gap socks

Some original short stories I hope to work on someday

(they’re all gay ofc haha)

A Fast Food Window

Esther Brooke’s dad is a roadie, so she has to go straight home after school and take care of her little brother because there’s no one else. They’ve just moved back to the city where Esther was born after years of hopping around and on the first day of school Esther is not just the only ‘new’ kid, she’s half-foreign and pretty, too, which drives the bored school into a frenzy of rumors about her. Some of the kids remember her, and try to dig up old stories about who her mom was. Guys wanna date her. Girls don’t know what to do with her – except for Char Wong, who’s made up her mind that the newly-returned goody-two-shoes Esther pisses her off. Behind the casual nastiness is Char’s anger at Esther’s disappearance so many years ago, which meant no more trips to their far-off beach, no more hanging out with their 'Aunts’, and a sudden slamming of the door of her childhood. “A Fast Food Window” is about second chances, first loves, and how painful it is to grow up.

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