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Style Resolutions of 2015

Step up your style game and make it your most stylish year yet!

Writing down your goals for the New Year is a must and this year, we’re focusing our attention on style. One thing that always makes us feel good is looking great, so see our top 15 style resolutions for 2015 below and use them as inspiration for a list of your own! From editing your closet to buying quality over quantity, start your year off right and make it your most stylish year to date.

15 Style Resolutions 

1. Define your aesthetic. Do some soul searching and figure out which look you want to go for. Create a mood board and find inspiration through your favorite style stars and celebs. 

2. Edit your closet. Get rid of a few things before you buy more - it feels great to shed a few things here and there. Donate them, pass them down to a friend or make some extra cash at your local consignment shop. 

3. Quality over quantity. It’s easy to stock up on a whole bunch of fast-fashion pieces that you end up getting over quickly. Sometimes, even after a few washes they just don’t look the same. Hold off overbuying and save up for designer staple items that are worth their value.

Oversized leather biker jacket

Monogramme Sac Université leather shoulder bag

Ankle boots

4. Show off your body (while you can). We’re all guilty of buying things that are oversized and baggy. Try buying things a bit more flattering. Flaunt it, while you got it!

5. Maintain your wardrobe. Take your boots to finally get their sole’s replaced. Sew on that button that fell off. Keep your nice coats in garment bags. You get the point…take care of your clothes!

6. Wear more hats. Hats give any look an added touch of cool. Incorporate more hats into your wardrobe and keep them in a place where you won’t forget about them.

Leather-trimmed wool-felt fedora

Vera Fedora

Wide Brim Fedora

7. Think less trendy, more timeless. Shop for things you won’t get sick of and can wear for longer than one season. Think before you buy and make sure you absolutely love the piece.

8. Revamp your shoe collection. An old outfit can look current with a new pair of shoes that are trending. Look for key styles that are versatile and make sure they’re comfortable, so they don’t just sit in your closet.

9. Try out the sneaker trend. Look for ones that look great with your closet and on your body type. This can take a while, so patience is key. Nike, New Balance and adidas are a few good brands to start with.

Nike Zoom Fit Agility

New Balance WL 574 Sneakers

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Fairway Sneakers

10. Reorganize your closet. Having a clean closet feels great. You can find what you’re looking for and it’s easier to put together outfits. Try color coordinating your closet, changing out your hangers so they’re all matching and buying new organizers for your shoes and accessories.

11. Just add color. If you’re typically drawn to black, don’t be afraid to try incorporating color or prints to your wardrobe. Standing out of the crowd can actually feel better than blending in. 

12. Update your intimates. Trash the ones you wear when you’re overdue on laundry and shop for new, cute and comfortable sets. Wearing matching bras and panties can really make a girl feel sexier.

Bondage Bralette

Stretch Lace Bralette

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Monica Unlined Plunge Bra L001-11

13. Shop outside your comfort zone. If you’re more of into basics, look for things that are more statement-worthy. Spruce up your closet, take risks and be playful with your style!

14. Tailoring is key. Wear clothes that actually fit. Finding and trusting a local tailor is a must. Ask for a good reference from a friend and take your clothes to get fitted. 

15. Fill in your closet gaps. Are you missing trousers, dresses or warm sweaters in your wardrobe? Think of things you’re lacking in and shop for those. Don’t buy something you already have. You may think it looks different, but to most people, it looks the same. 

What are your style resolutions for the 2015? 

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo | 原宿, 東京

Name: Shohei Yamashita

Occupation: Model (donna) | モデル (ドンナ)

Jacket: Christophe Lemaire | クリストフ ルメール

Shirt: GAP | ギャップ

Trousers: Christophe Lemaire | クリストフ ルメール

Shoes: GAP | ギャップ

Hair Salon: imaii (Ishihara) |  イマイ (石原)

Favorite shops: Nemeth, Laila , Go-getter

Favorite cosmetics: Three | スリー

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nimomin  ||  Imagine

It had been a long time since you’d been able to rest. Properly rest, not just a few hours of uncomfortable sleep a night but a put your feet up and enjoy some beer kind of rest. You knew it wouldn’t last much longer, but spending time at Beorn’s place had been a gift from Mahal. 

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Name: Shohei Yamashita
Occupation: Model (donna) | モデル (ドンナ)
Jacket: Used | 古着
Shirt: GAP | ギャップ
Trousers: GAP | ギャップ
Shoes: Used | 古着
Cap: Used | 古着
Hair Salon: imaii (Ishihara) |  イマイ (石原)
Favorite shops: Nemeth, Laila , Go-getter
Favorite cosmetics: Three | スリー