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Teenager: *is idealistic, caring, and invigorated by life and its meaning*

Adults: oh, just wait till life gets to you! It’ll crush all your dreams, steal all your cash and leave you sobbing in a ditch! Get real!

Another teenager: *is cynical, depressed, and cautious of the outside world*

Adults: oh no, this poor baby! What happened to take your innocence so soon? You have your whole life of wonderful experiences ahead of you! Cheer up!

I think one of the best things about this generation’s humor is just how absurdly rude it probably sounds to every older generation. Like. My parents were watching a relatively new show with me, and the humor was that sort of, ‘A character just randomly says fuck or bitch to someone and that’s the joke’

And my parents are like so offended. Like how could this rudeness be considered funny. This generation must be so mean to each other, they thought.

I mean when you think about it it’s kinda true. Our idea of a joke is just saying ‘Well fuck me right in my ass’ whenever something mildly inconvenient happens, or calling our friend a bitch for like, taking the blue bendy-straw when you really wanted the blue one.

But also in a way, it sort of really prepares us for when people are legitimately rude. Then we won’t get so angry over it, because we’ll partly see it as a joke. And I think that’s why I really love my generation’s sense of humor. It’s seemingly so disrespectful to outsiders, which is a joke in and of itself, and also helps me cope with actual jerks in the real world.

I imagine the worst year in the seven-year-time gap for the majority of the characters, other than the first, would actually be the fifth. Why? Because from the beginning of Dragon Ball through the end of the Cell arc, absolute longest we go between incidents is four years - usually something happens every two or three. And I bet that, up until that point, everyone’s half-waiting for something to happen, so they can go “Ha, it wasn’t Goku’s presence causing all this after all!” and then go about finding a way to get him back again, probably the Namekian balls. Except then the fifth year comes, and goes, and even Yamcha and Bulma, the two most long-term members of the group at this point, are looking at each other and going “It’s never been this long between incidents before.” And so the fifth year is the one where the group quietly goes “Maybe- maybe he was right after all.” And that’s the year they truly start to mourn.

Then Buu comes along two years later and ruins everything.

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So a 17 year old friend told me she had feelings for me, but I'm 20 and I don't feel comfortable with the age difference so I rejected her. I feel bad, do you think that was an okay decision to make?

yes, you definitely made the right decision. in this case, it’s way better for her to be upset because you said no than for her to be in a relationship with that kind of age gap.

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Hi! Do you know any fics based on baek's drama Scarlett heart?

Ethereality (Crossover based on Scarlet Heart and I married an Antifan)

-Admin Ellen 

Tittle: Until Kingdom Come
Summary: The Phoenix King of Joseon and the youngest Byun have been engaged for eighteen summers.
Author: beaconandeggs, tinkerklang
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Age gap, Mpreg

Admin Z: This is not like Scarlett Heart Ryeo but if you want to read some historical fic this one is really good. I just finished reading this and I think it’s really cute. 

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Do u have any tips for writing English essays?


  • i usually don’t start with the introduction / thesis statement.
    • i’ll construct my argument first, then figure out how i want to present and conclude my essay.
    • i think that writing a thesis to summarize the thoughts in your body paragraphs is a lot easier than trying to make the body paragraphs match a thesis.
    • plus, it allows you to refine, change, and expand your ideas!
  • i saw this on a post once (i forget where, sorry!) but it was something along the lines of “if you can’t imagine yourself dropping the mic after saying the last line of your conclusion, it’s not strong enough”
    • which is actually great advice!!
    • however i would advise against saying some overly grand assumption / generalization loosely based on your essay
    • ex: if your argument is that pizza is a good meal (fair point), you can’t end with “pizza has shaped generations of brilliant thinkers and without it, the world would be a darker place” (um)
  • always, always, always avoid trying to sound smart
    • i used to do this and i swear when i read my old essays my eyes want to roll out of my head (wow sorry that was super graphic)
    • don’t throw in fancy vocab if there’s a simpler, clearer way to write it
    • split up sentences, sometimes commas just aren’t necessary, it just makes the sentence drag on, the main point is lost, how tragic
    • be concise whenever possible. simplify. simplify. then simplify again.
    • try to write your essay so that someone who has no understanding of the topic can read it and understand your points
  • do a write-through where you don’t go back and edit stuff. just write.
    • i think a lot of people try to edit their drafts while they write, which is fine if you’re in a rush and won’t be able to proofread/revise later
    • but in general i would start with a session where you just write down all of your thoughts and arguments
    • don’t try to organize them, don’t edit, just get those ideas written
    • after you finish writing, edit it and set it aside. read it again after a day or two and you’ll probably see lots of things you want to change!
  • also, this leads to the next point: write early
    • leave time for big writing assignments!!!!
    • (and practice what u preach, hannah *squints at looming due dates*)
    • this will give you a lot more time to refine your ideas
    • i read a book yesterday that basically gave a three day schedule (doesn’t have to be consecutive days) for essay-writing: one day for writing a solid outline, one day for actually writing, one day for revising
    • even if it doesn’t take you three days, know yourself. know how much time it should take you to write an essay you’re happy with, and plan accordingly.
  • for thesis statements, one of my english teachers says that you should always ask “so what?”
    • if you can’t explain why your essay is important/interesting and worth reading through your thesis statement, your thesis or essay needs to be improved
    • “x book talks about gender inequality, which is an important subject in this day and age” – so what? how does it talk about gender inequality? why is it important? ask yourself questions about your essay as if you are a critic reading it for the first time
    • you could improve the previous thesis by adding details “x book discusses gender inequality, in particular the significant wage gaps in y industry, through its use of z writing strategy" or something
    • now we know what type of gender inequality, we know how it’s explored in the book - it’s a much stronger thesis!
  • peer editing is great!!
    • i cannot recommend peer-reviewing essays enough. it can be so so helpful to hear feedback from another person!
    • plus, if you edit someone else’s papers, you can learn from them by adopting skills/tactics that you enjoy in their writing
    • everyone benefits. yay!

that’s all i can think of off the top of my head. i hope some of those were helpful to you! if you still want more tips, you can check out my english tag or my essay tag for lots of awesome posts :) have a fantastic day!

Was rewatching the Namek Saga recently and there was a moment of realisation that hit me like a bolt of lightning - a possible serious reason why Jeice was chosen to be second in command after all. When Burter and Jeice accidentally end up hitting each other during their fight with Goku, they get angry with each other.
However, notice how quickly Jeice diffuses it - how HE’S the one to raise his hand (not Burter, who people tend to make the more rational one) and how he sees the situation as a possible manipulation on Goku’s part (I don’t think it is because I don’t think that thought crossed his mind). But this shows a possibility to me.
It’s possible that Jeice was put in that position because of how well he keeps the peace, how he can make everyone calm down in seconds and how perceptive he might be when it comes to the group dynamic and how outsiders could threaten it. I don’t think he’s leader material, like I said before, nor do I think he’s aware of how effective he is.
But it makes him more of an interesting character than ever - and puts a new light on him as a person.
Dammit, Jeice, you keep getting more interesting.


And another quick update on the seasoned fields. Since I don’t have anything to show from my game, let’s stick with that.

I improved the textures of the fields by using the repeat ‘function’ of the UV map. Now there’s greater detail without increasing the actual texture image.

Secondly, I created a new piece that will be useful when you want to rotate the next field pieces. Normally you would have to move the rotated field into the one behind to fill the gap - but then you would have z-fighting issues. The new piece is there to close the gap without moving the rotated field. With that you can also create more ‘dynamic’ fields you can see on the very first picture. Basically it’s a very thin pizza piece with a fruit texture.