ganna be like this


You can watch this scene with in the Japanese dub with English subs here—- X 

or the English dub with English subs here—- X

The scene is fully voiced^^ 

(This scene happens around 30:00 in the Japanese dub and around 23:00 in the English dub)

It does NOT contain many spoilers for the plot, it’s mostly filler. 

I just loved this scene SO much I had to fic it. 

*NO Persona 5 spoilers* 

(Author’s note; Mishima’s name is Yuuki, I refer to him as so. I also use the name “Akira” for the protagonist as he is so named in the manga.) 

Please enjoy! 


After everyone had agreed on where they were sleeping, they turned off the lights and settled down for bed. Yuuki was lucky enough to get to sleep in the bed. But he found even in the comfortable bed, he couldn’t fall asleep. 

It didn’t help that Ryuji and Ann were talking up a storm, but the main thing keeping him awake was his stomach. He had been feeling a bit queasy earlier but playing cards had been enough of a distraction to help him forget until now. 

Tossing and turning in bed, Yuuki could feel the queasiness progressing to something much worse. He didn’t understand what could be making his stomach hurt. He didn’t think he had eaten anything that was particularly out of the ordinary for him or that tasted off. But it had to be something because the feeling that had started out being almost unnoticeable, progressed into something far worse in a matter of minutes. 

Although desperately trying to fall asleep, he soon found himself with no choice but to give his stomach the attention it was demanding. Yuuki stumbled out of bed and went into the restroom. He was ever so slightly relieved to be in the sanctuary of the bathroom but it still made him nervous to be within earshot of everyone. 

He stood around nervously, then started pacing back and forth in the small quarters of the room. A pain went through his stomach that forced him to double over. It took all of his willpower not to cry out right then. He leaned over the sink, clutching his stomach and shaking. 

He saw in the mirror that he was sweating and he waited on bated breath for the pain to subside. When it finally did, he leaned against the wall, enjoying the relief as much as he could for fear that it wouldn’t last. 

The next time however, he wasn’t hit with pain but intense nausea. He bent forward, closing his eyes and breathing through his nose. He slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor with his arms wrapped around his legs. He buried his face in his knees, begging for the feeling to go away. By then, he knew it was out of his hands. While curled up against the wall, his body started fighting him. 

Yuuki could feel his stomach lurching, trying hard to push whatever was inside of it, out. When an air bubble forced its way up his throat with a muscle spasm, Yuuki knew he had no say left in the matter. He darted to the toilet and hung over it, clutching his stomach tightly. The nausea was overwhelming and he couldn’t focus on anything else. 

He gagged inside his throat and started to whimper. He suddenly felt scared and alone. He cried out. 

“S-someone…” There was no reply. “M-my stomach…" 

Then his entire body lurched forward. "Hrgh…!” He vomited into the toilet with a loud heave. 

He could hear Ann and Ryuji outside. “That didn’t sound good…” Ann sounded concerned. 

Yuuki couldn’t hear any more of their commentary as he continued to puke up his stomach contents into the bowl. When he found a moment to breathe, he flushed the toilet. Gagging again just as the water was settling. Gagging brought more hot liquid up his throat and with another heave, he spewed more digested semi-liquids into the newly clear water. These bouts kept on going for what felt like ages. 


In the meantime, Ryuji, Ann and Akira were laying in the other room listening to every one of his episodes. 

“Man… he’s really hacking his guts out in there.” Ryuji crossed his arms. “I feel bad for the guy." 

"Maybe… we should call for help?” Ann said nervously. “What if he’s really sick?”  

“The last thing he probably wants is to be fussed over by a bunch of adults right now.” Ryuji thought. “I think we should leave him be awhile. What’d you think Akira?" 

Akira nodded from on the couch. 

“Okay…” Ann said hesitantly. 

As they were discussing it, they heard Yuuki vomit loudly from inside the bathroom again. The sound of splashing echoed against the walls inside. “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with that though…” Ann sat in bed with her legs over the side of her bed. 

Yuuki heaved loudly again with a moan and Akira sat up too, resting his chin in his hand. Ryuji sighed. “Looks like it’s ganna be a long night for all of us." 


By about 2:00AM, the three of them had just about exhausted all of their topics of conversation, when they noticed that it had been quiet for some time. "Maybe we ought to check on him…?” Ann thought. 

“Mm… pass…” Ryuji mumbled. “Akira?" 

Akira’s shoulders dropped and he reluctantly agreed to. He got up and with a knock, peered into the bathroom. 

"Akira…?” Yuuki opened his eyes slightly. He had been using the toilet seat as a pillow and Akira felt pretty sorry for him. He was drenched in sweat and his eyes were red with dark circles under them. 

He asked casually if Yuuki wanted some water. Yuuki seemed to perk up ever so slightly, lifting his head up. “Really…? Thanks Akira.” He said in a hoarse voice. 

Akira nodded and went to fetch him a water bottle. Yuuki drank it gratefully and sat back against the wall. Akira leaned against the sink nonchalantly, hoping to escape as quickly as possible. “I don’t know what came over me but it was killer.” Yuuki sighed. 

Akira told him Ryuji thought it might have been the tap water. 

“Heh? No way!” Yuuki cried in a squeaky voice. “Hawaii’s part of America! We’re not in some underdeveloped country. I’m sure it was just something I ate." 

Akira shrugged and Yuuki found himself smiling slightly. "Hah, tap water. That’s a good one Sakamoto." 

Akira scratched his head awkwardly. He told Yuuki if he was feeling better, he should try to get some sleep. 

"Yeah.. you’re right.” Yuuki nodded. “Thanks for checking on me Akira. You’re a real friend.”

  • Me, when I eat: *feels really sick, dizzy, like im ganna throw up, everything aches. Pain*
  • Me, when I don't eat: *feels really sick, dizzy, like im ganna throw up, everything aches. Pain*

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Nagisa and Rei going fishing and Rei starts to get sick first but in the end Nagisa is the one who gets incredibly sea sick and ends up puking a lot. He gets embarrassed from it but Rei is there to help him with lots of TLC! <3

>>>I didn’t really know what what kind of relationship you wanted them to be in.. so I make it really FLUFFY romance. Hope that’s okay.

(Author’s note: reminder I drop honorifics (chan) for dating couples. Also, Shoji is Japanese chess.)



“I just need a minute.” Rei was leaning over the edge of the boat with a handkerchief over his mouth.

Nagisa was rubbing his back with a concerned look. “Rei… you okay?”

“I’m fine, really. I’m just waiting for it to pass.” Rei told him.

He was swallowing constantly and he felt his stomach reeling. The nausea was worse than he had experienced in a long time. He truly though he would have grown out of such a thing by then.

Rei felt his stomach lurch uncontrollably and he leaned further over the side of the boat. Nagisa held on to him to make sure he wasn’t about to fall overboard.

“I’m sorry.” He said guiltily. “I honestly thought I would have gotten over this…”

“Don’t apologize Rei.” Nagisa encouraged.

Rei burped softly into his handkerchief then felt his stomach lurch again. He heaved over the side of the boat and puked up his breakfast into the water. He coughed weakly and wiped his mouth. “Hey, I actually feel a bit better now.” He said with relief.“

Nagisa smiled widely. “Oh good!”

“Alright. I promised you we’d do some real fishing and gosh darn it we will.” Rei said with determination.

Nagisa’s eyes lit up and jumped up with his hands in the air. “Yay!”

Rei showed Nagisa how to set up the fishing line and he listened intently to Rei. He even managed to set up his own line by himself.

Once the lines were set up Rei sighed with a satisfactory nod. “And now, we wait.”

Nagisa looked up at him. “That’s it?”

Rei was confused. “Well… yeah?”

“Oh…” Nagisa sounded disappointed.

“But- the exciting part comes when we get a fish!” Rei tried to sound enthusiastic.

“Oh yeah!” Nagisa seemed to get his spirt back.

“In the meantime, what would you like to do?” Rei asked.

Nagisa thought hard, looking around the boat. “Oh- could you teach me to play Shoji!” He had seen that below there was a Shoji board.

“Sure!” Even Rei was getting excited after that.

They played Shoji for over an hour on deck, waiting for their lines to be bitten and by that point Nagisa had seemed to reach his limit.

He yawned as Rei step a particularly long time thinking about his next turn and he looked about readily to doze off.

“Nagisa… Nagisa?”

Nagisa shook himself out of daze and looked up at Rei.

“It’s your turn.” He said.

“Oh, right.” Nagisa stared down at the board for quite a while before Rei finally realized he wasn’t really playing anymore.

“Why don’t we stop for now?” He suggested.

“Oh, you don’t mind?” Nagisa tried not to make his disinterest too obvious.

“It’s fine! We can just do something else.” Rei put the game back in the box and went below deck to put it away.

Nagisa let out an inner sigh of relief that he didn’t have to play anymore and leaned against the side of the boat looking out at the water.

It was quite beautiful with the sun shining against the blue water but he had only been staring off at it for a minute when he suddenly felt the boat move underneath his feet. It moved only slightly but it somehow managed to throw off his balance.

It wasn’t a new feeling, as he was sure it had been happening the entire time but it was the first time he had really noticed it.

He felt strange for a moment from a jolt going though his stomach. But he forgot about it when he looked to his side and noticed that one of the fishing poles was twitching.

For a moment, he thought this odd, then he realized what was happening and got excited. “Rei! Rei! Come back!”

“What is it?” Rei ran back up to the deck. “Oh! We’ve caught one!” He unlatched the fishing pole and tugged on it.

“Is it heavy?” Nagisa was ramped up.

“A bit.” Rei began trying to reel it in. Then he suddenly lost his footing and was pulled forwards.

Nagisa grabbed onto him and helped him pull the fish up. The entire time they were jumping around on the boat trying to keep their balance and Nagisa found the movement was slightly unsettling.

He still enjoyed himself thoroughly though as they pulled the fish up and into the boat.

“Wow!” Nagisa’s eyes widened as it flopped around on the deck.

“Unfortunately, it’s not big enough to keep.” Rei said sadly and picked it up to throw it back.

“Aww! Really?” Nagisa was bummed.

“That’s alright! We’ll just set up a new one.” Rei tried to get him to cheer up.

As they were setting up a new line, Nagisa found himself feeling strange as he stood looking out at Rei and the open water.

He swallowed hard, then to his dismay, he finally realized what the feeling was. It was the same feeling he got when he had been riding in a hot car and driving on a curvy road for too long.

As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he was feeling seasick.

He hoped that it was just a temporary thing and that it would go away on its own but instead it only seemed to get worse.

After about an hour suffering through the feeling, he finally laid down on a lounge chair and closed his eyes.

“Tired Nagisa?” Rei chuckled. “I know standing around doing almost nothing can be pretty exhausting.”

Nagisa put his sun hat over his eyes and nodded.

Rei smiled and sat beside him in the sun to read a book.

Nagisa tried to sleep for about half an hour, but sitting still on the deck only made the motion of the boat even more obvious.

As his nausea increased he began finding it harder and harder to sit still and he ended up tossing and turning in the lounge chair. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Nagisa? Are you okay? Are you dreaming?” Rei’s soft voice was somehow calming and welcoming so Nagisa didn’t feel as nervous.

“I’m okay. Thanks.” He said, not daring to open his eyes for fear of feeling worse.

“If you’re sure.” Rei told him. “If we don’t catch anything in the next hour, I was thinking of opening some of the canned fish we brought along.”

Just the thought of eating fish at that moment made Nagisa’s stomach turn. “It’s okay! I want to wait until we catch something.”

Rei sounded hesitant. “Well… I’m not sure if we’ll catch anything before we have to get home…”

“It’s fine, really! I’m really not that hungry.” Nagisa insisted, still keeping his eyes closed.

“Alright… Nagisa?” Rei paused and waited for an answer.


“You’d tell me if something was wrong… right?”

“Of course.”

“Okay… just checking.” Rei sat back with his book again but he couldn’t shake the feeling he had that something wasn’t right.


After only another half an hour of enduring the nausea, Nagisa realized he was losing the fight with his body and that it was time to call it quits.

Luckily, Rei was all too familiar with the symptoms of sea sickness, along with being familiar with how Nagisa acted when he was sick.

“Nagisa?” Rei put his hand on his shoulder again.


“You’re not feeling so great are you?”

Nagisa shook his head.

Rei sat on Nagisa’s lounge chair and stroked his arm. “Do you feel sick to your stomach?”

Nagisa nodded and Rei laid next to him on the lounge chair and wrapped his arm around him.

Nagisa curled up in a ball, clutching his stomach with a groan. “Reiiii. I feel like I’m ganna be sick.” He whined.

“It’s okay Nagisa.” Rei stroked Nagisa’s curly hair, pushing it behind his ear. “Do you need to right now?”

Nagisa nodded, still whimpering.

Rei helped Nagisa sit up and the moment he opened his eyes, his stomach lurched. A strange noise came out of his throat and his hand shot over his mouth.

Rei grabbed him and hurried him to the edge of the boat.

Nagisa gagged over the edge and his eyes watered.

“It’s okay Nagisa.” Rei stroked his back and Nagisa started to break into tears. “Don’t cry. It’s all going to be fine.”

“Rei… I don’t feel good.” He said again, this time in tears.

“I know, I know.” Rei coaxed. “It’s okay.”

Nagisa hiccuped a sob and let out a wet burp. Then he lurched forward and vomited over the side of the boat.

“That’s it. It’s all okay.” Rei spoke softly.

Nagisa let out a wet burp that brought up more liquid. He coughed as landed in the water and Rei wiped off a tear that had rolled down his cheek.

“Do you think you’d be able to sit down?” Rei asked.

Nagisa swallowed hesitantly, then nodded and followed Rei below deck.

Rei had Nagisa sit in a large lounge chair and gave him a cylindrical container. He sat in the chair with Nagisa, wrapping his arms around him.

Nagisa groaned and hid his head in Rei’s shoulder. “I don’t like being sick.” His voice was muffled in Rei’s shirt.

“I know.” Rei brushed his fingers through Nagisa’s hair.

Nagisa’s stomach bubbled and he felt a burp trying to escape. He turned away and let it out with embarrassment. Then tried to swallow again but ended up spewing his stomach contents into the vessel.

“There there.” Rei rubbed his arm up and down. “It’s okay.”

Nagisa laid back again with a pained expression on his face.

Rei placed his hand gently over his stomach and ran small circles over it.

Nagisa burped again and his cheeks turned red. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Rei leaned his head against his and continued the rubbing motion.

“That makes it feel a bit better.” He told Rei.

Rei kissed him on the head. “I’m glad.”

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This hiatus is so LIT. like s3's was full of agony and despair and I mean there's some agony now too but all this gay is breathing life into my soul. I feel like I'm ganna be disappointed when we get the real storyline lol #giveusthegaysjulie

Hi, Anon!!!

Literally after last Friday’s clip, I told myself, “Nah, man. I ain’t spending this hiatus wallowing, and sad and angry and upset and hurt. Nah, it ain’t happening.”

So yeah, I let out all the Evana, bought Youkael back to life, came out, and am FULLY endorsing ALL the LGBT+ POC ships on Skam with a few of my really good friends on here, like Hafsia, Sora, Nadja, bc lmaooo, we KNOW that realistically speaking, we’re not gonna be getting any LGBT+ POC on Skam, so yeah, why not just ….. do it ourselves, tbh!

And yeah, so far, this hiatus has been LIT compared to last season’s painful one, man! 

I hate those blogs that Are for the soul purpose of hating kin or something harmless like that like I unno how about you start actually using ur time for something helpful instead of doing stupid shit like that that ain’t ganna get you anywhere

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No no no ya shall let your mind rest when its tired sweety D8 yar ganna wake up like you dont know what year is it

that happen a lot…. actually. O_o!! but its okay. I sleep like this for a month now….

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Each time Brian does something werewolf-ish Robert runs and sprays him with a spray bottle and carries a rolled up newspaper in the other hand


  • Me: *is on a mood high*
  • Brain: Ur ganna crash soon :)

yo, so going off of @anarchetypal​ ‘s post abt the fahc and girl scout cookies

Can you imagine how tough the Girl Scouts of Los Santos are? More importantly how powerful they are? Cause you don’t go walking down the street, going door to door, in Los Santos unless you’ve got some form of protection. 

So imagine 7 year old Suzy showing up at the door and it’s Geoff who answers and of course he’s going to buy some cookies. He’s about to send her off with an order for like 30 boxes when he realizes there’s no chaperon, and like hell if he’s ganna let some little kid go all on her own. So he does the most reasonable thing and hands her his pocket knife and gives her a short crash course on how to use it right and where to hit so she can make a clean gettaway. 

And in such a way all of the girl scouts of Los Santos, through similar scenarios or each other, learn a thing or two about self preservation to the point where every single one of them has their “Knife Wielding” and “Self Defense” patches. 

Feeling confident and in control, the girls are more likely to go into bad neighborhoods, and no matter what kinda group you run, who the fuck are you to turn down these kid’s and their cookies? A monster, that’s who. 

And so it becomes an accepted rule in Los Santos that if you fuck with a girl scout, you will have twenty different gangs hunting your ass till kingdom come. And I mean if you look at one funny, you’re ganna fucking get it. 

And that’s how these tiny little girls get an all access pass to the entire city. Rival gangs calling truces to escort them places safely, people abandoning plans of convenience store robberies because the scouts are set up outside, moving scheduled heists because that’s the day the cookies are supposed to be delivered and they promised they would help distribute because of the sheer quantity they alone purchased. 

Imagine Alecia, age 11, sitting on the top of a skyscraper-esque stack of to-be-delivered cookies and being able to envision all of Los Santos bowing down before her troupe that will never again be outdone by Troupe 3287 in Vinewood.

 And once she has a little taste of this power, of her ability to deploy girls here and there and see things happen under her finger tips? Well, that just makes her future career choice that much clearer. Look out, Los Santos, she’s about to get her next merit badge.

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Are you aiming for them all to have bones? Because if not maybe some sort of plant Crystal combo and if it is bones then like hand with crystal nails?

not all are ganna have bones but theyre all ganna have crystals

i can give it a shot though


The most awkward thing is when people message and ask to be friends
Like?? Am?? I ganna say no??? It puts me in an extremely awkward position n just makes me feel shitty for not answering but please don’t do that to people

On college campuses everyone rides their bikes everywhere, like it kinda depends on where you go, but in general there are bikes like every where

so what about a cute Collage AU where Ray keeps finding roses in his bike basket and at first he thinks someone somehow accidentally dropped one in there, but it keeps happening and eventually escalates to also include sweet notes and sometimes little gifts of food and stuff until finally Ray just steaks out his bike, only to find Ryan putting in like an actual boquet of a dozen roses in his basket because he didn’t have the guts to actually give them to Ray in person but also loves the smiles Ray gets whenever he finds them