“For instance Gucci Mane, with his Gucci bag and Gucci sandals, walks round believing “it should be my [his] clothing line.” Yet this same luxury designer has yet to promote or even be associated with the rapper’s craft.

We should not be throwing our ‘first of the month’ bill money down the drain for a pair of Gucci sneakers or a fresh full set of nails.”

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Creative Director: Melquan Ganzy
Videographer: LaVell
Choreographer: Melquan Ganzy
Dancers: Leah Montgomery & Deja Williams
Stylist: Melquan Ganzy 

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Holy mantra carved into boulders around the sacred lake Yilhun Lhatso in Eastern Tibet. 

The whole circumference of the lake is covered in these carved boulders, some large and some small, some half underwater. There must be thousands of them altogether! 

Empiricist (Investigator Archetype)

It’s no secret that investigators as a whole are masters of using observation, knowledge, and intelligence to achieve their ends.

Some, however, take this to the extreme, noticing and memorizing small clues and details that others would miss or ignore, yet they prove capable of sorting out and finding the relevance in details both large and small.

These empiricists rely upon logical analysis to process all of the clues they find, trusting the process to create theories to suit the facts, rather than twisting facts to suit predetermined theories.

One important thing to note is that there is an ongoing stereotype that many obsessive detectives such as these are neurodivergent in some way, and indeed that might be the case in some instances, but it is important to remember to educate ourselves about neurodivergency, and remember that being any part of such spectrums does not turn a person into a super-detective, nor does being a genius investigator warrant treating them like an invalid. People are people, no matter what they’re good at. Show respect in your behavior towards people and when creating and portraying characters.

Back on subject, the empiricist trusts nothing but what is observably true, and believes that by piercing all lies to find the facts, they can solve any mystery or problem in their lives, the least of which include actual criminal investigations.

Cunning always serves these investigators over empathy or charm, and by constantly analyzing and processing the details of a situation, they can apply their vast knowledge and deductive skills to many tasks normally suited for other aspects of one’s being.

With their focus on details and truth, it’s no wonder that they are particularly resistant to illusions, instinctively rejecting them until they become powerful enough that they become effectively immune. Furthermore, with a bit of inspiration, they can use their vast knowledge to react quickly to hazards, quickly negating bodily effects, seeing concusive blasts coming, and overpowering mental insinuation through sheer brainpower.

Eventually, their dilettante knowledge and observation allows them to do nearly anything with a touch of inspiration, without any drain on their mental reserves.

Looking for an investigator that almost exclusively uses their intelligence stat? This may be the archetype for you. This archetype doesn’t really do much different, but being able to do a lot with one stat certainly helps, and they gain a lot of resistance to the number one bane of supernatural investigators: Illusions.

If Sherlock Holmes has taught us anything, it’s that obsession often leads to eccentricity. As such, while perhaps quite adept at navigating society thanks to their observation of it, many empiricists may be hard to deal with on a regular basis, being eloquent oddballs with no concern for social graces, only in finding the truth.


With her obsessive focus on details and the like, Lady Elderhelm is the foremost authority on ancient syrinx culture, so it’s no exaggeration to say her career rides on each discovery. When a party of upstart young adventurers sits poised to make the next great discovery before the elderly gnome, the only logical recourse, in her mind, is to slay them before they can do so.

Weeks after the party has taken down a cult of chaos and moved on, a local investigator has discovered an inconsistency that he believes will lead to new revelations in the case. However, he needs to speak to the party again, believing their departure to be highly suspicious.

Living on the outskirts of town, Reginald Eirshard is reviled not only as an outsider but as an unnatural being. The ganzi’s observations about recent crimes being mistaken for confessions of involvement, he now languishes in a prison cell, awaiting a trial more resembling a lynching than any fair process of the law.

He’s really aggressive so just put him in a box. Buuutt not as agressive as BrassBerry. He also has claws for defense. Think i’m gonna nickname him….Whine Bottle! That’s what Ganzy keeps calling him when he whine alot.

Sans by Toby Fox

BittyBone AU, Edgy by @fucken-crybaby

Brass Berry by @ammazolie

US! Sans by @popcornpr1nce

Here Golzy, have Ganz :3

I know I’m not that good at drawing, but I wanted to draw at least something, ‘cause you are one of my favorite artists and Ganz is my fav character from you :3

Happy Birthday for Ganzie! :D

I’m bad at this tibia honest


Beautiful Garze Monastery, in Garze town, Kham (eastern Tibet, modern day Sichuan province). 

Positioned well on a hill overlooking the old town (with parts of the new city hidden behind another hill), the Garze monastery has one of the best views in the area if you can make it up the steep steps at this altitude! 

Home to several hundred charming monks ranging in age from under-ten’s to elderly teachers in their sixties, visitors are invited to wander the large grounds, explore the huge kora around the outside, and have tea with the monks outside some of the chapels. 

It’s definitely the warmest welcome I’ve received at a monastery in a long time, and I returned several times during my weeklong stay in Ganzi. 

Mi fanno troppo ridere le persone che correggono gli altri e poi sbagliano pure. Ed io mi limito a dire « sì, c'hai proprio ragione». E un po’ me la godo perché oh, io so di non sapere, ma voi che fate finta di saper tutto e poi sparate le peggio cazzatelle siete troppo ganzi e mi fate davvero sorridere.

Oh, di ‘sti tempi poi, na risata ci vuole. Grazieee.

anonymous asked:

*screams*u actually drew ganzy and error thank you so much!!!you notice me senpai*dies*

Oh nonononono don’t die yet!!! You’re one of the many anons who are really nice, so please don’t go qvq

And of course, if the request isn’t about anything I don’t know or not comfortable with, I’ll certainly draw it!! :)

Oh, Tumblr è veramente un disagio da quando hanno messo la possibilità di chattare.
E quindi i miei ringraziamenti vanno a questo splendido social che lentamente si sta scemando e a questo simpaticone che si crede tutto cazzo… Come se nella vita ci fosse bisogno di scopare a destra e a manca proprio con lui. Ah beh, poi ovviamente, ci tengo a precisare che c'è poco da fare i ganzi se scopate solo tramite dei messaggi. Non siete fighi, non siete “cazzoni”, ma solo degli sfigati.