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I’m Back!

I’m back from tour!!! It was incredible but I’ll probably talk about it more in depth soon in a video or again here.

I wanted to talk about the next couple weeks though because it’s gonna get messy. I’m back for now but I leave again in like 2 days to go on the Ready Player 3 tour and that means that the schedule is gonna suffer as a result. I prepped 2 a day for when I went on my own tour but this next run of shows is much longer so I’m going to need to change some stuff to make it happen.

For now it’s looking like I’m gonna record as much as I can right now, put those out as 1 a day videos and wherever the break happens I’ll just take a full gap until I’m capable of returning.

This obviously isn’t something that I want to do. I would love to be able to keep the schedule going because I’m incredibly proud of it, no gaps in 5 years at all. It’s physically impossible to do so however and I need to be able to make the shows really good instead of burning myself out completely, blowing my voice out and then making crappy performances, no one wins in that scenario.

I also think for my own mental health I need to take a break and just not think about it. I’ve stressed out way more times than I let on because of videos and scheduling conflicts, it takes its toll. So I think it’s necessary to distance myself from things every once in a while. It’s also healthy for you guys and the general audience too to get a break from me now and then and put things into perspective a bit.I bombard you with content constantly so it’ll be nice to have a bit of respite and also for the entitled people to realise that I won’t always be there every single time.

I need to take some time off now and then to really focus and do bigger and better things that will pay off in the long run. I’m really happy that most of you understand and have been as loving and caring judging by all the messages I get about it so thank you, sincerely :)

you know the greatest thing about harry potter is that everyone’s harry potter book collection has a story you know like for example the first one i ever bought was the deathly hallows because i was twelve years old and had forgotten to bring a book on our flight to india and was stuck in the london airport with like a four hour layover with nothing to do because my phone was a crappy slide-y one that was only good for texting and calling and i wasn’t about to use international texting so i bought it in one of those airport gift shops and so my copy of the deathly hallows says petrol instead of gas and has the cool british cover, and then i got the order of the phoenix next because it was my absolute favorite one in the series and so i bought it at this used book store except it was like a relatively new copy but it was hard cover because that’s how Extra™ i was so now i just randomly have one giant ass book in my harry potter collection because it’s like 500 pages AND the only one i own that’s hardcover and then i bought the half blood prince next because i figured i needed to fill in the gap between owning 5 and owning 7 but when i bought it the cheapest version was this big ass large font version so my copy of the half blood prince has font so large i swear it’s at least three times longer than the book is actually supposed to be, and then i got 1-4 used at a garage sale when my aunt in new hampshire’s neighborhood was having a neighborhood wide one and she was walking around it and she called me, in texas, at like 8pm and was like “hey you don’t own books 1-4 yet right????” and so she mailed them over to me and they were already slightly dog eared with worn spines and there’s a coffee stain made by some random new hampshirean on the bottom of the chamber of secrets but like……. they’re so special to me i wouldn’t give them up for the world anyway tag this with your hp book stories

no i won’t keep my distance 
cos i’m closer than ever before
and i won’t show resistance
i could be everything you want and more

happy birthday @sinfulmarinette​ ~ this is some gabrinette from her beauty and the beast au. i had a lot of fun with this and i hope you like it fdshfdshfjsdhfj //buries self in the earth 8D//

Please be respectful of those who cannot deal with seeing this ship by tagging with #GABRINETTE and #AGE GAP CW! Also, if you are considering getting in an age gap relationship, please be cautious of the unique complications that come with such a relationship and DO NOT, AT ALL, attempt one if you are a minor! Thank you!

anonymous asked:

hi! uh so I kind of want to read some historical romances but I have NO idea where to start, so could you recommend me some of your favorites?

Well hello friend you made my day with this, 

and you also made my romance co-blogger bestie @cammiemorgan​ happy with this because to say that Eri and I love historical romance would be an understatement but 

ANYWAY, here’s a list (in no particular order because I don’t rate my faves it’s too hard) (links in bold):

1. Sarah MacLean

  • Nine Rules to Break While Romancing a Rake (Love by Numbers #1) - this is my first MacLean book and I love it so much because Callie is so relatable I love her. also, the whole story is so much fun because Callie’s like fuck the society and starts masquerading as a man and do fun stuff like going to gentlemen’s clubs and fencing

2. Tessa Dare

  • Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove #4) - hero duke with a meddling mother who’d love nothing but to see him settled down, issues a challenge: if ma manages to turn heroine barmaid into proper duchess material, he’d marry. MY FAVE. actually the whole series is one of my faves but THIS BOOK. MY BABY PAULINE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD, TOO PURE. ONLY WANTS TO OPEN A LIBRARY. also kinky sex. I just have to put it in there.

3. Julia Quinn

  • Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys #1) - prequel to the Bridgerton series. longtime childhood friends/nemeses/neighbours suddenly having not-so-nemeses-y feelings for each other. much fun. also the second book is coming out soon so GET ON THIS ONE

4. Lisa Kleypas

  • Devil in Winter (Wallflowers #3) - The Wallflowers series is my first LK and I love them so much I’d still rec the whole series but THIS ONE IS MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE (it needs all caps I’m not sorry). READ IT FOR SEBASTIAN ST VINCENT THE NOTORIOUS RAKE AND EVIE JENNER THE SHY WALLFLOWER WHO BROUGHT HIM TO HIS KNEES (in both ways)
  • Devil in Spring (The Ravenels #3) - newly released. it’s about Sebastian and Evie’s son Gabriel, the new Lord St Vincent who’s got the best of both worlds: his father’s looks and his mother’s temperament, and basically just wonderful. and Pandora Ravenel is not your typical hist-rom heroine. 

4. Courtney Milan


but if you want some place to start then Unraveled (Turner #3) is my ultimate favourite, I say this very calmly. and I can’t pick my fav among the Brothers Sinister series because they’re all my children I love them equally-

Eri also would like to mention Bitter Spirits by Jen Bennett which is set in the 20s San Francisco, and Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt for the dirty smut lmao

we didn’t go overboard at all with this, did we, Eri

here, have an endgame wank

Alright, for starters this blog is not really run by me (Lizzie/ @theonbaejoys) so much anymore. I think there’s 5 mods and I’ve taken a step back from reading any meta the past month or so. I’ve become more interested in other ships and have been writing fanfic for them, which if you follow me you will have noticed! (And potentially unfollowed me for haha). But though I have been tagging my Jon posts as #fuckboy in the north, Jon has always been my favourite ASOIAF character and probably always will be. And though I am not as interested in jonsa as I once was, I still believe it’s happening. 

I have a lot of faith that Jon and Sansa are ~*~endgame~*~. But I don’t need any undercover lover theories, and neither do you. In fact, ultimately I think they’re a waste of time that have just lead to more and more drama, within and outside the jonxsansa fandom. I don’t have a problem with people theorizing about ~*~undercover Jon~*~*~ and I do not think it’s rape by deception ( goodqueenalys did a better job summing that up than I ever will, I also would never try). Honestly, there’s no way to predict the show because GoT is no longer logical and gaping plot holes exist in every single plot.

In my opinion, Jon and Sansa ending up together and ruling the north and rebuilding Winterfell – whether for love or for politics, or potentially both – is simply the most logical narrative choice for Jon and Sansa’s character arcs. If you believe the Iron Throne will be melted down and the North will become independent, as I do, then someone must rule the North. If you believe the Starks endure (they always do!), then somebody must have Stark babies. 

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ghoulatte  asked:

do you know some mangas with amazing art and hot male characters (>~<) such as tsubaki-chou lonely planet, aoharaido, heroine shikkaku, haru matsu bokura, suki ni naranai yo senpai or mikami-sensei no aishikata?

Erm, I’m guessing you like more of the recent manga art styles… xD Like I consider Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 to have good art, but I’m not sure if it suits your tastes so I’ll recommend more recent series (from those released in 2012 to now, since a 5 year gap seems pretty recent);;

ldyglfr62  asked:

My birthday is May 16. I would love a fic that features Age!Gap Everlark with Katniss 5 - 10 years older than Peeta. M or E rating. Thanks for running this fabulous web site.

Originally posted by mister-pulido

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, @ldyglfr62! Your gift - the penultimate offering from everlarkbirthdaydrabbles, was written just for you by @xerxia31. We hope you enjoy!

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

rated M, for language and adult situations.

It’s not completely unexpected, but it’s still a shock to see it. Thick, expensive card stock, pale pink with roses and their names embossed in gold.

Madge Undersee and Gale Hawthorne, along with their families, request the honour of your presence at their wedding…

I’m happy for them, I truly am. I’m just still kind of shocked that after nine years together, it took Gale less than three months to marry my replacement.

It’s not like I thought Gale and I would ever marry each other, even if our friends all expected it. And our breakup was completely mutual. But that he moved on so fast is kind of a slap.

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anonymous asked:

I was reading what you think but i don't think pilance is even an option for shipping. Pidge looks at all the guys as older brothers and their too old for her and Lauren is probably going to go with LGBT with lance and Keith. There's only big brother lil sister vibes off of them remember lance has sisters that's what he sees pidge. Lance and Keith are the reigning ship he keeps Keith stable

 Usually I don’t reply to these asks but this time I want to.

1- Lance has two siblings and they’re older than him. It was confirmed that Lance is the younger sibling in his family and is a spoiled kid (He is an uncle tho)

2- The lil sister and older brother vibe is only your opinion, I don’t see it that way at all and we don’t have any proof that Pidge sees them all as brothers.

3- The age is also your opinion. Pidge is 15, she’s not a child or an infant, she’s a teenager just like Hunk and Lance and, sometimes, she’s even more mature than they are. My parents started dating when my dad was 15 and my mom 17 and they have one of the most wonderful relationships I’ve ever seen in my life. Relationships with age gap are not rare 

4- These guys have worked on series that contain relationships with this kind of age gap (like Avatar).

5- Lauren and Joaquim already said they won’t make kl@nce canon: to quote Lauren “Even if people want to ship Keith and Lance we couldn’t go back and change the story and to be like “and now they’re in love” Joaquim: “We couldn’t. There’s just no way. We’re years past the storyline” 

And I won’t answer any ask of this kind ever again. 

4nti-Pharmercy arguments that make people look stupid:

Age-gap argument: They’re only 5 years apart

doctor-patient argument: Fareeha is an Helix Security employee.

Angela babysat Fareeha: Angela was busy trying to become a doctor, she was visiting the OW facilities at 17.

There isn’t any solo Pharah fanart because Pharmercy: Blizzard has only released a comic and in-game content for Pharah, so there’s no much. Also, when Bedouin skin was released, I saw people making good Pharah art. Pharmercy is the most popular wlw overwatch ship. So there’s tons of it, some bad, some good. If you want content, make it yourself that’s how Tumblr works people’s creations feed this site.

Pharah has the same build as Mercy out of the Raptora suit, look at in game models. : NO, they’re fucking deformed and it is a bad practice, use photo references of real people & your imagination to draw instead, that’s what most artists do. 

Most “anti” arguments that have a point are really about some fanart and some people behavior within said fandom & portrayals of the characters, they’re not about the ship per se. If you don’t like the ship because you prefer other ship instead, just admit it to yourself, stay on your lane, keep your salt in your blog and stop hating on others’ work for stupid reasons. Shipping is supposed to be fun.

Layton Fandom Appreciation

I know I shouldn’t respond to this kind of stuff, but by jove, we’re gonna have some Professor Layton Fandom Appreciation. Because, for all of its faults, I love the PL fandom.

1. Amazing Fanart.

We have just the right amount of fanart in the PL tag. Enough so that we get new art everyday, but not enough to completely flood the tag and overlook any artist. There’s art of fandom favourites and occasionally art of the lesser appreciated characters. Characters who Level 5 barely even gave a second glance. There are artists who can imitate the PL style fantastically, and others who bring their own interpretations to the series. All styles are valid and these artists will spend god-knows how many hours perfecting their drawings for our enjoyment. 

2. Incredible Fanfiction.

I don’t see PL fanfiction posted as often, because let’s face it, it’s easier to look at a picture than it is to read through a block of text. If you see a fic posted, please consider reblogging it like you would a piece of art, because writing is an art as well. Even if you don’t comment or read they story, the writer would appreciate a reblog. We have so many great writers in this fandom. Writers who will type until their fingers bleed to produce that 40 chapter PL adventure fic. They’ll present character development, scenarios and pairings that the games only touch upon. Flora gets more development in the average oneshot that she does in three games.

3. In-depth Analysis. 

There are those who don’t draw or write stories, but they still love this series and want to share their thoughts. So, we get in-depth reasoning that was lacking in the games. Where was it even hinted about Emmy’s ties to Bronev in the earlier games? Don’t worry - here’s a 1000 word essay one fan typed up because they love Emmy so much. Character headcanons. Family headcanons. Relationship headcanons. Fans will fill in the gaps that Level 5 left. 

4. Hilarious memes.

Snails. Bill Hawks vs. Clive posts. Cinnamons rolls. Trash characters. A Layton musical… That’s barely scratching the surface. These memes have brought both so much absurdity and so much joy. 

5. Friends.

I know the Layton fandom has problems, especially considering its small size, but I’ll take it over the Steven Universe, Voltron or Sherlock fandoms, where ship-wars and hostility are the norm. Sure, we argue over Flora’s age or Clive’s crimes. But have you seen the state of some of those other fandoms? Whenever there’s drama, the Layton fandom usually works through it, or quietly ignores it until the hubbub has died down. 

Thank you, Layton fandom!

What Hurricane Sandy Uncovered

It was 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast United States. New York City was fixated on a dangling crane in midtown Manhattan. Weird stories and photos circulated the internet and social media. Most notably, a picture of a shark on the flooded front lawn of a New Jersey home. One of the more disturbing picture I saw was of a casket floating down an empty street. I’ve searched high and low for a copy of that photo more to prove my story than anything.

Caskets floating away during a flood aren’t a new thing believe it or not. In New Orleans, the problem of airtight coffins popping out of the ground because of heavy rain fall became so bad most graves are now either lined with concrete or built above ground. Before Sandy, this phenomenon was unheard of in the state of Connecticut. I never saw it personally mind you. I just saw the picture I mentioned and a few stories from patrons at the bar I used to work at. Problem is, drunks aren’t exactly known for their honest story telling.

The story I’m telling you took place the day after the hurricane. The bar I work at is located on the outskirts of Waterbury, Connecticut. My boss called me and asked if I could go check out the place and make sure it hadn’t been damaged or looted. I said I would on the condition that I could drink for free when I got there. He agreed (Not much choice. He was flooded in) and I was in my truck and on the my, figuring I’d spend my afternoon relaxing at an empty bar.

There’s something creepy about a city the day after a storm. Major roadways are abandoned. Street lights are out. One major intersection I had to go through simply had a stop sign stuck in a Home Depot bucket in the middle of the road instead of it’s usual working stop lights. The power was out so most of the houses I passed were pitch black. Pure silence with the exception of my truck’s engine and the country station I was listening to. Only one word came to mind at that moment. Apocalyptic.

I pulled into the strip mall were the bar was located. I locked up and moved towards the glass front door. The neon sign outside had been broken in the storm. “McKinley’s Gin Mill” was written in hunter green gothic type on yellowing plastic. The break in the sign was in the top left corner were an Irish caricature grinned over a mug of beer. With the top left part of his head missing the single remaining eye made his smile seem more sinister than sarcastic.

I opened up and flipped the switch. The lights stayed off. Powers out signs broken, but I couldn’t see any other damage. I grabbed a green Jameson bottle along with a portable IPod player we kept under the bar and made my way into the adjourning room. The way McKinley’s was set up was as soon as you walk through the front door you’re in the bar room. The room had wood paneling, and was decorated with photos, posters and signs scattered on the walls. Across from the bar was a 5 foot gap in the wall that lead to an area with a big screen TV, pool table, juke box, and a few tables. I put the bottle on one of the tables and set up my IPod. I enjoy solitude for the most part and the idea of drinking a bottle of Irish and listening to music while improving my pool game was welcome compared to how I usually spend my nights. Noisy 20 somethings taking Instagram pictures and comparing how drunk they are. I put my “Chill Out” playlist on and set up the table.

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