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what i think a lot of people who have never experienced trauma don’t understand is that, yes, *anything* can be a trigger. certain types of food can be a trigger. songs can be a trigger. a picture of a cartoon character facing a certain angle can be a trigger. parking garages can be triggers. just because people have “weird” or “abnormal” triggers doesn’t mean they deserve to be thrown under the bus by people trying to adhere to neurotypical respectability politics. 

Building for blythelyre 2.1

Building for @blythelyre…

This is one of my builds that will never be available for public download (for several reasons) but I am really enjoying it so far. I’m not completely done with the structure yet (Because of COURSE I’ve got a split level foundation that it took me the first several hours to get functioning the way I wanted.)

A blending of Craftsman style and Modern style, this is a large mountain-top home in Isla Paradiso conveniently near the house I built for Emma and Drake. It’s meant for Grace and…. Well, whatever strays that happen to follow her. (Her home has been THE place to board stray and struggling humans/supernaturals in Moonlight Falls - I see no reason why that would change much if she moved somewhere tropical. lol)

Shot Descriptions:

  1. 2 Car garage (IDK why, but I always think of Grace as owning a red, sexy, sporty little car. <3 )
  2. Bonus Wine Cellar. It wasn’t requested and I’m not 100% sure it would be something Grace would use, but I had a TON of subterranean space to use up, so… It came with the house. Might change this into a work space of some sort, I am still debating about this one.
  3. Optional Media Room. Like I said, I had a bunch of subterranean space, and it seemed like the perfect place to put something like this. Well soundproofed, accessible from the main living space but separated enough that I could go over-the-top on the decor without interrupting the overall flow of the house. Super dark though, so I don’t feel like the pictures do it justice.
  4. Optional Media Room. Looking at the entrance so you can get a better sense of the furnishings and layout. Still not a great shot because it’s so dark… Which makes it a perfect home theater (so use your imagination I guess. :P ) OF COURSE there’s surround sound! (What self respecting alpha wolf WOULDN’T have a state of the art sound setup? Jeez.) Still need to pick the rug I’m using here and I may add more soundproofing. So far super happy with it.

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A HC about how much clay loves Tony's hands

1. Clay always had a thing for hands, long before he and Tony were even together. He just thinks that the hands are such an exquisite and exciting part of the human body.

2. The first time they hold hands, Clay feels so grounded that he considers it silly because it’s just a hand. But no, it’s Tony’s hand. Clay notices that Tony’s hand is larger than his own and calloused, probably from all the work he does in the garage.

3. Clay blushes when memories flood his mind of those same hands on his body. Tony’s hands are so gentle but demanding that Clay gets turned on just by the thought of them. Whether on his waist, in his hair, or teasing him - Clay loves Tony’s hands anywhere on him.

4. Anytime they’re cuddling, Clay’s always found playing around with Tony’s hand. He likes to trace little designs onto the palm and outline his fingers. Tony watches and thinks it’s adorable. (“it seems like you have a hand kink, babe.”)

5. Clay’s the one who nurses his hands after Tony punches something, or someone, in a fit of frustration. Even then, he’s captivated by the sight of them. He gently cleans each of his knuckles and kisses them once he’s done.

6. Clay’s often caught watching Tony’s hands whenever they’re driving together in his mustang. He notices when he squeezes the steering wheel or if he has to change gears. It also causes Tony to smirk and gently place his hand on top of his thigh to snap him out of it.

the real way to get redpilled is to leave a cake in your garage for 3 years and then eat the mushrooms and mould that grow out of it 


I got tagged by my friend @badtechnician-thank you! 😊💕

Send a photo of:

1. Your lock screen: a pic of Clumsy Smurf (my fav Smurf) as he appears in “Smurfs: The Lost Village” -he’s so adorable! 😊

2. Your home screen: Susie the Little Blue Coupe chillin in her garage with her kitty 💕

3. Last selfie you took: Me in a red dragon shirt with fish earrings and a pink neurodiversity pendant from @spacerobotstudio from a few weeks ago 🙂

4. Last song you listened to: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme by Angela Lansbury 🙂

No hard feelings if you don’t feel like doing this!
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Dear Anonymous,

There was…an internal disagreement of sorts, forcing us to end our service-relationship with him, unfortunately. We still remain in correspondence and receive his artwork on occasion, however. 

And I absolutely assure you that said disagreement was in no way related to myself,  a certain set of identical twins, 35 balloons, 194 blank cards, 379.000.000 Yen and 3 buckets of red, purple and magenta paint!

…In no way!

~The Velvet Room