Garage progress! This is a really delayed update, actually, as these photos are from over a month ago! What we have here is the framing again, but this time after taking all four framed walls completely apart and putting them back up. The garage floor was not level (we neglected to make sure level was specified in the contract, so there’s nothing that can be done there), and thus in order to install walls that were both level and up to code, we had to build a small base in treated wood, bolted to the floor, with mini-studs to level the whole thing, THEN put the regular framed wall on top of that. Also we added a vapor barrier.

De samedi à dimanche.

4 h du mat’ : être coincée devant ta porte de garage qui refuse de s’ouvrir malgré tes injures, hurlements et coups.

4h30 : envoyer un mail à ton syndic ordonnant immédiatement l’ouverture de ta porte de garage.

5h : réaliser qu’en fait, c’est pas du tout ta porte de garage.

5h05 : envoyer un mail d’excuses à ton syndic.

5h10 : réaliser que, bourrée, tu confonds assez facilement “bisous” et cordialement”.

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