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okay so my original post about this was way too short for my liking and i’ve changed some things now that i’ve discussed it more with zoe and jen buckle up boys we’re in for a bumpy road (also these pics are so greaser!tom it physically hurts me)

  • greaser!tom is the epitome of bad boy with a heart of gold
  • his dad left when he was seven so he’s always been the protector of his family
  • his two younger siblings (adam, 15, and penelope, 13) look up to him so so so much
  • total momma’s boy oh my lord
  • he’s super super smart and loves to write but he pretends not to be and doesn’t try very hard in school
  • partly bc he has a reputation to uphold
  • but partly bc he knows his mom can’t afford to send him to college and it’s easier to pretend that college isn’t something he wants or could qualify for than it is to let her feel like she’s letting him down
  • works as an apprentice mechanic at his uncle’s auto shop
  • he knows that he’s going to inherit the shop when his uncle retires 
  • he wants so much more than what he has and wants to be so much more than what he is?????
  • but he’d rather be what everyone assumes he is if it means giving his family a better life
  • does he want to be the leader of the town’s most infamous gang??? no
  • but the position gives him status and fear and the ability to protect his family
  • and it doesn’t matter to him if that protection comes at the cost of his safety
  • his mom doesn’t know he’s in a gang
  • to some degree she does??? she suspects it???? but he tries his best to keep his injuries hidden from her and dodges questions when she asks about his black eyes and bloody knuckles
  • adam doesn’t come home one day and tom drives around for hours until he finds him in a park nursing cuts and bruised knuckles and tom just about loses it
  • “do you think fighting makes you cool? i swear to god adam if i ever get another frantic phone call from mom because she doesn’t know where you are you will never step foot outside this house again”
  • “i know you’re the leader of a gang tom how can you tell me not to fight when it’s all you do?”
  • “adam it’s too late for me to be anything else but it’s not too late for you.”
  • he teaches penelope and adam how to fight bc he wants them to be able to protect themselves but he also teaches them to use their heads and focus on school
  • carries a switchblade but has never used it on anyone
  • penelope is the only person (besides you) that gets away with calling him tommy
  • his entire family loves you
  • adam is low key in love with you and penelope thinks you’re so cool
  • tom’s mom thinks you’re good for her son and you help him focus and stay calm
  • his uncle is hesitant bc he knows how snobby your family is and thinks you’re the same
  • you and tom work so well bc each of you is what the other needs
  • he makes you feel reckless and adventurous and you make him feel more important in the world like his existence matters
  • your family is not so supportive
  • the first time tom meets them he shows up to dinner in an old suit and tie that his dad left behind
  • hair combed nicely
  • flowers for you and your mom in his hand
  • your mom thinks he’s sweet and your little brother thinks he’s cool but your dad hates him
  • he’s very passive aggressive and takes little shots about tom’s family life
  • eventually you have enough and you storm out with tom in tow
  • you can calm him down and he calms you down
  • and you both know that your relationship has an expiration date
  • but when he slips his jacket around your shoulders and pulls you into him as you watch the stars from the roof of his car you pretend that this can last forever
  • you’re the only person he’s ever shown his poetry to
  • i know that spoken word poetry definitely does not fit the fifties aesthetic we’re going for here but this poem ruins me every time and i want to hear tom recite it
  • tom knows that you’re going to end up with someone so different than him and he’s so scared that he’s going to end up like his dad
  • but when you kiss him it feels like he could steal the moon for you

i made myself sad whoops