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THE NEW CLASSICS - model: Lindsey Wixson - photographer: Nicolas Kantor - fashion editor: Catherine Newell Hanson - hair: Diego da Silva - makeup: Susie Sobol - Allure US January 2017

  • Max Mara wool sweater
  • beauty note: MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette by Kat Von D
Me looking at all the hate Rachel is getting because she did what was best for her instead of picking yallz precious fave Peter

So because Bryan isn’t your precious gap-tooth Armani model, Rachel “settled”? Bryan has all the qualities women look for in a man, charming, confident, articulate, educated, successful, affectionate, etc. Just like how Rachel was in her season with Nick. He’s on her level in every way and to top it off Bryan KNEW WHAT HE WANTED, Rachel. If you had to choose between a man that absolutely knew he wanted a future with you aka Bryan and a man that is unsure and unwilling to take a chance on you aka Peter, yall know it would be no contest! Bryan is most certainly a catch but yall thirsty asses are too busy glorifying Peter’s dick to see this. She’s not a bitch or hypocrite when she says shes going take it slow with Bryan. I want to break down what Peter and Rachel’s differing views were cuz yall clearly don’t understand why this was the thing that ended Peters chances and also the reason he will never be a bachelor but thats a whole other post. But anyway, DO NOT hate on this gorgeous melanin queen because she did what was best for HER and not you fangirls.

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I notice that in some of the art Bendy has a little tooth gap and I'm pretty sure it's intentional. And it's adorable.

(Yep! It’s intentional. I add it because of the Bendy model created my AustinTheBear, I think it’s super cute. I’m pretty sure the tooth gap on that model is unintentional, but it’s very much there. It’s easiest to see when the model is ‘talking’.

I watched a ton of SFM batim videos kind of in succession a while back, this model was in most of them, and when I went to draw Bendy again it just… Felt wrong to draw him without that gap.

I don’t see it as a ‘nerdy’ trait, I see it as more of a ‘street urchin’ kinda thing. Like obviously Bendy didn’t have a traditional childhood, but if his persona did, I imagine it probably wouldn’t include having enough money for braces or anything. There’s a significant “ragamuffin” part of Bendy. The same one that plays pranks on people and heavily embellishes his own stories. The one that takes about 10 free samples of something before he gets caught.

It sorta informs a part of his heart, in fact. Maybe this could be considered giving too much away, I’m not sure, but it’s logical when you think about it so maybe not; Bendy outwardly acts very vain and arrogant, and he is, don’t get me wrong - But Bendy has also been through a lot, and he knows how it feels to be… Broken, essentially. He was not created with a silver spoon in his mouth, to say the least. And he didn’t get one for a good chunk of time before he and Boris got popular in the real world.

Basically no matter how big they get or how much high society they get to mingle with, there’s a part of Bendy that can’t help but be… sort of humble. Not in a particularly kind or virtuous way, just more in a ‘still gets excited when he gets to eat at a fancy restaurant’ kinda way. He feels comfortable in high-class situations because he’s a charmer, but he knows how to play shell games, not so much where his fork and spoon go. He’s very good at seeing through scams and lies. He takes “free” very literally. And he’s… Pretty stingy when the spending isn’t his idea. -HG)

Teeth headcanons: Ruby has a tooth gap, Weiss has model-perfect white/straight teeth, Blake has fangs and maybe a chipped tooth or two, Yang has chipped teeth and maybe is missing one, Jaune has a slight underbite, Nora has buck teeth, Pyrrha’s probably had issues with her semblance when getting her braces removed, and Ren, who knows, he rarely speaks or smiles so it’s a mystery.

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