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OMG OMG OMG loving your blog I was wondering if u could do peter pan smut were u really wanna get pan going to u start to flirt with Felix pan gets pissed and ties u up and fucks you hard core lots of foreplay please and thx 💋💋❤❤

Heyyy I absolutely looove you’re writing, could you do an imagine veeeryy roughh ass smut where pan is jealous at first, you can make you up any senario of that 😉 thank you!!!

Smut where Peter lies to you and you punish him by ignoring him all day but make it sexually frustrating for him by teasing him so that night she puts him in his place ;)

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“Shh, shh,” you giggled and darted behind the flourishing tree, a finger to your lips as you signaled Felix to be quiet. 

The footsteps you’d heard passed by, kicking up clouds of leaves in their noisy wake, and just missing you.

Felix grinned from behind the opposite tree.

“You almost got us caught you ass,” you said, poking out your tongue.

Felix grinned, his scar creasing, his goofy cheeks alight with round dimples.

“Why would it matter?” he said, shaking his shaggy blonde hair away from his eyes.

You pursed your lips, a hand on your hip when you spoke, “Because, Pan was being a dick and he doesn’t deserve our attention.”

Felix let his head rest against the bark of the scraggly tree as he listened.

 You sighed and drooped your head, “Recently, he’s refused to let me be around the lost boys, and I don’t know why. He promised me I could join in on the fun again if I swore to be on my best behavior.”

“And what a good job of that you’re doing,” Felix chuckled.

“Oh shut up. Anyways, that’s the point, he was lying, and frankly I don’t know what I should’ve expected from him anyways. So, if he’s gonna sneak around behind my back, I’ll sneak around his, cause’ two can play at that game.”

Felix shifted his position, a whisper tumbling off his chapped lips, “And how do you plan on getting your revenge?”

You giggled, your fingers twirling a stray strand of your hair by your ear.

“I’m doing it right now babe, see, I’m with you.”

Felix raised his eyebrows curiously, “Yet I get the feeling you had something else in mind?”

A golden beam of light skipped through the green overgrowth, illuminating Felix’s features.

You pointed a toe forward, a grin tickling the corners of your mouth as you drew closer to Felix’s tall stature.

“Hm?” you sung out sweetly. “Maybe you’re right, maybe there was a reason he wanted me away from the lost boys.”

Your feet crunched over the withered dead leaves on the forest floor, and Felix’s eyes lit up in recognition. He gulped down the lump in his throat, but didn’t move, instead he let you come to him. His eyes flickered across your body, which seemed petite in comparison to his.

“Prove me right then,” he said, playing along, his fingers flicking through his shaggy hair.

You swaggered closer, your last step towards him becoming a leap as you bounded into his rock hard chest. The soft dirt swirled through the air as he caught you, both arms instinctively wrapping around your rounded hips. He bent down, his lips finding yours instantly. You brought your dirty fingernails to his chin, forcibly closing the tight gap between your mouths with a soft moan. You flicked your tongue against his chapped lips, tasting them before exploring his mouth a little with your tongue, but you soon found your way back to the outside of his mouth, where you nibbled and sucked until they were smooth against yours. Felix let out a low groan into your mouth, and you caught it between your lips. Your hands streaked through his tangled hair, clawing and combing with animal-like hunger as he hoisted you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as he held you firmly in his large hands, which both applied pressure to your bouncy bottom. You giggled with satisfaction and pulled away momentarily.

“I like this.”

Felix smiled, but only for a second, for his face quickly grew dark.

“I don’t,” you heard a voice say from behind your back.

Felix dropped you down to the forest floor, his eyes pulling away guiltily from yours.

“Pan,” you grumbled, facing the boy who stood back lazily against a nearby tree.

He stared straight into your eyes, green orbs reflecting the colors of the fresh forest leaves.

“Ugh,” you frowned, “Were you spying on us? Just..leave us be.”

“I won’t leave you be,” Pan said, and you were now aware that he was addressing you much more than he was Felix.

“What do you want?” you said ignoring him.

Pan’s face tightened, his eyes now moving to Felix’s. 

“I want you to leave,” he said to Felix. “I need to have a word alone with (Y/N).”

Felix opened his mouth and stuttered, “Look, don’t make this about her, I-”

“Now,” Pan repeated firmly.

Felix didn’t even throw you a second glance as he darted out of sight.

“Good,” you said sarcastically, “Great, there goes my fun.”

Peter’s nostrils flared in warning, “You think that’s fun, do you?”

You smiled angrily, eyes narrowing, “If it means that you would lay off me for even two fucking minutes then yes, it is.”

Peter’s cheeks grew warm as he retorted, “What’s this attitude about?”

“It’s about the fact that you won’t leave me alone, and that you lied to me.”

“I only lied to you to stop this precise thing from happening.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I hate seeing you like that.”

“Like what?”

“With them.”


“The lost boys, or…Felix.”


“You infuriate me.”


The tension between your bodies strung thick in the air, and your breathing was slightly heavy from snapping back at Peter so quickly.

“You think that meant something?” You murmured, referring to Felix.

“It sure looked like it,” Peter said, his voice hoarse.

“You’re stupidity drives me insane.”

“Huh?” Peter questioned, his anger receding.

“I just wanted to prove a point. If you don’t want me toying with the lost boys than that’s fine, but it’s not them you should be worried about, it’s you.”

Peter pursed his lips an eyebrow raised.

You smiled, “Your cute when your jealous, you know that?”

Peter remained still.

“The other lost boys,” you began, “Meh, they’re fun, but I can’t stand it when you isolate me and ignore me.”

“Because?” he asked.

“Because I’d never let their hands go to far, that’s just for you,” you chuckled lightly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

A small grin grew on Peter’s lips.

You walked over to him and inhaled his foresty scent, bringing your lips inches from his. He bent over you, lips barely brushing yours before you sent a quick slap to his cheek.

His eyebrows furrowed, a startled gasp emitting from his lips.

“That was for being such a dick.”

You turned to walk away but he grabbed you hips first, and when you blinked you were no longer outside, but instead in Peter’s cozy hideaway room.

The candles around the room cast a faint glow through the room, and the shadows flickered steadily across the dark wooden floorboards. A large bed sat in the middle of the room, draped in silky white sheets which you were instantly thrown upon.

“Agh-” you started, falling face first into the fluffy pillows. 

Peter slinked over your form, ready to bound you to the bed, but you grabbed him by the hips, seizing the rope from his hands and tying him up to the bed yourself.

His shimmering eyes stared into yours curiously, watching your every move as you ripped down every piece of clothing on his body and your own.

You trailed kisses across every inch of his skin you could reach until you found his perky shaft, which bounced up in your soft hands. You gripped your two hands around the base and dipped his tip into your mouth, swirling your tongue around to the beat of Peter’s muffled groans. You pecked little kisses on the top, about to push more in but instead deciding you’d prefer to tease him further. Peter tried to protest, wanting more, but you simply sat back and watched him with a small smile. You crawled over the top of his rippled chest and used it as a surface to sit on as you spread your legs wide open so that Peter could see but not touch. You smirked and licked two of your fingers before plunging them straight towards your core, dipping them in and out over and over, your eyelids slamming closed as shrill little moans fell from your lips. Peter growled, infuriated, his eyes ravenous as he watched you please yourself. You continued until a thick wave of your juices spilled across his chest, covering his smooth skin, but you didn’t clean up, and simply blinked innocently at Peter, licking your fingers clean with a loud slurp. 

“I’d share but unfortunately that wouldn’t be much of a punishment, would it?”

Peter gasped, his hands tugging at the ropes that bound him, and you saw them loosen but didn’t stop him.

You jumped back over his shaft, dipping the whole thing down your throat and pumping him until the ropes were ripped free, and his moans came loud and clear as he spat out the gag. 

Peter chucked you underneath him, making up for lost time as he chewed at your skin until it was raw, biting and kissing at your jaw, behind your ear, and down your stomach.

You moaned in pleasure, biting hard on your lower lip when his mouth found your breathing heat.

He dipped his tongue into your hole, his hands pounding at your ass cheeks with each movement of his tongue.

You didn’t know if you should scream from pleasure or pain, so you did both, your mangled cries coming loud as Peter pounded and sucked through wave after wave of your juices, his tongue swirling around continuously for what felt like eternity.

Before it had started it was over, and he instead substituted his tongue for his length, which he kept still momentarily.

“Don’t…tease me,” he growled between his clenched teeth.

“You deserved i-” you started, but your words never finished leaving your lips, for his length had entered you. Your toes curled, your fingernails clenched on his hips as he bobbed over you, dipping in and out of you to the thrum of your pleas for more. He moved faster, dipping closer to your core, his breath coming thick and heavy, sweat dripping from his forehead, eyes shut as he gasped and slammed his hips against yours roughly. A loud profanity echoed through the small room as he twitched inside of your tight body, coming down a final time, Your teeth bit at his skin roughly as you tried desperately to keep a grip on yourself, but it was no use, your come and his mingled, flowing out across your bodies and staining the silky sheets. Peter rolled over, his brown ruffled hair plastered to his forehead.

You lay there for a while, a withered mess, tears at your eyes from the intensity of Peter’s force.

“(Y/N)” Peter cooed and climbed back over you.

“N-” you began, too exhausted for more.

Peter saw your tired body and crawled down to your lap, where he cleaned up the mess he’d left with little kitten licks. When he was done, he stretched back towards you, his slender form curving around you as he pulled you close into an embrace, his lips finding the crook of your neck.

“Love?” he whispered.

“Mm,” you mumbled sleepily.

“You’re a tease.”

Jealous Pan

Request: “ Peter Pan smut imagine where he’s jealous,”

Warning: Lotsss of smut, also is my first time writing it so apologies in advance if it sucks.

“(Y/N)!” You were still in bed when Slightly’s voice, followed by three tuneful knocks, echoed around your tree house and woke you with a start. Immediately, despite still being half-asleep, you knew that a personal trip to your home only meant one thing; a new Lost Boy had arrived in Neverland.

It had become an unspoken ritual that whenever there was a new addition to the family, you would take him under your wing for the first few days and show him the ropes. You were living proof that Neverland wasn’t all bad, and somehow that made the settling in process a hundred times easier for them.

“Just a minute!” You scrambled out from beneath the warm covers, hastily throwing on some underwear and pulling one of the many dresses from your wardrobe over your head. Before opening the door, you grabbed a brush and attempted to tame your (h/l) hair. “Who do we have here?”

“This is Ace,” The boy by your friends side was undeniably handsome; with pale skin, tumbling, black and slightly messy hair. Above his high cheek-bones sat a pair of deep-set, shadowed orbs so dark that the pupils seemed to melt into the irises, fringed with long lashes. You were briefly reminded of the fairytale princes from your storybooks, before you flashed a comforting smile. “He arrived this morning,”

“It’s nice to meet you, I’ve already heard a lot,” you wondered if you imagined the slightly flirtatious lilt to his tone as he shook your hand, and hoped that he’d snap out of that soon. Your boyfriend Peter had a slight habit of- ah, taking care of any boy who got too close to you.

Clearly having similar thoughts, Slightly shuffled on his feet as he watched, laughing uneasily and slapping Ace on the back. “Watch it, mate. The last thing you want is for Pan to hear you talking like that.”


Hours had passed since Peter had kissed you goodbye that morning (his glaring eyes unclosed and fixed on Ace as he locked you into his arms) before waving you off as you ventured into the forest with the camps newest member, and he was beginning to worry.

You never usually took this long to show the boys around, and always made sure to be back for nightfall. But the sun had long set and there was absolutely no sign of you.

Just as he was rising from a log by the fire to search for you, your bright, hysterical laughter filled the atmosphere and you came tumbling into sight, squealing something Peter couldn’t quite hear over the sound of the blood rushing angrily in his ears. The new boy was holding your hand- and looked rather pleased with himself to be doing so.

A feral snarl curling at his lips, he silently watched as the two of you settled down beside a couple of the other boys only a few metres away, still giggling. You didn’t seem to notice as Ace discreetly positioned his arm so that it wasn’t quite around you, but close enough, and inched nearer with every passing moment. But Peter did.

There was a hot poison bubbling in the pit of his stomach and coursing through his veins- that all too familiar, burning jealousy was back again. It was never something he’d experienced before meeting you. “(Y/N)!” He called out sharply, beckoning with his hand. “I need to have a chat with you in my tent.”

Simply by the way he uttered your name, you knew that there wouldn’t be much chatting going on at all.


“What am I going to do with you?” Peter murmured quietly as he paced the floor of his tent, hands clasped tightly behind his back. He holds his head angled downwards towards his feet, but his murky eyes are fixed on your lips and you can’t help but squirm under his stare, thighs rubbing together. You already wanted him. “Give me your motherly opinion- what would be a suitable punishment?” He raises his voice this time and moves closer.

“Peter, I-”

“Save it,” He snaps, and with one swift movement he has you pinned to the bed, legs positioned in the tight gap between your own. You notice through fluttering eyes that a ghost of a smirk is beginning to spread over his lips and watch as he tugs impatiently at the skirt of your dress with one hand, tearing the thin fabric in his haste while he uses the other to pop the buttons at its bodice, fist so rough that most of them ping from the stitching and fly to the other ends of the room.

The pace Peter is using to knead his right knee between your thighs is so painstakingly slow that you have to bite down on your tongue to stop yourself from crying out in desperation. A wicked smirk spreading at his lips, he locks a hand on your bare hip, stopping you from grinding onto him in an attempt for friction. “I don’t want you anywhere near that boy again,” he punctuates each word with a bruising kiss to your neck, teeth brushing the skin and making you shiver.

At this point, the ability to speak had left you, so you simply throw your head back into the silky sheets, giving him a wider range of access to your neck which he doesn’t hesitate to take full advantage of- mouth nipping and sucking at that one spot that never fails to make you moan, before he trails his lips to your ear and breathily tells you: “And if I catch you within even 5 metres of each-other without my supervision, I’ll rip out his heart and make him watch me fuck you.”

You knew you shouldn’t be this turned on by him- especially because he meant every word, but there was something about an angry, jealous Peter who wanted to own you, mark you as his- that sent sparks shooting to your core.

He abandoned the now hot, stinging patches on your neck and straightened to full height for a moment, smugly eyeing his handiwork. Eagerly, you reached to hook your fingers into the loop of his belt, but he quickly swatted your hands away and placed his own on your thighs. Clearly, he had other ideas.

“Who’s the only one who can touch you like this?” Peter demands harshly, sliding down your body until his hot breath hits that one place you need him the most.

“You are,”  you half-gasp, half whine as leans forward,  worries the fringe of your panties between his teeth and then proceeds to pull the lacy underwear down your legs at a pace so slow its enough to drive you mad. It’s clear what he’s waiting for. “Peter, please-”

He doesn’t answer. Instead, his hands move from his sides and hold down your hips, quickly putting a stop to the bucking- before his smirking lips aim a wet kiss at your dripping core. This time, there’s no holding back the loud cries of sheer pleasure you had been trying your hardest to smother- all you can feel is his messy hair against your skin, his smooth cheeks as they brush against the insides of your thighs- his tongue as it laps your folds.

But it’s only when his mouth finds your clit, that you truly lose it.

If his intention was for Ace to hear you crumble beneath him, then he had most certainly succeeded. At this rate, even the pirates will be familiar to the sound of your moans.

“I’m going to-” Stars flash before your eyes, your toes curl- and you can feel deep in your stomach that one more touch would send you teetering over the edge of a powerful orgasm.

But apparently, so does Peter, and before you can hit your high he harshly sits back, licking away your wetness from his lips as his dark, lust-filled eyes stare smugly into yours.

“Only good little lost girls get to come, (y/n),” he rasps, and through it all you somehow mustered the strength to glare at him, your breaths passing in aching, shuddering gasps as you manage to twist one leg out of his burning hold and ghost the pad of your foot over the obvious bulge in his green trousers. “And you haven’t been a good girl. Disappearing all day- letting him hold your hand when you know you’re mine and mine only.”

Your heart pounded in your chest- each beat screaming for him to touch you, kiss you- anything, and this time, as you unbuckle the belt on his trousers with trembling hands, he doesn’t stop you.

“Please, Peter.” you whine for what felt the hundredth time that night. It’s almost painful, how much you ache for him. “Please,”

He kicks off the rest of his trousers,and immediately your hands are curled around his cock, thumb tracing shapes over the tip. A soft groan escaping his lips, he grabs you by the wrists while he still has an ounce of self-control left, positioning himself between your legs.

With one deep thrust, Peter is inside you, your name rolling off his lips with every jerk of the hips. Pleasure shoots down your spine to your core, and you cry out as he hits a part of you you didn’t even know existed- bright lights blurring your vision. Frantically, you roll your hips in time with his, and as you shift he moves a rough thumb to your clit, rubbing the nub in quick circular motions.

“Oh-Peter!” You come with a force so strong that you would have collapsed into a heap on the floor if your boyfriend didn’t have your back pressed to his bed, panting and craning your neck to press a sloppy kiss to his lips, shivering with hot pleasure as you feel him follow closely afterwards- his mouth hanging open with ecstasy as his orgasm washes over him.

“I love you,” you tell him, as he pulls out and rolls onto his back beside you, hands already curled around your waist. “Even when you get jealous.”

Peters returning smile is practically angelic. “I love you too,”


omg anyway, this was my first smut so i hope i did okay. it was a little longer than i expected but i didn’t want to try and shorten it. hit ‘like’ if you enjoyed, and request an imagine here :)