【PV】巌窟王 | Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

“Opening the punk opera curtain of revenge, the fantastic Paris of the future is on stage.”
– The promotional trailer introducing the anime series by studio Gonzo, directed by Mahiro Maeda (前田真宏). It includes earlier character designs and many scenes that never made into the final cut of the show.


Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (巌窟王) original storyboard art excerpts illustrated by director and original character designer Mahiro Maeda (前田真宏). The boards shown here were drawn for the promotional trailer introducing the anime series and were included in the Gankutsuou Production Book Curtain Call.

Okay, so you know all the scenery porn in Howl’s bedroom?

Gankutsuou is basically like an entire anime of that. Only crazier.

Reasons you should watch it:

  • It’s an AU of the Count of Monte Cristo set in FUTURE SPACE PARIS because why the fuck not
  • It has an awesome soundtrack
  • It addresses important societal issues
  • Bonus points for having a trans character!
  • Also interracial couples! (And interspecies couples…?)
  • Some supernatural shit goes does down, bruh
  • (what anime wouldn’t be complete without) GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS
  • Tragic bromance
  • Has spaceships n shit, of course, because future/space Paris
  • Adorable alien butler!
  • cyborg horses
  • Contains cute and/or heartbreaking romance
  • Did I mention the scenery porn

And, last but not least …


Here are a few links where you can watch the entire series:

[x] English sub

[x] English dub

I would recommend the original Japanese version, just because I prefer the voice actors more, but hey, whatever you like bro

Sadly the linked vids are not the best resolution as they were uploaded quite a few years ago, so if you really want to enjoy the scenery porn you might want to look elsewhere for it or even buy a hard copy, but these are the ones I know still work.