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whats your opinion of azalea banks?

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One step forward, two GIANT steps back?

I haven’t kept up with her too much recently, so maybe she’s changed? 

NEGL, I used to ride really hard for Azealia back in my MySpace days, because I’ve always thought she is very pretty, but more importantly, she made a lot of really good points about sexist double standards, cultural appropriation, anti-Blackness, and reparations for Black people, Native Americans, and Holocaust survivors and their descendants……but then she trips up and basically overshadows any good points she might have made with deeply homophobic & transphobic statements  

And there was that strange twitter beef with Skai Jackson..??

Look, generally speaking, I’m a big believer in 2nd chances - particularly for members of oppressed and marginalized groups, bc we so rarely get them. White celebs like Bill Maher and Miley Cyrus get 2nd chances handed to them like candy, but black people usually aren’t allowed to grow and recover from our mistakes, so that’s really frustrating 

My feelings for Azealia are complicated af because it’s hard for me to not be rooting for Team Black Girls™ and so, I used to maintain *some* hope for her discovering intersectionality to bridge the gap between her isms and anti-racism, but then she went and voted for Trump, and after the election she doubled down and said she was happy he won, and then she said she supported Trump’s Muslim ban—so yeah, I’ll leave a light on for her, but for right now she’s definitely cancelled