4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with a 1 car garage, microwave over range, & upstairs washer & dryer (stacked).

Sq. Ft: 2,012 (842 1st, 1,170 2nd)
Building size: 24’-0" wide, 54’-0" deep
Main roof pitch: 5/12
Ridge height: 28’
Wall heights: 8’
Foundation: Slab
Shakes siding, lap siding, & faux stone paneling

This plan is in PDF format so you can download, and print whenever you like. Plan prints to scale on 24" x 36" paper.

Floor Plan
Room dimensions shown are inside-wall-to-inside-wall clear space inside the room.

I’ve been one of the lucky ones who’ve previously caught Jamie xx and Four Tet side by side at a club, a true meeting of music brilliance in one night. I’m brought back to that magic by Four Tet’s new re-imagining of Jamie xx’s Seesaw, which features his The xx bandmate Romy. The original comes off of my number one album of 2015, Jamie xx’s debut full length, In Colour. Four Tet takes Seesaw for a mesmerizing, ethereal spin on his alternate mix. The club rework reminds me of Caribou’s music, but gauzier and soupier. I feel as if I’m traversing a surreal dream. I’m floating down a shimmering river under a clouded sky, and the whole world is softly wavering between various hues of pastel. I don’t want to wake up from this dream.


Sunday brunch is slowly becoming a routine for me again, which is perfect because I have a running list of brunch places I want to try in downtown. Lola’s Kitchen in Yorkville was our choice this time around, and it was fantastic. I love the casual, laid back vibe, and the fact that they have so many vegetarian options. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog yet, but I’ve stopped eating meat (except seafood), and haven’t had meat for more than a month now. It’s more for health reasons than anything else, and strangely enough it’s slowly become something I don’t even think about. I don’t miss it as much as I originally thought I would either!

As for the outfit, I’m absolutely obsessed with this wrap from Aritzia. I bring it to the office all the time to use as a blanket because it’s so soft and warm. It’s pretty versatile too in that you can belt it for a more dressed up look, (like I did here) or just wear it open for something more casual. I’m sure it’ll show up in a future OOTD with the amount that I wear it. 

Off to watch some Netflix before I head to bed for the night. Hope you guys all had a great weekend!


                                   SUPER SUNDAY

1942 Packard Custom Super Eight One-Eighty by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Classic Car Club of America Spring Garage Tour April 25, 2015 Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.


This Mustang has probably been forgotten and is standing in an abandoned garage box in a field or garden. The front window has been smashed and the tires are flat. I particularly like the awesome color of the car.