Toon Ganondorf (by Vestergaard)

The Legend of Link

The story of a lonely orphaned boy from the desert who one day sees an extravagant royal caravan passing through his village, and by chance meets and becomes the best of friends with the prince of Hyrule, Link. The prince is deeply troubled by the recent death of his father the king, for he is forced to soon take up the throne and rule over a whole nation. The desert boy’s high spirits and rambunctious personality rub off on Link and teach him a bit of self confidence and the courage he needs to lead the kingdom.

But their time together is cut short by the prince being captured by the witch Zelda, who means to usurp the thrown and use her deep wisdom of magics to rule Hyrule with evil.

The young Ganondorf must discover a vast power within him to defeat the wicked witch and rescue his friend.

The point of the story is The Triforce of Power, Courage, and Wisdom are not exclusive to good or evil. And that the Zelda series getting mixed up drastically couldn’t hurt.