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[Image description: four photos of a woman standing outdoors in front of a tall, leafy hedge, two full-length shots and two three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, short on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears glasses with tortoiseshell and clear frames. She wears plum-colored slim-cut pants, a floral sleeveless top, and grey flats with blue hearts over the toes. In two photos, she wears rain gear including a blue rain jacket with white raindrops and umbrellas and holds an umbrella with pastel-colored geometric designs.]

Rain’s not that hard to deal with when your rain gear is this adorable!

Shirt: Made by me | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack | Umbrella: Gap | Jacket: Macys


I saw a post the other day that simply said, “I hope Finn and Poe are having a good day.” And that’s been sitting in my head. 

So. Here’s them having a nice little camping adventure. They had a good day. Finn had never had toasted marshmallows before. :)

(they went to space Gap for another jacket)


Tales of the City.

Shirt: Unknown - $8 used at Crossroads

Blue Denim Jacket: Levi’s - $18 used at Buffalo Exchange 

Brown Denim Jacket: Gap - $26 used at Crossroads

Pants: H&M - $8 used at Crossroads

Shoes: Steve Madden - $18 on clearance on Amazon

thelastofgaming-deactivated2017  asked:

For the small request: Spencer reacting to you bringing home a puppy! 💕🐕

You couldn’t help the soft giggles escaping your throat as you crept through the apartment, hiding the small puppy beneath your jacket in your arms.

However, the little gdog began to whine slightly, trying to poke his wet nose through the gap in your jacket.

“Shush, you’ll be free soon little one.” You chuckled breathily, peeking into the jacket until you walked into something, or rather, someone. Spencer.

“Uh- babe, jackets, believe it or not, can’t speak.” The doctor laughed, comfusion laced within his eyes as he glanced down at your wide eyes. Then, the small dog yapped again, making Spencers eyebrows furrow.

“Y/N…” He dragged out the word, “W-what is in the jacket?” You betted your eyelashes at him playfully, shrugging as you tried to walk past him.

“Oh, nothing. Like you said, jackets can’t speak.” However, Spencer reached for the jacket, causing you to bend over, cradling to puppy in your arms as you trapped the jacket between your fingers.

“Y/N!” Spencer chuckled, prodding your sides in an attempt to make you let go.

“Spence, s-stop, I’m going to hurt him.” You giggled, the words making his hands halt immediately on your sides while you hesitantly stood straight again.

“Him?” You nodded wordlessly, gradually taking your jacket off of the small puppy in your arms, the new sight making the dog glance around.

“Oh my-” Spencer began but his words were cut off when the puppy yapped at the sight of him, its tail wagging immediately.


“Y/N, who is going to look after him when I’m away?” Spencer chuckled, lifting the puppy out of your arms.

“Spence, I work from home.” You interjected, inspecting your boyfriends eyes light up as he stroked the little pup.

“Exactly, you won’t work while he’s around.” He laughed as you grinned up at him.

“So…we can keep him?” You questioned, voice merely a whisper but Spencer glanced up at you, eyes bright with excitement.

“As long as I can name him.” You practically squeeled, holding your boyfriend close as he kissed your cheek.

“Wait…what are you calling him?” You stepped back, realising how much power you had given the goofy doctor.


Getting There

When it comes to his feelings for Midorima, Kazunari is way past the point of denying anything, but apparently accepting your feelings does not automatically allow one to receive the mystical wisdom of whatever the FUCK you’re supposed to do next.

this is my tcbt secret santa gift for @aurenwolfgang!  thank you so much for being patient with me while I got everything together, I hope you had a lovely christmas!

~4k, MidoTaka  [read on ao3]

It happens so fast that he’s still thinking “oh shit, I’m about to eat it” after he’s already facedown on the ground.  The cement is rough under his hands and surprise has stolen the air from his lungs, but Midorima’s laugh is a new one – one Kazunari has never had the chance to hear before – and suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world that he be allowed to see it happening.  He peels himself off the sidewalk ungracefully, wobbling a little as he gets up as far as his knees, and turns to the side as much as he can without actually standing.

Midorima has one hand over his mouth and is curled into himself slightly, trying to stifle the laughter that sounds like it’s been pulled uncontrollably from his chest.

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Today I’m Wearing

Khaki jacket from HE by Mango
Beige chinos from GAP
Suede tassel loafers by Arthur Sleep
Silk scarf from Eral 55
Vintage camouflage pocket square
Mood of the day: Red details

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