I saw The Happys

And I’m not giving spoilers ;)

But I will say that I enjoyed it very much.  The story had a nice little twist that I really enjoyed. The setting was very charming. Some really lovely cinematography. 

Some really fine performances. Rhys Ward was a standout. Arturo del Puerto and Janeane Garofalo were also excellent.  Melissa Mcbride did an amazing turn as an agent. Jack Depew and Amanda Bauer were the cutest couple.

If you enjoyed Amelie, I think you will find it a lot of fun.  

I’m not a movie reviewer, but I will say I give it two thumbs up. ;)


The kids and I are taking off for @adrenalin211‘s place in Connecticut early this afternoon so that Adrienne and I can go and see The Happys at the RIIFF tomorrow. *flails and screams* Omg, I know Melissa is going to be in this movie for approximately three minutes, but I am so excited to see her on the big screen and just to see the movie in general, because it just sounds awesome and I’ve loved Janeane Garafolo forever.

ANYWAY. I won’t be around to see stuff, so a tag would be lovely if it’s something I just can’t miss. Be excellent to each other, and I will absolutely write up my thoughts on the movie once I get back and settled. Have such a wonderful weekend, you guys!