together as you responded.

to: lin

how many days till you’re home?

from: lin

just over a month

from: lin

so far to many

You sighed, picking up your coffee and heading to work. Long distance sucked. You missed him constantly. It’s not like you were mad at him for committing to Mary Poppins; the opposite, actually. You had never been so proud of your boyfriend, you just wished that your job allowed you to see him more.

Still, when he posted a picture of himself at the BAFTs, you couldn’t help it when you bought a plane ticket for the following Saturday to surprise him.

That night in Europe, Lin FaceTimed you off his Mac, instantly greeting you with a smile.

You couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes from working so hard. It was late, too: maybe 11. Lin usually didn’t stay up much later than nine, but he really wanted to see your face after work today. He was in bed, the computer on his lap, dressed in boxers and a blue tee.

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as you saw his face. The two of you talked every day, but you only FaceTimed once or twice a week as a result of your schedules.

“I miss you,” the two of you said at the same time. Lin threw his head back in a laugh, a giggle escaping your own lips as you poured yourself a glass of water.

“Tell me about your day,” Lin said.

You instantly fueled his request with stories of weird encounters at the hospital you worked at. Lin listened endearingly to each one. He told you about how much he was learning and how happy he was. Throughout it all, however, he never made it past five minutes without telling you how much he loved you.

As it two in the morning for him and eight for you, he yawned.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest,” you said. He went to argue but sighed when a yawn interrupted him.

“I love you,” he said.

You smiled, “I love you too.”

Across the ocean, Lin hung up the FaceTime and grinned to himself. He was beyond tired, but despite his mind’s need for sleep, he went onto Delta airlines and booked a flight to New York for next Saturday.

The weekend came sooner than you expected. Maybe it was your excitement to see him, but before you knew it, it was Friday evening and you were packing a bag and setting an alarm for five a.m.

Lin was doing the same in Britain, adding your favorite sweatshirt that he had forgotten to leave for you at home. He smiled to himself, thanking the front desk man as he left the building.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday,” Lin said, practically skipping to the cab outside.

You drove yourself to the airport, working your way through customs before settling down on the plane. This time tomorrow, you thought, you’ll be in his arms.

Lin boarded his plane, the grin never leaving his face. He was so close to being with you, he couldn’t wait. This time tomorrow, he thought, you’ll be in his arms.

You didn’t get as much sleep as you were hoping to one the jet, but you immediately felt rejuvenated at the thought of being with Lin in just over an hour.

Lin on the other hand, managed to sleep the entire way. He walked sleepily off the plane, slugging his backpack over his shoulders. JFK was huge, but he knew it like the back of his hand, weaving in and out of people to get through customs. Lin was was speed walking towards the parking lot where his Uber was waiting. He kept his hood up to avoid too much attention, grinning to himself when he saw the same model of your car.


That was your car. He double checked the license plate, confirming it was yours. What were you doing at the airport? Did you forget to tell him you were leaving the state? Even then, you always texted him before your flights. He checked his phone, making sure it wasn’t still on airplane mode. Nothing. Hoping you weren’t in the air, he called you.

In Europe, you had just walked into his apartment complex, waving to the bellman as you walked up the stairs.

“I’m surprising my boyfriend,” you explained. The man nodded, ushering you forward.

You felt your phone jolt. Lin.

Grinning, you answered the phone, “Hello?” You asked innocently.

“Where are you right now?” He asked suddenly. You almost laughed.

“Why don’t you open your door and find out,” you smirked, leaning up against the wall outside of his apartment.

“What? I’m not home,” he said.

Your brows furrowed, “It’s like, ten at night. Where are you?”

“Where are you?” He questioned.

“I’m, uh, outside your apartment,” you mumbled.

You heard him groan, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You frowned slightly before he continued, “I’m at JFK.”

“What?” You almost shouted, quickly lowering your voice to avoid waking up his neighbors.

“I was trying to surprise you.” He said lightly, making your heart ache.

“I was trying to surprise you too,” you smiled.

“I love you,” you both said in sync. Giggling, you asked what to do.

“I have to head home on Sunday, so if either of us fly home, we’ll barely get any time together,” you sighed.

You heard Lin huff, “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you sighed.

“Okay, uh - go down to the front desk and I’ll call and tell them to give you a key to my room. You can stay there, and I guess I’ll just go to the house.” Lin reasoned.

You nodded, “Okay. Will you water the herb garden?” He chuckled before agreeing.

“I love you, thank you for being so perfect,” you said.

“I love you more. I’ll see you in a month, mi reina,” He said before hanging up.

He hit his head against the seat of the Uber he had gotten into, groaning.

Monday came quickly, Lin had given you a few restaurants to go to, a museum to visit, and even had you stop into his office to meet a few people. It was amazing, but didn’t make it any less lonely.

Lin took the day to himself, walking into your favorite cafe with a grin on his face. He spent most of it at home, just hanging out. The only thing that would’ve made it better was you.

On your flight home, you were honestly a little pissed. You were tired and hungry and a little unsatisfied, for lack of better words. Both of you had made these grand gestures, and neither of you were able to see each other. It wasn’t fair. Snuggled up in one of his sweaters you had stolen form his closet, you tried to sleep until you landed.

to: lin

landed. thanks for a fun weekend :/ love u

You unlocked you car and climbed in, immediately jacking the heat. February in New York was not warm. Shivering slightly, you started your trek home. It wasn’t more than a 45 minute drive, but it felt shorter than usual.

Shutting the garage, you walked into your house, throwing your keys onto the counter. You glanced at your watch: 4:36. You weren’t particularly hungry, but got some popcorn to eat while you watched some TV before dinner.

You trudged into the living room, the bowl of popcorn in your arm as you checked your phone for texts from Lin; nothing. He was probably in the air -

“Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped, your popcorn falling to the floor and littering the carpet. Your head snapped up to see him. Lin. Sitting on the couch, criss cross applesauce.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

Lin smiled as he stood up, “You didn’t actually think I’d let you go without seeing you, right?”

The tears in your eyes welled up and you thought your heart might explode it was beating so fast. You sprinted the last few steps across the living room, nearly collapsing on top of him. He caught you, burying his face in your neck, holding you in his arms.

God, I miss you.” He sighed. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing the tears to stop.

“I love you so much,” you laughed lightly, backing away just enough to see his face. One of his hands left your back to brush away a stray tear before bringing it back to hold you as tightly as he could.

He smiled as you took his face in your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. You could feel his grin against your mouth as you tanged your hands in his hair, tugging slightly when he nipped your bottom lip.

He pressed his forehead to yours, “I love you too, mi reina. I love you too.“