An Awkward Conversation

I wrote this up quickly after being inspired by this prompt:

Everyone always assumes that person A is the dominant one in the relationship, but they are actually a total bottom. 

I suppose this works as a short sequel to my recent Ganlink fic, A Different Fate. I mean I totally didn’t write this because the idea of Ganondorf being an assertive, dominant bottom is very appealing, what are you talking about?

EHEM, anyways enjoy I suppose?

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I GOT TO DO A GUEST COMIC FOR ‘Manly Guys Doing Manly Things’!!!! :D

You can find it up here on the official website!!

And thanks so much to @coelasquid​‘s for letting me do this! It was super exciting to get to help out with a webcomic that I’ve been a fan of for years!


Part 64 of  “A Tale of Two Rulers”

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Ganondorf and Fi have some small talk on the beach.

I’ve been experimenting with using screentone for the environment. I screentoned the sky too but I thought that was too much screentone so I decided to get rid of it. It looks like there’s a moire effect (for Ganondorf) on my screen but then again my screen is pretty damn HD. If you see any, sorry about that.