About Me

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Name: Call me Saera.

Nickname(s): …Saera.

Gender: Female

Gender expression: I don’t understand this

Sexual Orientation: Can’t see why this is necessary.

Star sign: Leo

Height: 1.5m-ish

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff. Closer to the kitchen.  (✧∀✧)

Favorite Animal: The entire Feline species (especially Cats & Tigers), Wolves, Horses, RED PANDAS, Eagles & Owls.

Avg Hours of Sleep: 7.5-8hrs. I get cranky and developed a stupid flu where I sneeze all day if I don’t get enough sleep. Weird, I know. Can this be studied? lol

Cats or Dogs: Cats.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Okay, here goes– 

  • Solas [DA:I], 
  • Lee Gangto/Sato Hiroshi (If you love Solas, you’ll love Gangto. Trust me. The second most complex character I love after Solas) [Gaksital], 
  • Yuu Kanda [D.Gray-Man], 
  • Shinrei [Kyo Samurai Deeper], 
  • Anotsu Kagehisa [Blade of the Immortal], 
  • Daryun [Arslan Senki], 
  • Hak [Akatsuki no Yona],
  • Kyo, Hatori, Haru & Rin Sohma [Fruits Basket], 
  • Asami Sato [Legend of Korra], 
  • Zuko & Sokka [A:tLA], 
  • Haldir, Aragorn & Faramir [LoTR], 
  • Tom Sherbourne (I want him as a husband ;–;) [The Light Between Oceans]

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