black hole

(n.) /ˈˌblak ˈhōl/
1.  The day you left
     painted our silence black,
2.  Sent waving, spinning until
     science and pressure came into play.
3.  What was once still and serene became
4.  A gaping, living, hunger;
5.  A constant inhale that swallows
6.  The echoes of fading footsteps, heartbeats,
     breaths and waning silhouettes, whole.

7.  Hole.
       To you,
       1.  A void you spoke to life with
       2.  Only one reason for existence
            that is, to consume 

            But to me, a space 
            1.  To feed and keep feeding;
            2.  To give away, and keep giving.
8.  To miss, and yet, to keep on living.  

—© 2017 Jade Onn

Fresh Blood and New Daughters

At every 11:11 since your conception,
I’ve wished for you to never live  
confusing your freedom to be loved 
with the freedom of others to want to make
a pretty picture out of your existence;

To hang you up on their walls 
with a noose spun from your desires;
Just another one for their collection
of girls reduced to dusty, silent desperation
framed in lace, modesty and fantasies.

Each with a gold label beneath
engraved with numbers in place of names. 
Each titled the exact same way,
“Better Seen Than Heard”.
Created by: The Freedom to Ruin. 

I wish that you will find it within yourself
to tear through their paint and canvas, to live
outside of someone else’s sick imagination and
Above all else, to always remember that
nobody can take away your freedom to start over. 

— © 2017 Jade Onn

[160701] Epilogue In Nanjing Press Conference
  • Members describing the member sitting to their right

NAMJOON ( ABOUT JIMIN ) : Our personalities are very similar. In our daily lives, there are a lot of circumstances where we have the same opinion, although his height is the least smiliar with mine.

JIMIN ( ABOUT JUNGKOOK ) : Up till now, I’m still not very clear of Jungkook’s personality. He shows very different sides of him. Sometimes he’s serious, but other times he acts like a fool. But even so, among all the members, he’s the most pure ( probably as in a child’s heart)

JUNGKOOK ( ABOUT JHOPE ) : Hobie hyung is someone whom I can learn a lot of things from. He’s someone who’s very firm and cheerful. Practice is bound to be tough sometimes, but Hobie hyung will always lighten up the atmosphere and encourage us.

JHOPE ( ABOUT JIN ) : Jin hyung is someone who has a very perfect exterior ( his looks) and personality. He takes care of the younger members well and also gives us a lot of encouragement. Out of 100 points, I give him 100 points!

JIN ( ABOUT YOONGI ) : Suga is very passionate about music. He practises a lot and takes care of the members very well. Although it may seem like he ignores ( what is happening around him ) he looks out for the members pretty well.

YOONGI ( ABOUT TAEHYUNG ) : Taehyunggie is very serious and passionate towards work. Whenever he’s set on doing something, he’ll put in a lot of effort and complete it. He definitely has the potential to do well.

TAEHYUNG ( ABOUT NAMJOON ) : Namjoon hyung is a leader that treats all of us really well. Whenever any of us have personal troubles, he’ll send us texts or have 1-to-1 talk with us and advise us.

[trans cr. ]