B.A.P Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“I’ll help you”
*But when you’re at the shop he stands behind looking at movies or books. He does however help you bring everything back home like a gantleman would*


“You know, my grandpa once told me humans can survive on eggs only”
Y/N: “We still need to buy those”
“Oh come on, we have, like, four in the fridge!”


“Ok, let’s go”
*But you knew there was more to this than meets the eye. Much more…*
“Since we’re here, how about we go get some Starbucks? I need to go to that shop to find a belt so I stop fixing my pants all the time, also I think I need some more underwear, don’t ask why, it’s a long story–”


“No, no, no, I don’t want to leave”
Y/N: “You gotta help me out”
“Last time you got me to shop with you it took three hours. I can even cook something, but don’t make me go”
Y/N: “It took an hour and if I remember well you bought yourself at least four new video games… Get dressed”


*Obediently goes with you*
Y/N: “Aw, you’re quite nice to me today!”

: “You broke something at home, didn’t you?”


“I will go with you, but firstly, I will call my price. If you promise it won’t take long and I can get cherry tomatoes I’m yours for the day”
>Still not over those tomatoes<