OK so this will be my last spring/summer post, because fall is literally creeping up! So I thought I’d go out with a bang. So we have Gant by Michael Bastian, one of the most influential designers/brands around. This collection has a west coast vibe for sure; it has an edgy beach bum look to it, but beach bum with an east coast trust fund (the fact that Cory Bond is in the look book is kinda bad ass, he’s actually the person that comes to mind when I think of the Gant guy). I like the pops of color, the jackets, the use of layers. I’m digging that pop over hoodie (even though it’s a spring/summer collection) it still has that Gant esthetic which is All- American with a twist (the plaid shirts are amazing, I will be owning one of each). I would literally wear that dip-dye omber blazer. And that deep teal Anorak has my name all over it. The tribal pattern cardigan is actually kind of amazing, I can manage sweating if I look good doing it. Now I don’t care so much about the cargo swim trunk-esque shorts (it’s really not my thing). But the teal shawl sweater is the shit.  This collection has me speechless; I really don’t know what say, just that my Amex will probably be carrying a balance of some sort. I mean I just cant handle, I also somewhat want most of the sunglasses in this collection. So if you live on the west coast, you must own a piece of this spring/summer collection, esp. you Malibu kids’ (this isn’t for the Newport or Laguna beach kids’).  And on that note, I’m heading out! See you guys when the mercury starts dipping into those low 70’s!