ben is a sassy friend that i love torturing


bestfriend award


Doing a quick birthday shout out to one of my bestest friends on the planet. I actually fucking hate him but love him at the same time because he’s a fucking sassy boy.

ahaha so this fucker is turning 20 today and wow holy balls, he’s a sick one (literally). how the fuck does one ALWAYS get sick on their birthday. its fucking unbelievable.

ANyways, this kid is like one of my favourite people to be with. and provides me with endless amounts of insults and fun. I love the way he disapproves of eerything i do and i wouldn’t have this relationship changed in any way.

Benny boy, you are the dirt to my shoe and i love you. you are pretty great, with awesome drawing skills (WHICH YOU STUPIDLY DON"T THINK SO) but i find you a great caring friend, even if you are an asshole (like all the time) but i wouldn’t have you any other way.

we should actually get a picture of us strangling each other, because that’s basically how our relationship is haha. you are great. and i wish i could make this birthday alot more special. maybe i should take you out sometime. i don’t know for a dinner or some fucking shit. all the fucking cute shit. like i don’t know go to the movies and get mistaken as a couple again (so we get the fucking couple seats again)


p.s you’re a dick :)


i like to torture my friends