Yixing and EXO

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This is another rant that I have. There have been many ugly ot8 fans resurfacing after finding out Yixing can’t promote with EXO. And even some ot9 fans have started doubting Yixing.
All I have to say is there is nothing you can do right now since we don’t know what’s happening. Therefore, we have two options - we can either choose to doubt Yixing, or choose to believe in him.
If we choose to doubt, we choose the easy way out. It’s easier because there is no dedication to this decision, no trust needed, and that’s boneless of us to do so, if we choose not to believe him.
If we choose to believe him, it will be difficult, but absolutely rewarding if our trust isn’t let down. If we choose to believe in Yixing, we choose to give him strength - WE BECOME HIS SUPPORT, HIS PILLAR, HIS WALL.
Because any person’s motivation is strengthened by support, trust and love. If we doubt Yixing, even if he promised us he’d stay, staying will be a difficult thing for him to do. If we support him, he will be stronger and then it will be easier for him too.
Our duty, as EXO’s fans, as EXO L, the connection between EXO K and EXO M, is to bring them together. We’re not here to break them apart of separate them, we’re the link that keeps them together. Even though technically they are one now, arguably Yixing is the only Chinese member left and we do not want him to drift apart from us. But I’d say, considering how much Yixing cares about EXO and us, that we’re two of the main reasons why he stayed. If he leaves, if he’s separated and forcibly pushed away by ugly ot8 fans, then those who do so cannot be EXO Ls, don’t even deserve to be one because EXO Ls are the connection between M and K. This is why ot8 fans aren’t EXO Ls, because they deliberately separate Yixing from the others.
Next, let’s look at Yixing’s character for all who are beginning to doubt him. If you know him, you know he is a truthful, loyal, brave and GENUINE person. He will not give in to the age hierarchy, as seen in Go Fighting season 1 episode 2, when he outright criticized the oldest member for cheating his trust, and got too much criticism for it. He will be loyal to those who he believes he owes - when Luhan left, he publicly expressed his support for his brother, EVEN IF IT MEANS EXPOSING HIMSELF TO UGLY OT8 FANS LIKE HE STILL IS NOW. He remembers all those who helped him, constantly publicly expressing his friendship with Luhan because Luhan had helped him during predebut days. He remembers who he owes, constantly showing that he is Lee Soo Man’s biggest fan. Yixing will not forget where he came from, who made him like this today, and that is SM, no matter how shitty SM may treat him. He has rejected many offers by China agencies, that give him more opportunities to expand his popularity AND has higher pay, all because he chose to stay. In his individual career in China, he CONSTANTLY shows support for EXO, CONSTANTLY mentions EXO, CONSTANTLY reminds everyone that he’s a part of EXO. He doesn’t forget his brothers, doesn’t forget that EXO is a huge part of his success in China today. All these qualities of Yixing, he has shown COUNTLESSLY no matter how HARD and DIFFICULT it is for him, no matter how much controversy he has to face, because that’s who he is - hardworking, genuine, and the BRAVEST person I know. This is the Zhang Yixing fans fell in love with. This is the Zhang Yixing that non-fans fell in love with, and became fans because of it. This is the Zhang Yixing that I admire and strive to become in the future.
When in doubt of Yixing, REMEMBER his qualities and his character. He has countlessly and constantly reminded us over and over again that this is who he is, that once he makes a promise, he will keep it until he dies, even if it means sacrificing so many things. By staying in EXO, he’s sacrificed his freedom, his expansion in China, his health, his time, his HOME (fuck u all). There have been SO MANY things that Yixing has sacrificed for EXO and for us, and all you petty ot8 fans do is hate him for things he cannot control. Personally, I believe that Yixing is much better off leaving EXO and becoming a solo like KrisHanTao, but I know he’ll never do that no matter how much more freedom and success he will achieve.
If he wanted to leave, he would’ve done so as early as Kris, and as late as Tao. That’s the easier and better way out, but Yixing chose to stay. Despite all the hate, all the doubt, all the loss in trust in him … Yixing stayed. Yixing stayed even though so many people stopped believing. Yixing stayed even though his three brothers left. Yixing stayed even though fans hated him. Yixing stayed even though fans were racist to him. Yixing stayed for fans and his brothers in Korea, despite all this, because he cares. Yixing stayed because he didn’t want to hurt the people he cares about. Yixing stayed, even if it means exhausting himself to the fucking POINT where he’s constantly fainting in airports and variety shows out of exhaustion, because he wanted to bridge the gap between China and Korea that KrisHanTao may have created when they left. He wanted to prove everyone wrong, that not all Chinese leave for better opportunities and a better life, that Chinese shouldn’t be regarded as traitors and disloyal and ungrateful scum. Even though KrisHanTao had every right to leave, many Koreans couldn’t understand, and Yixing wants to make them believe again.
Don’t doubt Yixing anymore. He’s gone through so much that he’s gone from the dreamy, “high” Yixing to a quiet, reserved and tired Yixing more often now. Please love him instead, and please believe in him. I don’t have any doubt in me that Yixings going to stay. Leaving isn’t even in his dictionary - that’s how much I trust him. And even if you don’t trust him as much as I do, please at least choose to believe him a little.
Yixing is honestly such an amazing person. He’s not greedy, he’s not choosing the easy way out only because he cares, and I hope all of you can see his dedication that he has placed in EXO. Don’t doubt him, show your love and support for him like he has done towards EXO, constantly. All he’s gone through must have made him really lonely, so please don’t let him be lonely anymore.
He’s not in this comeback but he’s shown support by liking EXO’s comeback posts (Baekhyun, Sehun and Chanyeol if I’m not wrong). Please don’t doubt him, there is nothing more I can say except this.
And last thing to ot8 fans - don’t even call yourself an EXO L if all you want to do is break K and M apart. Fuck You and stop bullying our unicorn that has given us so much that we don’t deserve him.

Moving beyond China and Mexico, Trump targets Canada trade

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump has long railed about unfair trade practices of China and Mexico. Now he’s drawn a new target — Canada.

The two countries are suddenly sparring openly over inexpensive Canadian timber and Canada’s barriers to U.S. dairy products — disputes that go back years but rarely get such a public airing.

Before sunrise Tuesday in Washington, Trump went on Twitter to declare: “Canada has made business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult. We will not stand for this. Watch!”

Hours earlier, his Commerce Department had announced plans to impose duties averaging 20 percent on softwood lumber imports from Canada. U.S. homebuilders quickly warned that the move would drive up the cost of new houses.

The duties on Canadian lumber imports are “a pretty hard blow,” Gary Hufbauer, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said of the lumber sanctions. “The message here is that the U.S. not only talks tough, it acts tough.”

As a candidate, Trump had vowed to declare China a currency manipulator and to rewrite or withdraw from the North America Free Trade Agreement because, he said, so many American factories had moved jobs to Mexico to exploit low-wage labor. Yet once in office, he softened his stand, deciding not to single out China for its currency policy and offering a draft rewrite of NAFTA that kept much of the original deal intact.

But now, the Trump administration is ramping up the rhetoric against Ottawa.

“People don’t realize Canada’s been very rough on the United States,” Trump said Tuesday. “Everyone thinks of Canada as being wonderful, and so do I. I love Canada. But they’ve outsmarted our politicians for many years.”

In a way, the tensions are surprising. The U.S. and Canada, among the most open economies in the world, enjoy a booming cross-border trade. Last year, the United States sold $267 billion in goods to Canada (led by autos and machinery), more than to any other country. Canada sold $278 billion in goods to the United States, led by fuels, autos and machinery.

The U.S. trade deficit in goods with Canada was just $11 billion last year — a fraction of America’s $347 billion trade gap in goods with China.

But dairy and timber have long bedeviled U.S.-Canada commercial relations. U.S. lumber mills have been complaining about cheap Canadian imports since the 19th century. The two countries have patched over their differences on Canada’s softwood lumber imports, most recently with a compromise that expired in 2015.

The Obama administration sought a new accord with Canada over softwood lumber. But Obama’s U.S. trade representative, Michael Froman, now at the Council on Foreign Relations, says the Canadians decided to gamble on the new administration. Froman suggested that they calculated that they might get a better deal from Trump. As a builder, they perhaps reasoned, Trump might be more sympathetic to anything that would limit the price of lumber.

Instead, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross this week announced duties ranging from 3 percent to 24 percent on softwood lumber imports, arguing that Canada unfairly subsidizes its industry.

“They’re generally a good neighbor,” Ross said Tuesday. “But they still have to play by the rules.”

The U.S. and Canada are also wrangling over dairy. Ottawa shields its dairy farmers from foreign competition, regulating prices and production and taxing imports heavily. But a new American product — a type of unfiltered milk used in cheese — had not been blocked by Canada’s trade barriers. Canadian dairy farmers complained about the cheap imports coming across the border. So Ottawa changed its pricing policy, effectively barring unfiltered American milk.

Some American dairy farmers have been devastated.

Tim Prosser, a dairy farmer in Columbus, Wisconsin, was dropped by a buyer after Canada made the change. Prosser says he and his father might have to shut down their business and sell their 100 cows if they can’t find a new customer by May 1.

“Even if we keep feeding the cows and milking them, it still costs us money,” Prosser said. “If we have to turn around and dump the milk, we’d be looking at a $35,000 loss every month.”

On Tuesday, a Wisconsin state official said about half the state’s farms affected by Canada’s move had found new buyers for their milk or have promising leads.

In a speech last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Trump declared that Canada has been “very, very unfair” to dairy farmers and promised to “start working on that.”

Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington, says it’s not surprising that Trump would spotlight the issue: “Focusing on dairy while you’re giving a speech in Wisconsin — why would you not play to the audience there?”

Dawson, a former economic adviser to the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, says she suspects “the current drama will be forgotten” after U.S. and Canadian negotiators get down to working out compromises.

“Canadians are pretty thick-skinned,” she says. “They are used to dairy and softwood being continuing irritants” in relations with the United States.

“There are millions of good U.S. jobs that depend on the smooth flow of goods, services and people back and forth across our border,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a news conference.

He added: “Any two countries are going to have issues that will be irritants to the relationship. Having a good constructive working relationship allows us to work through those irritants.”

Dawson says Canadians are worried about their overreliance on the American market: 75 percent of Canadian exports go to the United States.

Hufbauer at the Peterson Institute says he doubts Trump’s talk will force Canada to changes its way. It might even have the opposite effect:

“Talking tough will rile the average Canadian and make it harder for Trudeau to make concessions.”


Josh Boak in Washington and Cara Lombardo in Madison, Wisconsin, contributed to this report.


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thank you tobi!!

✏️ - Want any tattoos?

most probably, yeah! gotta figure out what though

✌ - Want any piercings?

hmm idk, i don’t think so? a nose one would be cool but idk if i could pull it off

🎤 - Top 5 favorite bands?

ok im not gonna complain bc it’s top five and not one

so, in no particular order:

- twenty one pilots

- panic! at the disco

- fall out boy

- the brobecks

- my chemical romance

☀ - Story about your day.

so today i went to my grandma’s house w my lil cousins bc it’s the last time i’ll see all of them before i leave for my gap year in china so yes

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Are the Chinese gymternet also really mad about gabby on the team? Please tell us their reactions. I really find the Chinese gymfans to be logical about this kind of stuff

I think the Chinest gymternet really doesn’t care too much about the fact that Gabby is on the team… (there are a few people who feels for Locklear tho, because she has quite a few fans. Also they don’t get why Skinner is treated like this domestically compared to others) 

like they have no stake in the game and if Gabby breaks a connection or falls during TF it actually makes the gap smaller between China and US so nobody is like “wow i’m so outraged”.

What they are mostly angry about is like the process, because USA kind of positioned themselves to be like this super fair country (not just in gymnastics but in many different aspects), but most gym fans can see the score inflation and such during trials, and so it’s like… they put on this show to make everything seem super fair and transparent but everything has already been decided behind the scenes long ago, and it’s like the entire media/process are just playing along with the script that was given. 

So that’s what most Chinese gym fans are talking about… that Chinese people have to live with this shady reputation in the media but then they see other countries being shady but not given the same amount of shit in western media. 

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Class privilege is rarely discussed on this site, at least in my experience, ad when it is it's often seen as a "white" thing. While it's true that white people are more likely to benefit from class privilege in the United States due to racism, there are wealthy POC, and that's certainly not the dynamic in the rest of the world. Massive incoming inequality is a huge issue throughout Asia and the Arab world.

Yes…it annoys me so much to see people depicting global economic inequality as a ‘white capitalists’ thing. ‘POC/non-white’ capitalists can be just as bad, wealthy non-white people can wield class privilege in a manner just as oppressive. I grew up seeing this everyday. My aunt has not one but two live-in domestic helpers. She treats them well but like come on…that’s class privilege right there even though all of them would be considered ‘POC’ by Western standards. I’d read the news about yet another wealthy Chinese person abusing their domestic helpers- many of whom are from Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines or Indonesia. 

Just because European imperialism is responsible for a considerable amount of the economic inequality today is no reason to let off non-white people who continue to reproduce these structures off the hook. It’s plain disingenuous. I can’t somehow pretend I’m just as oppressed economically as the poor people in developing countries who don’t get to finish school and work in hazardous conditions in factories that will probably give them health problems in the long-run. When we’re talking about the developed/developing world’s economic power relations, is there really such a huge difference between Western POC and white Westerners who buy a coat that somebody made in a factory elsewhere while being paid a pittance? 

White privilege can reinforce class privilege, yes. Like I’ve been told well-to-do black people in the US often get stopped by the police because their cars ‘look too nice.’ But class privilege IS a real and tangible thing that well-to-do non-white people CAN access. It means living in nicer and safer neighbourhoods and probably going to better schools, it insulates you from a lot of other things. This logic applies in developing countries too- the wealthiest people there very much benefit from class privilege. The income gap in China is staggering-the children of CCP members or millionaire business owners can go on luxury holidays to Europe whereas other people their age are inhaling toxic fumes in factories owned by the parents of these wealthy kids. And does anybody care? Not unless you have connections! Or your life is cheap, then. It’s not like there aren’t have Western expats who inhabit a privileged bubble there, but…they sure aren’t doing the bulk of the heavy lifting in maintaining an unequal economic system. (Who are the government officials turning a blind eye to pollution and abuse of workers?) Class privilege is not just attached to ‘whiteness’, and insisting it does is basically erasing the millions of people oppressed by non-white people who exploit them.