hummingprince-deactivated201208  asked:

how long have you been doing art? did you take specific classes to better your art? just wondering because i really admire your art-style!!

ah, gosh, thanks!

i honestly cannot remember a time when i was not drawing. my mom is a painter and my dad is a (now semi-retired) high school art teacher, so i guess it was pretty natural? when i was in elementary school i went to a sort of elective art-play class after school where we just sort of messed around with a variety of materials (paint, clay, embroidery, colored pencil, etc.). there really wasn’t actually that much focus on making something super amazing (we were like nine) but it was really fun!

in middle school i took art classes in seventh (i got the techy teacher and we mostly did video/claymation stuff) and eighth grade (mostly pastel and sketchbook work).

in high school i went to a performing/visual arts high school where we had three hours of our art area a day and took a variety of classes (sculpture, wood shop, photography, painting, drawing, design, speech, printmaking, photoshop, and a lot of other stuff). weirdly enough, tho, i actually started out doing photography there, and then costume design, mostly because my school was very anti-comics.  but i really sucked at both of those things and didn’t enjoy them very much so in the end i just decided to make comics anyway and my teachers were like “dang these are actually pretty cool, keep doing this.”

and now i am a comic major at MCAD.