Why am I here & where did l come from?

Welcome to Roar Foodie’s Blog….

My name is Tamara (aka: Mummamara from Mummamara’s Kitchen), I’m a qualified food & wellness coach and the daughter to Denise Hales - an amazing Brisbane based naturopath, nutritionist, GAPS gut guru, SIBO specialist, Australia & NZ’s only helminths distributor, University lecturer, plus an ex nurse and owner and founder of Kangaroo Point wellness centre (

My passion is health and nutrition.

My story is simple….

A busy mother of 2 that loved to cook, I always thought that we ate well.

I always chose the so-called “healthy” prepackaged school snacks, chips and bread. There was always fruit and so-called “healthy” yoghurt to snack on and low fat milk in the fridge!

At the age of 7 my son’s anxiety was out of control. He found it hard to fall asleep, and most nights were spent pacing the hallway as some ungodly hour of the night trying to ease his worries.

He was scared of the simple things, and thought about the consequences of EVERYTHING.

Hopping in a lift was hard (lift may get stuck), taking him surfing was hard (sharks could eat him), dining out was hard (could get food poisoning).

Then there was my 5 year-old PRECIOUS daughter, a boisterous, ‘I wont listen to anyone’, delightful little girl. That found it hard to sit still, let alone listen to the teacher in class. I loved her SPARKLING personality, but knew it needed some kind of taming. She was also a hater of all coloured foods and lived off white foods only (I bad habit in which I fueled) – white bread, plain pasta, hot chips, potato chips, chicken nuggets and yoghurt. A diet full of hidden sugars, nasty chemicals and piled with gluten (creating brain fog and restlessness).

With the advice of my mother (a naturopath and nutritionist) I know I needed to invest some serious time in my children’s diet and health to help settle both their STRONG personality issues.

My journey was slow; I started reading and educated myself on the side effects of sugar, gluten and dairy.

And slowly but surely took a leap into the unknown world of ‘clean’ eating and started to eliminate these 3 major issues in my home.

It was a very slow process but we eventually become refined sugar free, gluten free and at the time, dairy free.

Now 4 years later my children are thriving. My son no longer suffers anxiety, my daughter will sit still and listen in class (but still has a sparkling personality – never to dull that sparkle!) and best of all she now eats coloured food, including dark green veggies (don’t push it mum!)

 But their personalities have altered so much that they have become a delight to live with. They even stopped fighting so much!

 In the process neither of them suffer any eczema issues as they had done in the past, my daughter no longer gets cold sores and we haven’t been to visit a doctor in 4 years!

 My journey started because of my children, but in the course I developed a passion for the food and wellness industry that I never knew existed.

At the start of 2015 I started studying to become a Lifestyle Food and Wellness Coach and now fully qualified I am passionate about helping other families/people in reaching their full nutritional potential.

 Today’s society is full of pre-packaged fast food type options, which is a convenient alternative for busy families and people on the run.

But the problem lies, when we start trusting the big corporations that label these foods as being “healthy”…. When did we put so much trust into these companies that are just out there to make a dollar!

 Without our health we have nothing, so isn’t it important that we know exactly what we are fueling our bodies with!

 I believe in prevention rather than cure.

Fuelling your body with the right nutrients now will save you time and money with the doctors later in life.

 Pre packaged foods may be a quick solution now, but they will end up being the PROBLEM later in life.

Foods high in bad fats and hidden nasty’s (chemicals and preservatives) will lead to cancers and auto immune diseases in the future.

 So I’m here to help “Clean” out your pantry, and show you “real” alternatives that you need to fuel your body and provide you with the right nutrients vital for you and your families’ health.

I’ve created Roar Foodie to help provide you all with the knowledge and tools needed to create and sustain a healthy long life for you and your entire family.

Roar Foodie will be full of nutritional facts, easy recipes and tips and tricks for all. 

So please join me as i embark on a wonderful journey with you all.
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To my love:
please do not place me on a pedestal so impossibly high that I can’t feel the ground when I sit.
I cannot stand being up so high.
I am afraid of heights and can’t stand looking down at the way to fall.
Gravity is cruel and I am clumsy.
It will only take a misplaced word, a miscommunication from my mouth to your mind
for me to tip over and fall.
Because I eventually will.
I am not graceful and I do not step lightly.
Stomping into every place hoping I’ll leave dents stating

I am not pretty but I pretend I am.
I’ll pretend I am pretty for you but a well bandaged wound
has a festering infection somewhere deep inside of it.
I may look clean but I am ugly when you unravel the gauze
to find the inflictions of pain that I have left on my body
hoping I would feel something enough to cry.
I have moved past apologising for myself.
Refusing to apologise for what I am has been the best decision I have made in a very long time.
If I hurt you, I would rather close myself off than utter
“I am truly sorry"
I have unlearned the lesson that every girl learns where every sentence starts with
Sorry then they continue.
I have unlearned the lesson that every girl learns not to say what they mean to say
no matter how harsh.
I have unlearned the lesson that says not to take up space.
I will take up as much space I can.
spreading myself, scattering every piece of myself places I don’t necessarily belong
but I hope I will one day.
However I make mistakes and while I’m picking up the shards of things I have dropped
I may stab you trying to hide my imperfections from you.
I feel the need to stand alone when I make mistakes. I will claim everyones mistake
as one of my own but please no matter how much I may protest
hold me. Hold me as tight as you possibly can.
when I cannot stand by myself and I am wilting like a flower that has seen the harshest summer.
Hold me when I can only look at you with helpless eyes and trembling hands but will still try to smile.
Hold me when you feel that I need to be reminded that I am not alone.
Hold me but never stop me.
If you ever try to stop me from chasing after a dream
I will leave you behind with nothing but a faint trace of where I used to be.
Come and stay with me if you want.
If you feel like you are ready for the cold that I bring but know this
if it ever becomes a choice between you and my work
I will choose my work
because my work will never lie awake at night, only to see the sunrise and realise
that it is not in love with me anymore, pack their things, and kiss me good bye.

But for you my love:
I swear I will love you with every humane capacity that I possess.
I will bring out every single horrible part to you
the parts that slam doors in my face
and looks at others with discontent
the parts that cannot bear to face each other in a mirror
and the ones that howl at night for you to feed them until you feel nothing.
And I will show you how I love every single one of them
so you can unlearn the lessons that were taught to you about shame
and the fear of being loved.
I will teach you how to allow someone to love you
how to unlearn the fear of an extended hand being a sign of pain.
For you I would break every bone in my body
if it meant filling the gaps in yours.
I would give every piece of myself if it meant fixing you.
This I promise to be completely and brutally honest with you.
I’ll call you out on mistakes but instead of leaving you alone to fix
what you have no idea how to I will stay.
I will stay until you can put together your pieces and form a beautiful puzzle.
I promise to stay as long as you need me to.
I will give up sleep for as long as it takes for you
to realise that I love you
I’ll love you when your hands are bloody with what you have lost
and I’ll stay when you have thrown all my love to the floor and can longer look at me.
Because I know every feeling.
I know how it is to reach without grasping
then gasping at the fall.
I know the carvings of pain that left fissures so
impossibly deep but you dare not fill them
for fear of them becoming bigger than you and swallowing you whole.
I know you.
And I’ll remain until you can look at the sun and smile
because you are so incredibly loved.

—  To you my love
Woes of a low-FODMAP diet

When I learned that you can’t eat onions or garlic on a low-FODMAP diet:

When I realized you’re supposed to have bone broth every day, but I can’t use any of the many quarts of homemade bone broth in my freezer because they were made with onions and garlic:

Her skin cries out to me

and it has a stench
reminiscent of apologies.

In the beginning
there is temporary forgiveness,
the raw patches of guilt
sore from the years of wear.

Here is the breathlessness
of love,
of loss,

and the empty handed

I have spent years
measuring the gaps in her words,
the blankness
of her sentences,
the weight of her heavy-tripping
vowels and slowly-drawn consonants.

And this
is all I have.

is all I have.

I should know by now
it will never be enough.

—  Michelle K., Through the Years.

Something most people don’t know about me: I never smile showing my teeth because I have this (HUGE) gap. I never liked it, even as a kid. I even trained myself to never laugh without my hand in my face so it wouldn’t show. Many of my friends didn’t even notice it for a long time, but I took this picture today and decided that after 22 years of hiding it, it’s not that bad.