gap outlets


My first Disneybound… As you can see, it’s a pretty simple Snow White getup :)

Rose headband thingy from Rue 21
Yellow flower earrings I’ve had foreverrrr.
Blue GAP Outlet ribbed tank
Eyelet skirt from Old Navy dyed yellow for the occasion
Black pointy flats also from Old Navy
“Watercolor” Vera Bradley hipster bag

Apparently the CEO of Walden Farms is the Devil and Crystal and I are the only people in the world who didn’t know that. We almost bought some barbecue sauce too. I’m glad we didn’t!! Everyone’s comments on that so called ketchup made me laugh.

I mostly wanted to selfie today to show you guys my new Easter Egg colored cardi. A 7.99 purchase from the Gap Outlet. I thought I would step out of my normal cardi colors that are usually dark.

And speaking of shopping, just like on the last WLC I plan to limit it until the end of the challenge which means staying out of the clearance section of Target and finding other ways to entertain myself on weekends.

Hope you have the best Tuesday!

My post work activities involve CrossFit and chicken wings so I’m pumped about that!!

Hello friends, it’s been a minute. Maybe like 20 minutes since my last post actually.

I don’t think I’ve posted Finley and all his adorableness lately. I get to hold and play with that chubby nugget of cuteness in like a month and a half! I can’t wait to show Finley what Georgia is like!

It’s also only1rosie & captadvocare’s 31st anniversary today!!! I’ve watched my parents go through so much in my lifetime. They are and our family is closer and stronger than ever these days. So happy to have such great parents who love the mess out of their daughters.

I’ve gone 4 days making some wonderful life decisions. I’ve been working out, eating healthy, mobilizing, drinking water, taking supplements and all because I wanted to and not because I’m on a challenge. This is pretty major for me. I’m enjoying it and enjoying feeling like I’m getting stronger, more confident, and just staying off that struggle bus for a bit!

I wore my favorite work dress today. If never fails I feel confident and comfy in this dress.

A local senior living community is putting on a Color me Purple 5K in November to benefit Alzheimer’s awareness and asked myself and one of my co workers to join the planning committee. The first meeting is this afternoon and I’m so excited about it!

Oh and to the anon who asked where I got my avengers tank: I purchased the tshirt in the men’s clearance section at the Gap Outlet a while ago and cut the sleeves off to make it a tank myself. the men’s clearance section at Gap Outlet and Old Navy are the best for cheap fun graphic tees that are just waiting to lose their sleeves!