ganondorf model's

So today I had to watch my 4 year old cousin for a bit. The kid is a ball of energy and I didn’t feel like running around so I sat down with him with the laptop and started googling random cartoon characters. We go through all the characters he knows, and then I start showing him Nintendo ones. Naturally, I show him Ganondorf, the Hyrule Warriors model where he’s swinging his two swords.

Me: “Do you know who this is?”

Kid: “Nooooooo.”

Me: “This is Ganondorf.”

Kid: “Ganondorf!”

Me: “He’s a bad guy.”

Kid: -Looks at me, scrutinizes the picture- “He isn’t a bad guy!”

Me: “Really? What is he?”

Kid: “He’s  a knight!”

Me: “How is he a knight?”

Kid: “He has armor and a sword to go kill the dragon!”

Ok kid, whatever you say, I ain’t arguing XD