Voting in the ‘Peach State’

Aug. 5, 1980-The voting booths at Inman Middle School in Atlanta were crowded when this shot was taken and our question is – can you guess who’s voting which ticket?

In this edition of our Flashback Fotos series, we take a look back into the AJC photo archives and revisit the days before computerized voting became the norm in the Peach State. Go to see more images.

Photo by Steve Huber / AJC file

The Georgia Capitol through the years

Before the Capitol moved to its present location in 1889, it had been located on the corner of Marietta and Forsyth Streets in the former Kimball Opera House, shown in the center distance in this heavily retouched photo, from sometime in the 1880s. A caption provided by the Atlanta History Center states, “In 1870, the state of Georgia purchased the recently completed Atlanta Opera House at the corner of Marietta and Forsyth Streets in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, to house the state capitol. Atlanta had been designated the temporary state capital in 1868 and became the permanent capital in 1877. The state legislature continued to meet in the building until 1889, when the current Georgia State Capitol building was completed.” (William A. Kuhns/AJC Archives/GSU Archives) Go to to see more images.