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im planning to go to korea soon and was wondering if you have any suggestions on some korean cuisine i should try. btw i love your blog ^^~~

okay kiddo, this is going to be a long, long list that probably doesn’t even suffice the delicious and infinite amount of food korea has to offer, but here i go…

if you want to taste some popular “traditional” cuisine:

  • 비빔밥 (bibimpap, rice mixed with veggies and red pepper paste)
  • 냉면/비빔면 (naengmyeon, cold noodles in broth/bibimmyeon, cold noodles mixed with red pepper paste)
  • 순두부 (soondubu, spicy soft tofu soup with veggies)
  • 부대찌개 (budae jjigae or “army stew”, a mix of sausages, spam, cheese, ramen, rice cakes in spicy broth)
  • 된장찌개 (doenjang jjigae, fermented soybean paste stew with tofu, potatoes, and a variety of veggies)
  • 삼겹살 (samgyupsal, grilled pork belly)
  • 갈비 (galbi, basically korean bbq)
  • 불고기 (bulgogi, grilled marinated beef)
  • 간장게장/양념게장 (ganjang gejang, raw crab marinated in soy sauce/yangnyeom gejang, raw crab marinated in spices)
  • 삼계탕 (samgyetang, whole chicken soup with ginseng and other heathy nutrients)
  • 매운탕 (maewoontag, spicy fish soup with veggies)
  • 감자탕 (gamjatang, pork bone soup with a whole lot of potatoes and veggies)
  • 콩국수 (kongguksu, cold noodles in a soy milk broth)
  • 칼국수/수재비 (kalguksu, noodles in broth/soojaebi, dough flakes in broth)
  • 떡국/만두국 (ddukguk, rice cakes in broth/manduguk, rice cakes plus dumplings in broth)
  • 잡채 (japchae, stir-fried noodles with veggies and meat)
  • 보쌈 (bossam, boiled pork belly)
  • 족발 (jokbal, braised pig’s feet)
  • 도토리묵 (dotorimuk, acorn jelly seasoned with spices and usually mixed with veggies)
  • 낙지볶음 (nakji bokkeum, stir-fried octopus with veggies)

if you’re into more quick, on-the-go snacks like street food:

  • 김밥 (kimbap, rice rolls)
  • 떡볶이/떡꼬치 (ddukbokki, spicy rice cakes/ddukkochi, spicy rice cake skewers)
  • 파전 (pajeon, green onion pancakes with seafood, veggies, etc.)
  • 빙수 (bingsu, shaved ice with red beans, fruits, cereal, pretty much any kind of topping possible!)
  • 오뎅국 (odaeng, fish cakes in broth)
  • 튀김 (twigim, fried veggies, shrimp, noodles in laver, etc.)
  • 핫바 (hot bar, fish cake bars)
  • 호떡 (hotteok, pancake usually filled with cinnamon, brown sugar, and nuts)
  • 붕어빵 (bungeobbang, fish shaped bread with red bean filling)
  • 토스트 (toast)
  • 닭꼬치 (dakkochi, marinated chicken skewers)
  • 감자도그 (gamja dog, a corn dog covered in french fries)
  • 뻥튀기 (ppeongtwigi, puffed rice snacks)
  • 계란빵 (gyeran bbang, egg bread)
  • 뽑기 (bbopgi, a melted sugar and baking soda sweet)
  • 회오리 감자/감자 스틱/고구마 스틱 (hwoeli gamja, potato twister on a stick/gamja stick, fried potato sticks/goguma stick, fried sweet potato sticks)

and places i ate at/ordered from (delivery) this summer that i recommend:

  • 페리카나 (pelicana, seriously one of the best fried chicken delivery shops!!! their spicy sweet marinated chicken is amazing ;^;)
  • 오븐에 빠진 닭 (oppadak, a healthier option to fried chicken since their chicken is oven-baked!!! and the dipping sauces are A+)
  • 피자에땅 (pizza etang, i ordered both their box sets which come with a small pizza, ddukbokki, spaghetti, potato wedges, and chicken tenders for only 19,900 won!!!!)
  • cafe mama’s (they sell the most delicious paninis oh my god… i recommend the mozzarella tomato and the honey camembert cheese *v*)
  • ashley’s (a cheaper alternative to buffets with a salad bar and a variety of main dishes, appetizers, desserts, etc.)
  • caffe bene (the shaved ice is very good here and so are their summer drinks!)
  • a twosome place (the yogurt berry bingsu and tiramisu bingsu are both so perfect~)
  • primo bacio baci (their cream pasta in a bread bowl is absolutely scrumptious bc it’s not too heavy or greasy *u*)
  • 반가 (vanga, i always get their garlic tonkatsu bc it’s just soooo good and filling for the low cost!)
  • 조스 (jaw’s, their ddukbokki is very spicy so if you can’t handle the heat, then i am very sorry bc it’s the best ddukbokki you will ever eat :<)
  • lotteria (get the shrimp burger!!!! i also recommend their squid burger if you want to try something spicier~)
  • mc donald’s (okay this may sound dumb, but korea’s mc donald’s taste ten times better than the ones in the states. get the mcspicy shanghai burger or the mcspicy cajun burger and you will understand.)
  • gs25 (this also may sound dumb, but if you’ve never tried a tonkatsu sandwich, then go into any convenience store like a gs25, 7/11, mini stop, etc. and buy yourself one!!!! it’s only 2,000 won!!!!!)

yeah… that’s it for now…. korea is great.

Leave, I’m Working

(A/N): No one requested this, but I’ve had this scene in my head all day. The only way to get it out of my head is to write it, so here it is. Please enjoy! ~ ㅅ.ㅅ 재 Jae

***Image is not mine, credit to the owner*** 

Type: Angst/Fluff

Member: Kwon Ji Yong (G Dragon); BigBang

 “Jiyong?” You called out into the recording studio. You turned the corner to see your boyfriend of a year with his headphones on, staring at a computer screen intensely. Ambling over to him, you placed a hand lightly onto his tense shoulder. 

   Jiyong snapped his head around to you, his headphones falling to his neck from the motion. “Jesus, (Y/N), don’t sneak up on me like that.”

  “I called you, but you didn't answer, so I brought your dinner here for you. You shouldn’t work yourself to hard, oppa, it isn’t good for your health.” You said in a stern tone. You pulled out multiple covered bowls, containing kimchi, ganjang gaejang, rice, and a bit of bulgogi. “Eat well, Ji.”

  “Just set it down and go home.” Ji replied shortly, beginning to lift his headphones back into place.

  “I thought that maybe we could—”

  “Would you just leave already? God, you’re such a nuisance. I don’t even know why I keep you around.” He whispered the last part, but you heard it. You nodded, tears building behind your eyes. 

  “See? You don’t listen! Please be gone when I return to the apartment.” He said calmly. You looked at him incredulously—where could you go, your family was away on vacation. “Stop giving me that look. Just  go to stay with your mom or something.”

  “O-Oppa, my parents aren’t in town right now. They’re in Japan on a break from work.” You explained, looking to your hands and fiddling with your fingers.

  “That’s not my problem. Now, take your leave and let me work.” He said one last time before pushing you out of the studio and shutting the door. 

   Shooting up in your bed, you placed your hands to your chest, trying to calm your arrhythmic breathing. A couple of tears had fallen from your eyes in your sleep. Looking to your right, you sighed heavily as you saw that side of the bed empty, the sheets still tucked into place. 

  Your legs began to tremble lightly as you stood from the mattress and made your way toward the hallway. Stopping to lean on the door frame of the open door to JiYong’s “home studio,” as he called it. 

  “Oppa?” You asked in a voice still heavy with sleep. He was hunched over his piano with a laptop open to a music staff.

  “What is it, (Y/N)?” Your boyfriend heaves a burden-filled sigh, not turning to face you.

  “Can I talk to you about something? Please?” The words came out whispered, still touchy on the subject. 

  “Can’t you see I’m working right now? Go back to bed.” Ji said with an edge in his voice. You took a step towards him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

  “Please, I really need to talk to you about—”

  “ Just go, I can’t think clearly with you here!” He snapped, cutting your quiet words off. “Write it down and we’ll talk later.”

  “Okay, Jiyong. Goodnight, and please don’t overwork yourself, it’s unhealthy.” Leaning down and placing a small kiss to his cheek, you whispered, “I love you.”

  When he didn’t respond, you began to back away, feeling sadness begin to burrow in your stomach. Just as you reached the entryway, JiYong spoke again, and hope began to light up your face, “(Y/N)?”

  “Yes, oppa?” You replied brightly, guessing at what he was going to say.

  “Close the door on your way out, would you?” Your heart sank and tears rose to your eyes. Without another word, you left, letting the door click softly behind you.  

  You made your way to the your shared bedroom with haste, pulling your old dream journal from the nightstand. You hadn’t used it in months—when JiYong found out about your nightmare, he would make you tell him your dreams every morning when you woke up, there was no need to relieve your worries with a pen and paper anymore. However, the past few months, he was writing a solo album, and had stopped doing small things, listening to your nightmares being one of them. 

  You wrote every little detail of your dream down, also adding that you felt that your boyfriend was slowly drifting away from you. After all, he barely even said “I love you” anymore, he used to do it every time he saw you. You were dozing off by the time it was all in ink on the page of the withered book. The book dropped from your grasp and onto the bed as you fell into a more peaceful sleep. 

*                                                           *                                                              *

   It felt like you had just been to sleep, but you were soon awoken yet again by a nightmare. They were getting worse. This time, it was just watching JiYong pack his things and move out, bidding you a final farewell before moving on with his busy life. 

  You didn’t even bother to look to your right this time, assuming that Ji hadn’t returned. You simply turned to look at the wall, letting a sob wrack through your body as paranoid thoughts invaded your mind. Your thoughts chanted: 

        He’s going to leave, that’s why he’s been so distant.

       He doesn't even love me anymore.

       I’m not good enough.

      I’m loosing the best thing that ever—

  “Jagiya? What didn’t you tell me about this?” A familiar voice rung out through the bedroom. You immediately began to try and stop the sound of your weeping, but a whimper managed to escape your lips. 

  JiYong crawled over to you and turned you to face him. As soon as he saw your tears, his face was flushed over with concern. Before you ask him what he meant, your eyes fell upon your dream journal, which was open to the most current entry in his hands. You reached to take it from him, but he snatched it away from your grasp. 

  “Why didn’t tell me?” He questioned again, his face softening.

  “I tired, but you…” You trailed off, not wanting to relive the interaction.

  “I turned you away. I’m sorry, yeobo, I was wrong to do that. I didn’t even think of how it would effect you.” JiYong apologized sincerely, stroking your cheek with his finger tips.

  “It’s okay, oppa, I know that you’ve been busy with your album.” You grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers with his.

  “It’s not okay. I love you, (Y/N), I love you more than anything, I should show it.” JiYong brushed the remaining tears from your cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. 

  “I love you, too, Ji.” You told him, leaning to give him a peck on the lips. He made the kiss more, moving his lips against your slowly while cupping your cheek in his hand.

   As he pulled away, he rested his forehead against your and gazed into your eyes. 

  “Oh, and Jagiya?”

  “Yes, Ji Oppa?”

  “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll never leave you.”


(Maxi dress: Fayewoo / Accessories: Monday Edition)

Photographer: Jo Jin Hyung / Stylist: Jae Ri / Makeup: Jung Sang Won / Translator: Sharon Cho / Location: Studio Haru

Exclusively shot and interviewed for Korean Model blog.

(Green top: Fayewoo / Black top: Forever 21 / Accessories: Monday Edition)

Name /  이름:   

Age /  나이: 

  • 22

Height / 키: 

  • 178 CM

Hometown / 고향: 

  • Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea / 순천, 전라도. 

The best thing about your hometown: / 고향에 대해 제일 좋은점: 

  • I think it gave me the gift of a good childhood. / 저에게 좋은 어린시절을 선물해준 것 같아요. 

Favorite musician or band / 좋아하는 가수/아티스트:  

  • Rihanna, The Internet, Gallant, James Vincent McMorrow, Joe Hertz / 리한나, 더 인터넷, 갤런트, 제임스 빈센트 맥모로우, 조 헤르츠. 

Favorite movie or TV show / 좋아하는 영화나 드라마/프로그램: 

  • Infinite Challenge, movies like Inception. / 무한도전, 영화는 인셉션. 

Favorite brand or designer / 가장 좋아하는 브랜드/디자이너:  메종 마틴 마지엘라. 

  • Maison Martin Margiela

Place you would like to visit / 가보고 싶은 곳: 

  • I’d just like to see everything. / 정말 다 가보고싶어요. 

What song do you have on repeat at the moment? / 요즘 자주듣는 음악은 뭔가요? 

  • I enjoy R&B so I’m currently listening to a whole variety of things. / R&B 장르를 좋아해서 이것저것 많이 듣고 있어요. 

(Dress: Fayewoo / Accessories: Monday Edition)

Describe your idea of a perfect day: / 당신의 이상적인 하루를설명해보세요. 

  • A day where I can fall asleep comfortably with no worries on my mind. / 잠들기 전에 걱정거리가 없이 편안하게 잠들 수있는 하루요. 

Summer / Winter? / 여름 아니면 겨울? 

  • Winter / 겨울. 

What’s your coffee order? / 커피는 주로 무엇을 마시나요? 

  • I don’t drink coffee.   / 전 커피 안마셔요. 

What have you got far too many of? / 너무 많이 가지고 있는것은 무엇인가요? 

  • I think I have a proper amount of everything. / 다 적당히 가지고 있는 것 같습니다. 

What are the things you always bring when you’re going out? / 나갈때 항상 가지고가는 것은 무엇인가요? 

  • Cellphone, wallet, earphones. / 핸드폰, 지갑, 이어폰. 

Describe your personal style in 3 words./ 당신의 스타일을 세가지 단어로 설명해보세요. 

  • Comfortable, boyish, simple. / 편안함, 매니쉬, 단순함 

What’s 1 item in your closet you would never throw away? / 당신의 옷장에 있는 것중에 꼭 못 버리는 한가지는 무엇인가요?  

  • Wide pants. / 와이드 팬츠. 

One piece of clothing you’d love to own? / 소장하고 싶은 한가지 옷은? 

  • Margiela sandals. / 마르지엘라 샌들 

What keeps you up at night? / 밤에 잠 못 이루게 하는것은 뭔가요? 

  • A variety of thoughts (thinking about my job) / 수 많은 생각들 (잡생각). 

(Top: Zara / Bottom: Fayewoo / Accessories: Monday Edition)

What is the last thing you googled (search on the internet)? / 마지막으로 검색해본것은 무엇인가요? 

  • Suicide squad cookie version / 수어사이드 스쿼드 쿠키영상 (영화).

If you had a super power, what would it be? / 초능력이 있다면 어떤 초능력을 가지고 싶으세요? 

  • Invisibility / 투명인간. 

How do you stay fit? / 몸매 관리는 어떻게 하세요? 

  • Watching what I eat, making sure to drink at least 2 liters of water, not eating sweets, walking from place to place  / 식단조절, 물 2L이상 꼭 마시기, 간식금지, 걸어다니기. 

What is your beauty secret?/ 당신의 아름다움의 비결은 무엇인가요? 

  • I’m not beautiful yet… haha / 아직 아름답지 않아요..하하 

What’s one subject you could talk about for at least 10 minutes? / 당신이 10분동안 얘기할 수 있는 주제는 뭔가요? 

  • Rather than being the one to talk to 10 minutes, I’d like to be the one listening and letting the other person talk / 10분동안 내 얘기를 하는 것보다 상대방의 얘기를 들어주고 싶어요. 

What were you like as a child? / 어릴때 어떤 아이였나요? 

  • I was a bright and happy country girl. / 해맑은 시골소녀였어요.  

What is the best advice that you have ever received? / 당신이받았던 최고의 조언은 무엇이었나요? 

  • The trials that you’re given are given to you because they’re ones you can conquer on your own. / 너 스스로 해결할 수 있기 때문에 주어진 일들이다. 

(Maxi dress: Fayewoo / Accessories: Monday Edition)

Are there any models in the industry that you look up to? / 존경하는 모델분들이 있으시나요? 

  • My favorite model right now is Mica Argañaraz. / 지금 현재 정말 좋아하는 모델은 Mica Arganaraz. 

 How did you start modeling? Was modeling something that you always wanted to do? / 어떻게 모델 일을 시작했나요? 

  • I originally had no plans at all to become a model, but due to a recommendation from my best friend in my senior year of high school, I did my first modeling gig in a fashion show that non-models could enter. I didn’t dread the rehearsals and waiting times at all because everything was so new and fun to me and from then on, I started to gain interest and even aspirations to do more. / 모델 일은 원래 하고 싶은 일이었나요?: 원래 모델에 생각이 전혀없었다가 제일 중요한 고3때 친구의 추천으로 일반인이 설 수있는 패션쇼에 처음 서봤어요. 리허설이나 대기시간이나 하나도 지루하지 않고 모든게 새롭고 재밌게 느껴져서 그때부터 관심이 생기기 시작하다가 욕심이 생기기 시작했어요. 

What would you do if you were not a model? / 모델이 되지않았다면 무엇을 했을까요?  

  • I think I’d still be trying everything I want to try. Of course, that’s something I’m doing even now! / 하고 싶은 건 다 도전해보고 있었을 것 같아요. 지금도 그러고 있지만요! 

What has been your favorite job so far?/ 지금까지 해온 촬영중에 어느게 제일 좋았나요?       

  • At first I didn’t have a profile so my best friend Yirye shot it for me, something I still remember very vividly and fondly. Thanks. / 처음에 프로필이 없어서 제 가장 친한친구 이레가 찍어줬던 게 가장 좋고 기억에 남아요. 고마워. 

What is your dream modeling job? / 당신의 꿈의 모델 일은 무었인가요? 

  • I want to get to a place where my name is one of the first you remember when you think of Korean models. / 우리나라 모델을 떠올렸을 때 제 이름이 딱 생각나는 위치까지 가고싶어요.  

What’s going through your mind when you’re modeling in front of the camera? / 카메라 앞에서 모델 일을 할 때 무슨 생각을 하시나요? 

  • I don’t let my mind wander, I just focus on the shoot at hand. / 다른 생각은 안하고 그 역할에 집중하는 것 같아요. 

 What are the pros and cons of being a model? / 모델이 됨으로서 장점과 단점을 뭔가요?        

  • A pro is that I was able to find my own style earlier than my peers did, to have a job that makes me happy and that I enjoy. I haven’t found any cons yet. / 장점은 같은 또래들 보다 조금 더 일찍 나에게 맞는 스타일을 알 수 있다는 것, 내가 좋아하는 일이 직업이 되는것 단점은 아직 없는 것 같아요. 

(Green top: Fayewoo / Black top: Forever 21 / Accessories: Monday Edition)

What do you want to achieve in the future? / 미래에는 무엇을이루고 싶나요? 

  • I’d like to have become a wise person. / 현명한 사람이 되어있었으면 좋겠어요. 

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? / 10년 후, 무엇을 하고 있을 것 같나요? 

  • Perhaps helping out my peers? / 지금 나의 나이또래 친구들에게 도움을 주고 있지 않을까요? 

 Do you have any personal rules that you’ll never break?/ 절대로 깨지 않을 본인만의 룰은 있나요?  

  • Not really a rule, but making sure to respect everyone. / 룰이라기 보다는 사람을 존중하는 것이요. 

One thing that people will be surprised to find out about you /  당신에 대해 놀라운 사실 한가지는 무엇인가요? 

  • I can’t eat ganjang gejang (raw crab marinated in soy sauce) / 간장게장을못먹습니다. 

(Dress: Fayewoo / Accessories: Monday Edition)


Contemporary Korean-Style Home Cooking with @sso_yang

To see more photos of Soyeon’s contemporary Korean-style cooking, follow @sso_yang on Instagram.

This interview was conducted in Korean.

Traditionally served up in a brass bowl or thick stone pot, Korean cuisine gets an artful, contemporary makeover in the kitchen of Soyeon Kim (@sso_yang). When the interior designer from Seoul, South Korea, started collecting modern tableware crafted by her favorite designers, so grew her own appetite for cooking, styling and photographing food. “I like taking photos because I can enjoy my plates, preparing meals, table settings and food pictures all at the same time,” she says.

Soyeon typically fills her tabletop with nourishing noodles or a colorful mix of rice and vegetables, neatly arranged in her favorite plates and bowls. “Korean food takes a lot of care and time to make,” she says, noting that many items, such as kimchi, must be fermented. Lovingly prepared ingredients combined with one of three basic sauces — gochujang (red pepper paste), doenjang (soybean paste) and ganjang (soy sauce) — imbue Korean fare with its deep signature flavor, says Soyeon. “These are the key ingredients. Without them, Korean food just wouldn’t be delicious.”