A couple of cuddlebots (Which are @makeshiftstory’s idea!), based on the Gansir and Serir races (Which are mine. \o/)

Both of these cuddlebots are part of a series of Standard cuddlebots designed to aid people with mental disabilities with various tasks, primarily communication (They will chat cheerily with the person they’re assigned to - typically referred to as “Client” or “Friend” or any preferred honorific the person defines, rather than “Patient” - to keep them from being lonely, and are also programmed to help those with depression or trauma communicate their experiences and help them to relax).

GAN/S1R (General Aid for Neurodivergents/Series 1 Retail) was the first on the market, and despite advances in technology, it is still popular enough to be distributed and maintained, usually with the latest Series 3 firmware, although it keeps its Series 1 designation. Perhaps their most popular feature is that their tail also doubles as a high-capacity USB drive, allowing them to store and play their friend’s favourite videos and music - they also come pre-stocked with a variety of calming audio and video themselves, which they can play if their friend is having a panic attack or is feeling down.

The S3R-IR (Series 3 Retail - Infra-Red) model loses the USB tail storage, instead having plenty of internal storage for such things, as well as being able to wirelessly download and/or stream per their friend’s request. The S3R-IR’s most commonly touted new feature is their Infra-Red imaging capability - they can actually read their friend’s body temperature and determine their mood from that (In particular this helps them detect when their friend is particularly stressed), and act appropriately.

There are other models of cuddlebot that may be covered in the future, so keep an eye out. \o/


Oh…coloring by mouse. How I don’t miss you.

Anyway…wanted to try and figure out the colors for my random, nameless Gansir character here, as well as see how well SAI and Photoshop would work on this computer.

Results are very…bleh to be honest, so I don’t know if these will stay.

Gansir belong to Chaz.

A guerilla fighter Gansir. This initially started with me just making a Gansir with a single-lens interface setup, Technically he could display two eyes on this single screen, but he’s rather fond of The Protomen so he’s decided to go for a little bit of a Sniper Joe setup with just the one eye. To complete the Sniper Joe setup he’s using a simple one-handed shotgun (A rather mangled version of the Serbu Super-Shorty, admittedly) and a police riot shield that’d “fallen off the back of an Estenir hovertruck”.


Since Chaz started work on his Gansir race, I thought I would try and work on a Gansir of my own for the fun of it.

This character doesn’t have a name yet, but I have thought of some background details on him: due to an accident (either an explosion or cave in), he was severely injured and was need of some new cybernetics. His left arm was amputated below the elbow so that has been completely replaced. His legs and feet were injured and he needed some cybernetics to give him the strength to use them without completely replacing them.

However, Gansir seem to be ‘second-class citizens’, so the fact that he needed extensive work like that, I don’t know how he was able to afford something like that. I had though of the idea that there was a 'secret benefactor’ that paid for his operation, so there is the fact that someone seems to have an interest in him, but who knows for what purpose.
As for what he does now…I’m not sure, that may depend on what new developments come for them.

Of course, this is just the initial idea, I dunno how much of this would actually stick in the world canon.

The first sketch was the initial concept that I wasn’t really happy with. The second sketch was some more concept work with the idea on notebook paper, while the last sketch is a larger version of that to get ideas and looks down.
Overall, I am happy with the look, and if I can figure out a way I would like to add some color to him, though I need to figure out colors and such.

Just had an idea about chaz-gelf‘s Serir– a bit of a headcanony thing, in regards to a thought I had about why they would keep the nose and forehead plates as they evolved into a sapient species aaa

Serir sheildlocking- considered very aggressive, unprofessional, and immature, two or more Serir in a heated argument sometimes choose to escalate the argument with a headbutt, locking their faceplates against one another, and shouting. Rarely does this go any further, but can end in fistfights if neither side backs down.

Gansir arguements… are much less pleasant.

I was just listening to some music and doodling, ended up deciding to do some spoopy things, because it’s fun. \o/

First thing I doodled was that silhouette on the right - Gansir are very good at being creepy as hell at night, if they happen to have red goggles. (The Estenn Dominion has banned red goggle filters for this reason, but it hasn’t really stopped folks from wearing ‘em.

Then I doodled a doofy “Ben Drowned” kinda face with more teeth than the Osmond family next to it, aaaand then I sorta launched into drawing stuff from Yahtzee’s Chzo Mythos, because that was one of the first games that intentionally scared the mess out of me. The welder’s mask and machete are both commonly associated with John DeFoe, the Bridgekeeper.

And then I doodled that dapper faceless fellow down there. Not Slenderman, but Cabadath, also known The Prince (or The Tall Man, later The Arrogant Man).

Man, I should play through the Chzo Mythos games again, they were fun.