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So a 17 year old friend told me she had feelings for me, but I'm 20 and I don't feel comfortable with the age difference so I rejected her. I feel bad, do you think that was an okay decision to make?

yes, you definitely made the right decision. in this case, it’s way better for her to be upset because you said no than for her to be in a relationship with that kind of age gap.

Was rewatching the Namek Saga recently and there was a moment of realisation that hit me like a bolt of lightning - a possible serious reason why Jeice was chosen to be second in command after all. When Burter and Jeice accidentally end up hitting each other during their fight with Goku, they get angry with each other.
However, notice how quickly Jeice diffuses it - how HE’S the one to raise his hand (not Burter, who people tend to make the more rational one) and how he sees the situation as a possible manipulation on Goku’s part (I don’t think it is because I don’t think that thought crossed his mind). But this shows a possibility to me.
It’s possible that Jeice was put in that position because of how well he keeps the peace, how he can make everyone calm down in seconds and how perceptive he might be when it comes to the group dynamic and how outsiders could threaten it. I don’t think he’s leader material, like I said before, nor do I think he’s aware of how effective he is.
But it makes him more of an interesting character than ever - and puts a new light on him as a person.
Dammit, Jeice, you keep getting more interesting.

What if when Goku goes to see Bulma pregnant he has a flashback / memories of Chi-Chi pregnant with Gohan

Please Toei
We need to see more of the 5 year gap between DB and Z especially with GoChi and baby Gohan

I won’t complain if not because Veggie because a concerned dad is hilarious but still you can satisfy both ships that way lol

This is why I don’t fret over rumors of them dating other people or even if they do date other people the spark is there and it’s been there for 2 years and as long as these two remain close the spark is only getting bigger and bigger, and that bond is growing stronger and stronger. I believe the age gap is their only hinderance but not because of Val and Z, we know Val has said on national TV that age isn’t on his mind when he hanging out with Z and always speaks on her maturity and Z with her age is nothing but a number comments and her favoriting that tweet about the couples with age gaps but because of public perception and unfortunately it’s something they have to take into account but the thing the haters and doubters don’t seem to understand is Z isn’t getting any younger and if she managed to do the damage she did to his heart at 16 I can only imagine what’s in store…

I've never realized until Today how many hypocrites it is in this ship.

*And I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this*

But I’ll never understand how some of you have been shipping Z and Val since she was 16 and 17. You have literally been sitting around saying “She’s 17 boy I can’t wait until she’s 18 for her and Val to officially date” But then you turn around and call Tyga a pedophile?? *Newsflash there’s a bigger age gap between Val and Z than there is between Kylie and Tyga*

Zendaya post selfies all day and it’s “Yes!!! She’s so gorgeous” Kylie post a selfie and its “She’s seeking attention….she’s an attention whore” Like why can’t Kylie just post a selfie when she feels like it everyone else does.

Just because they are from two different backgrounds and families doesn’t make either one of them better than the other.