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So basically the “mind the gap” heard during the Garridebs scene in The Final Problem meant:

“There’s going to be a gap between episode 3 and 4”

aka we’re totally getting Johnlock on January 29th?

which means I might have my life back and be able to sleep in a week??

Sounds crazy.
I’m in.

I have no interest in freeguild humans in Age of Sigmar but that’s like, 95% because I never cared at all about the Holy Roman Empire or its Fantasy-world equivalent(s) in Old Warhammer, (and I don’t really like how comically ‘dung age’ medieval Brettonia’s models were with bucket helms and everything) and since those are the models that are still around for AoS, that’s what’s available for ‘rando humans’ if you wanna play that. The models are designed to be a bit silly on purpose- goofy gap-toothed grins, silly hats, slashed doublets, etc. Which is fine for what they were- you’d have a good laugh if a giant fell on them -but they’re not nearly metal enough to fit in with the Age of Sigmar aesthetic, which is best described as ‘totally fucking metal.’

That said, if they came out with like, renaissance-era mans who looked more like Ottomans, or Japanese, or Songhai, or Cossacks or something, I’d be doomed, and start IMMEDIATELY building a ‘Free City’ army that included my Stormcast mans, Wood (A)elf mans, and some Hu-mans. The thought of taking some Kairic acolytes, giving them third-party heads and khopeshes so they could pass for not-Egyptians really appeals to me, given my Lord Aquilor’s backstory- his people!

But it’s fine; he can just hang with other Stormcast and some aelfs because I do not have the time, money, or fucks to do that heavy a conversion on a bunch of chuds.

Hey loves Merry Almost Christmas! This was my OOTD for yesterday, it was literally 70 degrees in NYC. Insane.

Top: Gap

Skirt: Target

Boots: Timberland

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Bracelet: BCBG

Rings: H&M

Hat: H&M

I’ve been surprisingly busy on my Christmas break and finally landed an internship, yay. But It’s still sooo much better than school and of course, finals!

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My lipstick was Heaux by Riri for Mac!


‘New York Dolls’ model: Ola Rudnicka, Esmeralda Saey-Reynolds - photographer: Boo George - fashion editor: Giovanna Battaglia - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Hiromi Ueda - nails: Fleury Rose -set design: Gille Mills -  W Magazine September 2014

  • Paige Denim jacket - Banana Republic turtleneck - 3.1 Philip Lim skirt, jacket - Sarah Chloe ring - Stuart Weitzman shoes - Diane von Furstenberg turtleneck - Marciano skirt - MCM bag
  • Matchless London trenchcoat - Equipment sweater- Dian von Furstenberg turtleneck - Joie skirt - Dooney & Burke bag - Bally boots - Tory Burch turtleneck - See by Chloé skirt
  • Joie dress
  • Banana Republic coat - See by Chloé skirt - Paulie Ka hat - Gap peacoat- Eugenia Kim cap - Emporio Armani bag
  • G-Star coat - Diesel Black Gold shirt, skirt - Tory Burch skirt - MCM bag - 7 For All Mankind coat - Amelia Toro turtleneck