What’s Up for April 2017

Jupiter, the king of the planets, is visible all night long, and the Lyrids meteor shower peaks on April 22.

On April 7, Jupiter–the king of planets–reaches opposition, when it shines brightest and appears largest. 

Jupiter will be almost directly overhead at midnight.

This is also a great time to observe the planet’s Galilean moons–Io, Ganymeade, Europa and Callisto. They can be easily seen through binoculars.

With binoculars, you can even see the Great Red Spot as the storm transits the planet every ten hours.

Looking east on April 22, look to the skies for the Summer Triangle, consisting of Deneb, in Cygnus, the Swan; Altair in Aquila, the Eagle; and Vega, in Lyre(the Harp).

Get ready for the Lyrids, the year’s second major meteor shower, as it pierces the Summer Triangle in the early morning hours of April 22. Since the shower begins close to the new moon, expect excellent almost moonless viewing conditions.  

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Opportunities: "Now, if ye dun'nae mind me askin' lad, what ken ye tell me aboot claim rights in Equestria. Specifically those involvin' long abandoned structures and any treasures they may hold."

Abandonment can be a tricky thing, even though on paper it looks fairly simple. Technically, as long as ya know for a fact that a property - be it a buildin’ or the things in the buildin’ - has been intentionally ‘n permanently given up, it’s free game. However, say ya go through an abandoned house that a pony died in but nopony’s come to claim the house. If ya take somethin’ out of it, their family could try ‘n take it back from ya if the property was left to 'em, even though they never did anythin’ with it. The burden of proof of abandonment would fall to ya, 'n it’s not an easy thing to prove. Nopony comes in 'n signs paperwork sayin’ “I’m leavin’ this place 'n never returning.” So, I’d say just do your research 'n ya oughta be fine. If things get sticky, it’s better to just cut your losses ‘n move on.