The dessert at Mingles was completely next level.

I had the Jang trio - doen-jang creme brûlée, which was served at the bottom of a little black pot. This sounds odd, but the presentation was genius. Atop the brûlée is a whisky foam and vanilla ice cream, garnished with gochu-jang puffed black rice and gan-jang pecan. All these “jangs ” are fermented sauces (or powders, in this case) - chili, soybean paste, and soya sauce.

The sweet vs salty balance was incredible. This was possibly the most perfect dessert (for my palate) that I have ever had - and I usually reject anything that isn’t somehow involved with chocolate. I would have had this exact dish seven times over, forgoing previous courses, had I known the perfection that was waiting in that simple little pot.

J had the Sweet Fermentation - a fermented pineapple tart accompanied by doen-jang chestnut makgeolli ice cream. He really enjoyed it, but I felt a little more sweetness would bring out the flavours a lot better. Caramelising the fermented pineapple would give it depth of flavour, and perhaps stop it from reminding me of fruit juice one shouldn’t drink.

However, I could have also been spoilt by my perfect dessert.