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i'm a trans boy. i'm getting a short haircut in a week so i know that'll help my dysphoria. it's not safe for me to come out so i'm currently wearing sports bras to bind. do you have any clothing recommendations that i could wear to seem more boyish without having to actually go shop in the boys section?

I’ve actually seen a good post on this that I’ll reblog if I find it, but my advice is flannel shirts and loose exercise shorts. I lived in those when I was closeted. Some stores like gap have khaki pants and stuff in the women’s section that look pretty masculine, and honestly t shirts are pretty androgynous if that works.
-Mod Jason

Edit: here’s the post I mentioned 

Today I’m Wearing

Khaki jacket from HE by Mango
Beige chinos from GAP
Suede tassel loafers by Arthur Sleep
Silk scarf from Eral 55
Vintage camouflage pocket square
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Ⓒ Louis-Nicolas Darbon

Blue Hour Varsity

By Alexander Liang

Right around the time of the “golden hour”, there’s also the “blue hour” just before twilight. As a lover of the color blue, it’s no surprise that I love the blue-ish hue of light during the “blue hour”/twilight. Not to mention the way the city lights twinkle.

For this look, I went for a chic and classic, sport inspired look. I started with this Coach leather varsity jacket, pairing it with a black crewneck tee, skinny khaki pants and white slip-on sneakers. To finish off the look, I added a punch of color by way of a neon pink Anderson’s belt. If you’re unfamiliar with their elastic, weaved belts, you definitely want to get up to speed. Available in an array of colors, these belts are super comfortable and versatile, while offering a perfect fit and function.

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Photos by Daniel Kim

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Green and grey: It’s been some time since I’ve posted me. My style hasn’t improved that much. Haven’t had much time to go shopping. But I don’t think I had showed you my green trousers. Thy are always a success. They are bright without being in your face. And if you’ve known me for some time you know I love bold colour pops. scarf: Achilleas accessories coat: Salsa button up: mom’s hand me down from Bennetton belt: Charro pants: Khakis GAP shoes; Zara socks: Primark