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I Am Not A 90's Kid

I was watching a documentary today, called Best of the 90’s, and I realized, though I was born in the decade, I am not a 90’s kid. 

I am a member of Generation Z, everyone born since 1995. I am the last of the 90’s, born between 1995 and 1999. 

We didn’t watch Darkwing Duck, or Sonic the Hedgehog, but we have cartoons of our own. 

We remember having to rewind tapes, using VCR’s and watching technology change from this:

To this:

We may not remember much about Columbine, or 9/11, but we have grown up in the America shaped by those events, where it is impossible to remember a way any different. 

We grew up hearing the words: economy, gas prices, unemployment, war, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism. 

We have seen struggles and fights, and watched the world change to pave the way for equality and acceptance. 

So no, we may not be “90’s kids”. But we are a unique generation. The bridge between the past and the new millennium. 

What generation do you belong to? What is something you remembered about when you were a kid?

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So a 17 year old friend told me she had feelings for me, but I'm 20 and I don't feel comfortable with the age difference so I rejected her. I feel bad, do you think that was an okay decision to make?

yes, you definitely made the right decision. in this case, it’s way better for her to be upset because you said no than for her to be in a relationship with that kind of age gap.

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Hi! Do you know any fics based on baek's drama Scarlett heart?

Ethereality (Crossover based on Scarlet Heart and I married an Antifan)

-Admin Ellen 

Tittle: Until Kingdom Come
Summary: The Phoenix King of Joseon and the youngest Byun have been engaged for eighteen summers.
Author: beaconandeggs, tinkerklang
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Age gap, Mpreg

Admin Z: This is not like Scarlett Heart Ryeo but if you want to read some historical fic this one is really good. I just finished reading this and I think it’s really cute. 


And another quick update on the seasoned fields. Since I don’t have anything to show from my game, let’s stick with that.

I improved the textures of the fields by using the repeat ‘function’ of the UV map. Now there’s greater detail without increasing the actual texture image.

Secondly, I created a new piece that will be useful when you want to rotate the next field pieces. Normally you would have to move the rotated field into the one behind to fill the gap - but then you would have z-fighting issues. The new piece is there to close the gap without moving the rotated field. With that you can also create more ‘dynamic’ fields you can see on the very first picture. Basically it’s a very thin pizza piece with a fruit texture.

Was rewatching the Namek Saga recently and there was a moment of realisation that hit me like a bolt of lightning - a possible serious reason why Jeice was chosen to be second in command after all. When Burter and Jeice accidentally end up hitting each other during their fight with Goku, they get angry with each other.
However, notice how quickly Jeice diffuses it - how HE’S the one to raise his hand (not Burter, who people tend to make the more rational one) and how he sees the situation as a possible manipulation on Goku’s part (I don’t think it is because I don’t think that thought crossed his mind). But this shows a possibility to me.
It’s possible that Jeice was put in that position because of how well he keeps the peace, how he can make everyone calm down in seconds and how perceptive he might be when it comes to the group dynamic and how outsiders could threaten it. I don’t think he’s leader material, like I said before, nor do I think he’s aware of how effective he is.
But it makes him more of an interesting character than ever - and puts a new light on him as a person.
Dammit, Jeice, you keep getting more interesting.

Submitted: eBook Breakdown

I use Calibre to edit the metadata for my e-books before syncing them to my Kindle. I was able to export all of the images from the e-book as JPGs. Here’s a screenshot: 

I think it’s safe to say that of the images named letters A through Z are the ones that’ll contain puzzle clues (with the exception of Hello.jpg probably) since I know people are focusing on details within the non-A through Z images. I noticed that there is a gap in the alphabet though. There are no images titled V, W, or Z so I’m wondering if this could possibly be a clue as well. Here are the individual images I exported if you’d like to share them or reference them (makes it easier when deciphering): Spread the word on your blog please.

- @ theseexistentialquandaries

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Kind of squeaked out when I read that Efron and Zendaya are playing love interests. That age gap...

i literally was side eyeing this earlier too and just focused on z lol. that’s nearly a decade. why do women have to be so much younger than their male counterparts gjcsdiogki

Returning to music, Jay-Z sorry for cheating and loves gay mom

Jay-Z’s jaunty anthems made him one of rap’s all-time greats and then, as he amassed a business empire and married fellow superstar Beyonce, he drew an ever thicker curtain over his private life.

Releasing an album after a four-year gap, Jay-Z has bared himself like rarely before. He apologizes to Beyonce for cheating and pours out love for his mother whom he reveals to be lesbian, all while taking familiar but timely shots on the politics of race.

“4:44,” the 13th studio album by the rapper born as Shawn Carter, came out Friday as an exclusive on his upstart Tidal streaming service whose new part-owners, telecom provider Sprint, is banking on the release to woo customers.

Jay-Z – who, apparently energized on punctuation, has restored his name’s hyphen – delivers a long-awaited public reply to Beyonce who chastised him for infidelity on her acclaimed “Lemonade” album a year ago.

“I apologize / Our love was one for the ages and I contained us,” Jay-Z raps over a brassy Gospel refrain.

“What good is a menage-a-trois when you have a soulmate? You risked that for Blue?” he asks rhetorically, referring to the couple’s five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Beyonce recently gave birth to twins, her father revealed on social media, although the family has yet to confirm details. Jay-Z on “4:44” suggests they conceived the twins naturally.

Jay-Z, discussing the album on iHeartRadio, said “4:44” was named for the time of morning when he woke up and wrote the song. He and Beyonce have matching ring-finger tattoos of the Roman numeral “IV” – four being the day in different months of their wedding and both their birthdays.

- Embracing lesbian mother -

Jay-Z, who recently became the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, infuses the album with touches of house music and reggae, giving a sleeker, contemporary sound to the artist whose later albums had veered into mainstream pop.

On the soulful “Smile,” Jay-Z for the first time confirms hushed rumors that his mother is lesbian, explaining how she turned to substances to cope with the stigma.

“Mama had four kids but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long, that she’s a thespian,” raps Jay-Z, who has spoken of how his father’s absence contributed to his troubled youth in public housing in Brooklyn.

“Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her / I just want to see you smile through all the hate,” he raps.

“Smile” opens with a snippet from Stevie Wonder and closes with a poem by Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, who recites, “The world is changing and they say it’s time to be free / But you live with the fear of just being me.”

Jay-Z, like many rappers of his generation, employed homophobic slurs in his early music but was also one of the first prominent voices in hip-hop to speak out in favor of gay rights.

- Harsh words on Prince estate -

Jay-Z, who alongside Beyonce campaigned for and became friends with former president Barack Obama, takes on race relations on “The Story of O.J.” and “Moonlight” as he concludes that African Americans will invariably be judged by their color.

“We stuck in La La Land / Even when we win, we gonna lose,” he quips about this year’s Oscars mix-up in announcing best picture.

Jay-Z elsewhere throws veiled barbs at other rappers including onetime protege Kanye West, who last year ranted against Jay-Z and in support of then president-elect Donald Trump before entering a hospital.

Jay-Z has especially harsh words for the estate of pop icon Prince, a longtime rebel in the music industry who had signed a deal with Tidal shortly before his death.

The rapper denounces the “greedy bastards” who have commercialized Prince with moves such as bringing his catalog onto leading streaming service Spotify.

“I’m surprised you ain’t auctioned off the casket,” Jay-Z inveighs.

But Jay-Z’s mind on “4:44” is more on his own “legacy” – which is the title of the last song in which the 47-year-old addresses his children, vowing that the family’s fortune and philanthropy will outlive him.

“I’d like to see a nice peace fund / Ideas for people who look like we / We going to start a society within a society.”

I’m not sure why ppl are purposefully obtuse about a thing just for the sake of being obtuse? Wrt to these convos about Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s age gap at the start of their relationship, there is definitely something to be said about the predatory nature of cishet men when it comes to young women. Their age gap as it currently relates to their relationship & its dynamics would be mostly inconsequential today save for the fact that in its infancy, we KNOW that their respective approaches to their relationship was conceptually different and doesn’t seem like much changed after that in those 16 years until his libido decreased (fuck that shit about the birth of Blue changing him). Anyway, on another note, Bey being classed has shit to do with the dynamics of abuse & the reality of why te abused stay. Why she stayed as a classed woman doesn’t negate the fact that she endured abuse & made concessions for her abuser. Classed women are abused too & having all the money in the world doesn’t change that.

I talked years ago about Wonder Woman and my belief that the reason she’s often not seen as accessible the way so many male characters are is because while there are any number of decades running headlining male superhero characters (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Thor, Aquaman, Iron Man, Hulk, Flash, etc) when it comes to decades long headlining female characters, there is only one – Wonder Woman. And so as the lone figure in that role she has to try be all things to all people, representing all women everywhere, while these men have more freedom to be more specific things including flawed. It’s why people tend to get so much more upset when Wonder Woman is character assassinated in a story. She’s the only long running sure thing we’ve got and so taking her down (even temporarily) means taking down everything we’ve got.

It’s why so many people are upset about somethings in Avengers: Age of Ultron as they relate to Black Widow. Black Widow has the unfortunate responsibility of representing the only solidly established female comic book film superhero we’ve got (i.e. one that currently has and continues to reappear with regularity and has a future). And it IS upsetting when she gets mishandled, more so than when any number of cool white guys we also love get mishandled. But the problem with putting Wonder Woman and Black Widow on a pedestal where certain stories are not allowed to be told is that limiting creators just doesn’t lead to the best stories. Being precious with your characters – not allowing them the freedom to be anything – to evolve in both good and bad ways – is no way to create good stories – limiting creators ultimately limits characters too.

When I wrote years ago about the destruction of the Amazons in Wonder Woman being so heartbreaking and ultimately a deal breaker for me with the book it wasn’t because I thought Azzarello and Chiang should be kept from telling that story, it was that because we have literally NO other stories of female characters at Wonder Woman’s level – none with the lasting power, the history, the iconic impact of Wonder Woman – that it didn’t seem worth the price we were paying for it. It ultimately felt too important and too destructive to be worth the story. If there were enough other women at Wonder Woman’s, with the commitment to her book and as both icon and brand, then that story might have been okay, might have been worth it. By contrast you can likely tell any story you want when it comes to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and all the rest without worrying. Don’t get me wrong, fans will still get up in arms as this is the age we seem to be living in, but there are what feel like limitless other male heroes to fill the gap. You can make X, Y, or Z a monster (even if only temporarily) because there’s the whole rest of the alphabet to choose from. So many other characters that can carry on in a male character’s stead – a variable smorgasbord of male heroes. But there’s only one female hero with that same star power, name recognition, and history. And so taking her down feels like the end of the world. And I think that’s why people are so upset about Black Widow too. She’s all we’ve got for powerful comic book superheroines on film, and so yeah, people are taking it extra personally. In the MCU films alone there’s Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, and even Nick Fury, Falcon, and War Machine who may not be full blown leads yet, but are at least established in multiple films. All we have is Black Widow and so yes, it’s hard to take.

But the answer isn’t to say “you cannot tell these stories with these characters” – limiting creators hurts everyone, including our characters.

The answer, as always, is MORE complex female leads. More LASTING complex female leads. Proliferation can save us all. Only through great female lead characters becoming as prolific and commonplace as their male counterparts can we even begin to overcome this hurdle.

And so that is how we come back to “strong female characters” and how and why we need many many more of them and we need them to last longer – to not be easily disappeared by a book cancellation or a failed movie, or a movie that never even comes to fruition – only through more representation of “strong female characters” can we make sure that female characters are allowed to evolve to be both angels and devils, femme fatales and warriors, thieves and saviors, soldiers and wives, mothers and accountants, monsters and heroes, and everything in between. To be everything and nothing with the same casual application that their male counterparts manage.

So here’s to strong female characters even if those words don’t really mean what some people think they do.

—  Kelly Thompson, “She Has No Head: Strong Female Characters.” 

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why do the same people who ship sterek call marrish pedophilia like

i honestly don’t know and i’m pretty sure that all the people that are uncomfortable with the age gap, ship at least one of these pairings:

  • beyoncé (34) and jay-z (45)
  • tyler posey (23) and crystal reed (30) (btw when they started shooting the pilot, tyler was 18 and crystal was 25 i think
  • angelina jolie (40) and brad pitt (51)
  • johnny depp (52) and amber heard (29)
  • david schwimmer (48) and zoe buckman (30)
  • megan fox (29) and brian austin green (42)
  • nick offerman (45) and megan mullally (56)
  • ellen degeneres (57) and portia de rossi (42)
  • mary-kate olsen (29) and olivier sarkozy (46)
  • octavia blake (17) and lincoln (??? he’s in his twenties)
  • clarke griffin (18) bellamy blake (23)
  • lexie grey (24 when they started) and mark sloan was in his 40s ok
  • spencer hastings (16) and wren in his 20s something
  • daenerys (13/14) and khal drogo (probably in his early 20s)
  • lauren cooper (15/16) and theo (20)
  • jeff winger (in his 40s) and annie edison (in her 20s)
  • aria was (16) and jason (26 i think) also ezra (around 24 give or take)


  • aurora (16) and prince phillip (24)
  • rapunzel (18) and flynn rider (24)
  • mulan (16) and li shang (22)
  • pocahontas IN THE MOVIE (18) and fucking 12 in the book!!!! and john smith more than 27
  • belle (17) and prince adam (21)
  • snow white (14) and prince florian (22)
  • tiana (19) and prince naveen (24)

ALSO THAT VAMPIRE BULLSHIT THINGY when a 100+ years old vampire falls in love with an 18 years old girl…

Hey this is a little bit of a robot!zayn AU I’m working on! Hope you enjoy!
“Mr. Payne, you know perfectly well that I can not return to the lab”
Liam ran a hand through his hair and over his face sighing.
“Please, stop calling me Mr.Payne. That’s what Cowell calls me. To you I’m Liam, alright? Your Liam.”
Zayn’s nose scrunched up in confusion. “I do not understand how you can be mine. Is it not wrong to own a person?”
Liam laughed weakly. “It’s just… A thing we humans say. To show we place trust and… And love in another person.”
The cyborgs eyes narrowed in suspicion, the orange one cold and calculating like he was a target. It scared him.
“Why do you say these things? You did not mean for me to develop emotions. Do not taunt me. I will not go back to the lab based on the lies of my creator- a murderer.”
Liam was about ready to cry. He didn’t believe him. Of course he didn’t. After what he had done? Liam would have left himself to die.
“Please, Z, you have to trust me. You have to go back to the lab. Let me out, we can go back together. Just- please”
The solid light beams making up his cell bars heated his face and covered the other man in a blue and green light. He was chewing his lip, that perfectly curved cuspids bow wet and pink.
“I am sorry, Liam, but there are people who would get hurt. I believe it would be best if I was not able to hurt anyone.”
Liam’s eyes widened. “Zayn, no. You do not… You don’t get to fucking do that! You don’t get to have your stupid superhero morality system!”
Zayn gave him a sad look, almost regretful.
“My morality is my own. I am sorry if this will cause you any grief. You should know I will not be in any pain. I have located my main hard drive and power source. I plan to take them out and have them destroyed.”
Liam shook his head, tears stinging his eyes and wetting his chapped lips, the cut under his eye burning at the contact.
“Zayn-"he said brokenly. "You… You can’t.”
Zayn smiled sadly and turned to leave.
The cyborg turned back, his look questioning.
“Come closer, please.” The boy shuffled closer to the gap in between the bars, his nose and Liam’s almost touching.
“Z, do you remember that day when you saw that couple kissing and you asking what it meant?”
He nodded, still quizzical.
Liam leaned forward and pressed his lips to Zayn’s, the taste of metallic blood and his scent filling him up. The boy made a startled noise but quickly put an arm through one of the gaps in the bars to cradle his face.
When they parted, Zayn was panting slightly, Liam’s lips a bright pink.
“I’m in love with you.”
The boy’s face cleared, once again blank and devoid of emotion.
“I have to go”
And like that, he was gone, Liam sobbing his name and sliding to the ground.