WANNAONE knowing you're pregnant -- AFTER MARRIED(LATER tho)

Yoon Jisung
● First, he will sooo hyped up
● Directly hugging you
● Kiss your tummy like 24/7
● Buying aloooootttt babys stuffs
● Already choosing the name for the baby
● Even already set the room’s color
● ALL Pink for girl and all blue for man

Hwang Minhyun
● Will firstly look deep into your eyes like he doesnt believe what you said
● But once he sure he treats you like a princess
● Making sure you eat healty and drink your pregnancy milk
● Even hes away for work, he still called you and asking you what are you doing
● Will treat your lil baby like the most precious thing in his world

Ong Seungwoo
● Smile so wide when he hear it
● Act very careful with everything he does for you
● Like giving you an extra hand when taking the stairs or help holding your handbag
● Does everything for you
● Hold your hand when youre giving birth
● The first time he sees the baby, he will smile so bright and hand the baby together with you

Kang Daniel
● Giving you a very warm-proud-happy hug first
● Also will be very careful towards you, even sometimes he got confused about what to do
● Always ready to give you extra help whenever you need him
● After the baby arrives, he will always taking care of it
/cant you see the image of daniel smiling with his bunny teeth towards the baby in his arms??

Park Woojin
● First, gasp
● But then try to act mature
● Mostly asking his mom because he dont know much about baby sitting
● Asking you if you want to get yoga for pregnancy
● More likely will amazed when he sees the baby for the first time, like every part of the baby is really really cute for him
● And he will play with it much
● touch its little cheeks much, or kiss the babys forehead many times

Ha Sungwoon
● Wouldnt believe it
● So you have to show him the test pack
● Casually taking you to eat whataver you want
● Fulfilling any wishes you made
● After the babys born, he take care of it a lot
● Like you really can trus Sungwoon for that
● Already knows a lot about baby sitting

Bae Jinyoung
● shock but so happy
● always try to beside you 24/7
● gentle and always caring
● when the babys born, he will love the baby so much
● try his best to taking care of it
● very patient
● is a good and loving dad

Kim Jaehwan
● suprised first, then superrrrr happy
● will definitely singing for the babys inside your tummy
● asking you a lot
● like “honey are you okay with this food?” or “honey is this gonna harmful for you and our babys?”
● when the baby is born, he holds it first time super carefully like its the most fragile thing in this world
● act like a father
● cos he realized he’s really a father now

Lai Guanlin
● shock
● still shock
● then act like a gantleman
● provide you healthy meal
● also taking you out twice a week to breath you fresh and healthy air
● when the babys born he will stiff at first, but when he get used of it, he will see the baby with a sparkle sparkle eyes
● and with excitement too

Lee Daehwi
● when he knows first, he will hug you so tight. No words can describe how happy he is
● really.really.really taking care of you
● cook the meal for you
● even done the housework too
● gonna cry when he sees the baby for first time
● handle the baby well

Park jihoon
● when he knows, he will kiss your forehead to show his gratitude
● dont want you to get too tired of doing things coz he will do it instead
● thinks the baby is very cute
● play with the baby well

B.A.P Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“I’ll help you”
*But when you’re at the shop he stands behind looking at movies or books. He does however help you bring everything back home like a gantleman would*


“You know, my grandpa once told me humans can survive on eggs only”
Y/N: “We still need to buy those”
“Oh come on, we have, like, four in the fridge!”


“Ok, let’s go”
*But you knew there was more to this than meets the eye. Much more…*
“Since we’re here, how about we go get some Starbucks? I need to go to that shop to find a belt so I stop fixing my pants all the time, also I think I need some more underwear, don’t ask why, it’s a long story–”


“No, no, no, I don’t want to leave”
Y/N: “You gotta help me out”
“Last time you got me to shop with you it took three hours. I can even cook something, but don’t make me go”
Y/N: “It took an hour and if I remember well you bought yourself at least four new video games… Get dressed”


*Obediently goes with you*
Y/N: “Aw, you’re quite nice to me today!”

: “You broke something at home, didn’t you?”


“I will go with you, but firstly, I will call my price. If you promise it won’t take long and I can get cherry tomatoes I’m yours for the day”
>Still not over those tomatoes<


Hal-Hal yang Tidak Wanita Sukai dari Seorang Pria

Selamat malam. Postingan ini sedikit ga jelas, tapi ya… For your information aja deh ya terutama buat para pria.
Ada beberapa hal yang tidak wanita sukai dari seorang pria. Mau tau? Lanjut baca. Ga mau tau, stop sampai sini aja plis, kita sudah tidak ada kecocokan! *salah fokus*
Oke lanjut serius!
Di bawah ini beberapa hal yang tidak wanita sukai dari seorang pria:
1. Tidak mau mengalah. Ngotot sendiri, keras kepala. Sifat ini adalah salah satu faktor “ilfeel"nya seorang wanita. Percayalah. Sesekali mengalahlah, mengaku salahlah.
2. Sok dan terlalu membanggakan diri sendiri. Banyak bicara membanggakan diri sendiri, apalagi melebih-lebihkan kepunyaan memang tidak pernah baik, bukan?
3. Lebih banyak berbicara daripada mendengar. Ini faktor ilfeel terbanyak yang penulis rasakan setiap berdekatan dengan pria. Pria seperti ini biasanya banyak menceritakan tentang dirinya sendiri, terlebih menyebalkan bila yang dibicarakan hal yang sama terus menerus. Ini sangat membosankan. Wanita diciptakan bukan hanya jadi pendengar. Ucapan mereka perlu didengar, kami pun ingin bercerita bukan hanya anda. Trims. *Maaf, penulis kebawa suasana sehingga emosi muncul.*
4. Tidak berjiwa gantleman. Ini salah satu bahan pertimbangan hubungan serius bagi seorang wanita. Tidaklah munafik, wanita ingin pria yang gantleman. Ingin pria yang memiliki jiwa memimpin dan melindungi. Bila tidak ada jiwa ini ah sudahlah, PDKT kita cukup sampai di sini.
5. Tidak peka dan perhatian. Wanita mana yang tidak menginginkan perhatian dan pengertian di dunia ini? Maka bagi pria yang tidak peka, pekalah mulai saat ini sebelum usaha PDKT kalian kandas!

Mungkin hanya sekian. Hal-hal lain menyusul bila terpikirkan. Salam manis dari penulis. Trims.

WANNA ONE Kind of Lover

● Lai Guanlin
This boy hmm… whenever I see him, he is like half quite half super active? As if 2 very different sides in a coin.
One thing I noticed is that he is super active only when it comes to something he likes. If he finds it funny or he just sorta likes it, he will respond to it enthusiastically.
I guess thats pretty relatable when it comes to him find a lover.
※ Point 1 : he need to liking you first. Since theres no guarantee what side he will show you. This kind of boy, doesnt usually open his heart easily even if girls make such moves.
*I heard his katalk profilepic is wooseok. And you can also see his shiny eyes when he’s together with jihoon—-its obvious hes excited.
See theres really a shortcut to get guanlin’s heart.
※ Point 2 : At some point, Guanlin acts like a gantleman despite hes 17. I dont know where it is come from, his family or just his environment. What i want to say here is I think, that will make Guanlin cast a girl with such high-standard. Someone who can make him amazed and fascinated.
Lets just say someone with nice humor (like Ong) , or someone with perfectness = good looking, good heart, good behaviour (like Jihoon).

● Park Woojin
Truthfully speaking, Woojin is my bias. But like what I said, I still cant figure out what kind of person Woojin actually is.
Sometimes when I see him, I get fascinated with his mature personality. Other times, I see him just like any other teenage boy.
※ Point 1 = I think Woojin will goes for action rather than words. He is living a real boyish image. When he finds a girl with beauty he cant help but stare. Rather than directly asking her out, Woojin is more likely approach him in a friendly way first. Throwing jokes here and there. I am myself, believing in Woojin’s natural instinct as a man.
He will know what to do. When to finally asking her out, or when to show the girl he is jealous, even when to confess his feelings.
It will take times. But for Woojin, this boy needs no rush.
※ Point 2 = I think he is okay with girl approach him first?? He is someone with relaxed mindset tho. In the end, it ended up with him doing what his instinct tell him to.
※ Point 3 = like I said he is someone with relaxed mindset. The girl being clingy into him 24/7? He is okay. The girl is prankster? He is okay. Physical fight jokes? He will love it. The girl full of jealousy?
As long as all of them still in the line, he’s relaxed tho.
Once Woojin’s decided to settle down with you, thats mean he knows what he’s doin.

● Ong Seongwoo
You know one time, my friend and I was talking bout Ong. He said to me, someone like Ong probably funny and laugh a lot but no one knows whats actually behind that laughter and thats kinda make me sad :“”
※ Point 1 = as a lover, he is naturally entertaining in everything. Your relationship is gonna be bright and meeting him in person definitely your favorite thing. Like he will always throw jokes and you gonna laugh a lot. Other than that, he is full of responsibility, he is a man, someone you can lean on.
※ Point 2 = Theres only 2 kind of funny person I know. Someones bright and overt to others. Or someones bright but closed about his problem and keep it all inside.
I don’t know which one is Ong.
But if hes really the closed one, then you girl, you better quick to find whats wrong with him by his smallest different gesture. He needs it. You are his home, and you are responsible for it.

● Bae Jinyoung
This boy…. just naturally quite and shy.
※ Point 1 = girl, you cant break his wall easily.
He is too closed and his wall probably higher than you think when it comes to relationship.
Dont get it wrong. He is actually nice and friendly. But you just really can’t slam the door open and asking him out for further.
Be friends with him first.
※ Point 2 = comfort is number 1. No need to ask more. Thats why you gotta be friends first. If he comfortable with you and you comfortable with him, this shy and quite boy likely sticking so loyal to you bcoz you are already someone he knows. Like, really really loyal. If youre patience enough to get close to him, youre gonna be there.
※ Point 3 = if you both already comfortable with others, then I guess no words needed. It just about time that flow everything. Even there is no words, no official relationship statement, you know his heart is already yours, and Baejin knows youre heart is already his too. And thats enough for him.