gannicus x sybil


I am totally rewatching and swooning over all the Sybil/Gannicus bits in ep 6 (and eventually 7, but not there yet).

Guuuh, they hit every shippy kink I had and some I didn’t know I had.

Btw, I think shipper wars are generally pointless (I mean, if you prefer Gannicus x Saxa, that doesn’t diminish my own preferences in any way and I have zero problem with it, plus fighting over fictional people making out seems singularly unproductive), but they are especially pointless in the Spartacus fandom IMO - I mean, they are all going to die! I guarantee, whoever you ship on this show, unless it’s Crassus/money, or Caesar/threesomes, they are all going to end badly! In death!


I think the fandom was about evenly split on loving them or loathing them as an OTP, but I shipped them like mad so, because I miss Spartacus and because I was a rabid Gannicus x Sybil shipper (who never thought it was going anywhere and then was ecstatic when it did), have a vid.