gap filling

I lay here wondering what if no one ever falls in love with me? What if I’m only loved to fill the gaps between friendship and complications? What if I’m only needed to feel something a little more than what was less? What if this is all the heartfelt emotion anyone ever feels when they look at me?

-what if, what if, what if

What is Trump's "Gag Rule?”

The administration’s gag rule would have devastating effects for women and those seeking sexual and reproductive health care services.We can all agree that patients should have access to the best medical care and information possible. This rule would do the opposite and put women’s health at risk.What does the gag rule do?Donald Trump has said from day one he wants to control women. With a new gag rule, he and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar are now trying to make it official government policy.  

The Trump-Pence administration’s new rule would block patients from care at Planned Parenthood. It would also prohibit doctors, nurses, hospitals, and community health centers across the country from being able to refer their patients for safe, legal abortion.

In short, a gag rule would keep women from having full information about all of their reproductive options, and from getting the best health care possible.

Act now: Stop the gag rule

Everyone, regardless of their race, of their income, or where they live, deserves the best medical care and information available. Under this rule, they won’t get it.

What does the gag rule do?

We can all agree that patients should have access to the best medical care and information possible. This rule would do the opposite and put women’s health at risk.

The Trump-Pence administration’s gag rule would do three things:

  1. Impose new rules designed to make it impossible for patients to get birth control or preventive care from reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood.
  2. Prevent health care providers across the country from referring their patients for safe, legal abortion.
  3. Remove the guarantee that patients get full and accurate information about their health care from their doctor.

The gag rule is an attack on Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive care that four million people rely on. Title X ensures people have access to contraception and gives them more control over their lives, health, careers, and economic security — and a gag rule takes that care away.

Why you should care, and what it means for patients

The administration’s gag rule would have devastating effects for women and those seeking sexual and reproductive health care services.

First, the gag rule would block patients from health care. Planned Parenthood health centers serve 41 percent of patients who get care through Title X-funded health services — yet this rule is designed to bar those patients from coming to Planned Parenthood health centers.

Preventing those patients from coming to Planned Parenthood would mean many are left with nowhere else to go, leaving them without access to birth control, cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, or even general women’s health exams. But it doesn’t stop there. The gag rule would apply to 4,000 Title X-funded health care providers across the country, including community health centers, hospital-based clinics, and health departments.

Other health care providers have been clear — they couldn’t fill the gap if Planned Parenthood were no longer allowed to serve these patients. Already, in many counties, Planned Parenthood health centers are the only places that provide uninsured people or people with low incomes the reproductive care they need.

This would fall the hardest on people of color. Because of systemic inequities, many patients who rely on Title X for their health care needs are people of color, who already face significant barriers to accessing health care. Black and African Americans make up 21 percent of Title Xpatients, and Hispanic and Latino patients make up 32 percent. After being blocked from these health centers, including Planned Parenthood, many patients would have nowhere else to go for care.

The gag rule would limit women’s reproductive health choices. This is an attempt to take away women’s basic rights. Period. Under the gag rule, if a woman is pregnant and wants or needs an abortion, her provider would be prohibited from telling her where she can go to get one. Or if a woman’s pregnancy would severely affect her health — for example, she discovers that she’s pregnant after being diagnosed with cancer — she might not receive information that abortion is even an option.

It would have dangerous and widespread health effects.  We’re familiar with the consequences of a domestic gag rule because we’ve seen similar dangerous measures in effect. One of the Trump-Pence administration’s very first acts in office was to reinstate and expand a “global gag rule,” which bans overseas groups from receiving U.S. global health funding if they even so much as mention abortion-related services.

Evidence has shown that the global gag rule leads to increases in unsafe abortion, as well as unintended pregnancies, women dying from pregnancy-related complications, and infant and child deaths. It also leads to health center closures, which leave people with less access to care. We should be ending the global gag rule — not importing a version of it to the U.S.

How can I take action?

We can’t afford to let the Trump-Pence administration continue down this path of chipping away at our reproductive health care access. Now is the time to unite, show our power, and make sure everyone gets the health care they want or need, without politicians controlling when, how, or why.



It doesn’t appear to me like the writers have any intention of addressing this.
So I decided to do it myself, with the help of our Nougat Boy.
It’s not that complicated, is it?
**Update: Guys,guys,this isn’t legit, I’ve seen some of you tag this as spoilers, it’s not, it’s just a wish, sorry .


dickin’ around! space shenanigans!

  • Other writers on Tumblr: Worldbuilding is my passion! I must create at least 60 new languages from scratch and spend 3 months researching cicadas for an small joke or else I will DIE.
  • Me: this thing exists. why? idk, fuck you

I’m awake from “teething pain” because I can feel my teeth shifting to fill the gaps leftover from surgery, so I’m watching “Love Unlimited: Polyamory in Scotland” on the BBC iPlayer and tbh the best line so far is the from the girl trying to figure out if condoms are vegan and she just looked up at the camera with a look of worry and says “I don’t know to be honest, I’ve never fucked a vegan” and just her look of concern had me rolling. Like bless her heart, you just know she went out afterwards to find vegan friendly condoms for if and when they were required.


magic, dick. magic happened.

for @dickdamiweek‘s day 6 prompt (DILF!Damian) which i turned into magical age swap. jason was such a fuckin’ sweetie, ok. a sweetie with a sailor mouth.

Initially they think it’s just a cosmetic change, and Jason complains very, very colorfully, which doesn’t quite hide his nervousness. But then Jason hugs Alfred and willingly holds Damian’s hand as long as Damian is telling him stories about League history. And when Tim tracks down the artifact despite minimal evidence, Damian opens his mouth and says, “Excellent, as usual.”

Damian doesn’t get why everyone stares.

And when they figure out the artifact really truly swapped their ages physically and mentally, Damian says quietly to himself, startled, “I am of age.” Slowly, he turns to Dick with an intense look.

“Uh?” Dick says, and tiny Jason forgets he’s freaked out long enough to start cackling.

Alright Wheeler, itโ€™s now or never.

Mike dialed the number heโ€™d already known by heart, held the phone located in the kitchen closely to his ear, and anxiously waited for the sound of the incessant ringing of the line that seemed to be mocking him to end. Ironically enough, he wasnโ€™t ready when the gruff voice of Jim Hopper finally answered.


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Undertale Aesthetics: Waterfall

(You hear a passing conversation.)

Can someone explain to me how the Keith/Shiro reunion scene is possibly not romantically coded because… that scene just really reads as romantic and I don’t think it’s the shipping goggles haha. Family being reunited scenes aren’t usually like that? The slow zoom into their expressions softly changing? The black lion slowly drifting towards the ship with a star-crossed-lovers finally reunited vibe? The fact that the scene is distinctly focused on Keith and Shiro reuniting and we never even get a proper reunion scene with Shiro and the rest of the team?

In the end if Shiro & Keith aren’t meant to be romantic they’re sailor moon “cousins” level weird haha. Even casual viewers of the show pick up on something being up with their relationship.