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Okay so like in Saints Row The Third, it’s canon ending that the Saints filmed their own movie out of what happened with Killbane.

And that makes me thing, what if instead of Gangsters in Space they made a movie about something that is a lot more tied to your Boss?

Like if your Boss is into medieval stuff, it was set in the Middle Age instead of the Mars.

Spoilers for Gat Out Of Hell?

I want you to imagine the Saints settling humanity on New Earth, with all the contributions of highly advanced alien technology. Cities and towns and small quaint villages are set up in months. The Boss, as supreme overlord of multiple galaxies, lays down some major ground rules; Abusers of any kind, get shot. Rapists, get shot. Nazis, get shot. People who say Beyoncé is the worst- shot. And then they pass on their role as the leader of the new world, to Keith David.
They find a plot of land, stake a claim- and then take a proper spaceship this time and become true space gangsters. They take whatever Saint is willing to come (the Boss doesn’t go anywhere without Johnny, he makes clear) and they explore the known universe with the knowledge of Boss’ galactic empire. They meet (and bang) new alien species, commit crimes in vastly intricate cities, get drunk and high on white beaches with red seas and violet skies.
And when they have made the Saints known across the galaxy as puckish rogues and the toughest space gang around? The Boss returns to New Earth. They go back to that plot of land, on the cliffside overlooking a beach view to rival the Bahamas, and build a crib- and a home. The Boss, and whoever cannot see themselves living apart from them, spend their twilight years sipping beer, watching sunsets and every so often a minor drive-by accompanied by the continent’s biggest party of the year.
And they are all happy and no one else dies unless they’re old, doing something they love or look awesome doing it.

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do know why toei stopped making the metal hero series?

Before I get started, I am going to say this is entirely based on my owns speculation and what I know of the way things work with tokusatsu TV shows. That said, my educated guess on why they stopped was that the ratings and toy sales began to tank coupled with a desire to bring back Kamen Rider.  Allow me to elaborate.

The Metal Hero series came about as a replacement for Kamen Rider after Kamen Rider Super-1 ended in October of 1981.

The Kamen Rider series had been on something of a ratings and toy sales slump and it was decided to retire the franchise and try something new as a companion piece to the then booming Super Sentai series.  Enter the Metal Heroes.

There were notable similarities between Kamen Rider and the Metal Heroes with a lone hero fighting an evil organization, with help from his assistants and friends but if anything the Metal Heroes were even more firmly rooted in Science Fiction and the popularity of Outer Space that was raging at the time (partially thanks to the worldwide success of Star Wars) than Kamen Rider ever was.  Just look at the first series, Space Sheriff Gavan.

You have a spaceman in silver armor who travels in what looks like a flying saucer coming to Earth to battle an evil group of space gangsters.  That’s a pretty epic idea right there and you add in the flashy, even trippy, fight scenes and a transforming robot dragon and you have a winner.  It’s no wonder the first three series were all Space Sheriff based.

The heavy Sci-Fi trend continued with Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion with an added helping of giant monster action that had exploded back onto the scene with the impending revival of Godzilla (the 1984 film).

Things kept going with science fiction until World Ninja War Jiraiya tapped into the eternal fascination with Ninja to change things entirely.

Of course, by this point Robocop has made a splash in Japan and inspired a new breed of Metal Heroes, police and police robots starting with Mobile Cop Jiban.

It continued into the 1990s with shows like Special Rescue Police Winspector, Super Rescue Solbrian, Special Rescue Exceedraft, Tokusou Robo Janperson and then to Blue S.W.A.T. which combined the police theme with the alien invaders that had been such a part of the earliest Metal Hero offerings.

After that, something new was needed, the police angle was growing stale so they looked to Insect-Themed heroes to help, creating the B-Fighter series starting with Juukou B-Fighter in 1995.

This is where I have to start guessing at things because I don’t have any solid information but after the sequel series, B-Fighter Kabuto, the Metal Hero series took a serious left turn into much, much more childish material with B-Robo Kabutack.

My guess is that the more mature series weren’t pushing toys or appealing to kids the way they wanted and they tried something much more oriented to children.  I’m not sure it was entirely successful because after the next series,  Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack, the Metal Hero series ended, to be replaced less than a year later with a revived Kamen Rider franchise.

As with all things relating to TV Shows aimed at kids and especially ones aimed at selling toys to kids, the reason any of them go away is because of toy sales and ratings.  Unless there is some massive outcry from parents or a scandal (like the complaints of violence launched against the original Kamen Rider Amazon or the jumping death of the child emulating the hero from Moonlight Mask) a series and especially a franchise doesn’t just go away.  So, based on these ideas, Toei decided the Metal Heroes had run their course and the experiment with a more kid-friendly approach didn’t pan out. 

It was time for A New Hero, maybe even A New Legend.

anyway one thing i think is interesting in the tf fandom is the fascination with characters from “japan exclusive media” that western tf fans have

cuz there were a few shows in the late 80s early 90s that only came out in japan, like headmasters or masterforce 

Black Shadow, for example, is a jobber Decepticon from Transformers Victory that is relatively insignificant in Japan, but western fans love the guy. Why? because for years, western fans mistranslated “宇宙ギャング“ as “Space Mafia.” (as opposed to “Space Gangster, the correct translation) 

and that’s honestly it? 

Western fans loved the idea that this character was a member of some kind of Space Mafia and elevated Black Shadow as a sort of cult classic Decepticon hero, to the point that he was even introduced in western TF comics as a Decepticon “Phase Sixer,” a Decepticon whose purpose is to single-handedly destroy entire planets once the Decepticons were done with them. Black Shadow is, in the West, canonically one of the most powerful and notorious Decepticons ever 

meanwhile in Japan, Black Shadow is just some jobber bad guy from an old cartoon that nobody really cares about 

Hasbro and Takara (the two toy companies that work together to produce Transformers toys) even made a couple new toys of Black Shadow recently. one in 2011, and one in 2017. Despite Black Shadow originally being a Japan-exclusive character, these new toys were 100% for Western fans because Japan doesn’t give a shit about Black Shadow. Only Western fans care. The toy from 2011 didn’t even get released in Japan until 2015 as filler in their kid-oriented toyline. The more recent one from 2017 currently has no plans to be released in Japan. 

It’s funny. The original version of Black Shadow was Japan-exclusive, but nobody from Japan cares about him. Only Western fans care about the character because of a mistranslation and the novelty of him being a Japan-exclusive character. 

Rules: Post 10 songs you associate with the OC(s) of your choice. Linking the song is up to you. 

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Harry from Sheffield (who features in this Downton Abbey ficlet):

Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin)

American Beauty Rag (Joseph Lamb)

Boats and Birds (Gregory and the Hawk)
“If you’ll be my boat, I’ll be your sea
A depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity”

Constantinus (space gangster Hux clone, Star Wars OC)

Shiny (Jermaine Clement) - yes, really
“Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough“

Caffeine (Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams feat. Lamar Hall)
“Call the morgue and say goodbye
Write your will, it’s time to die”

For the Damaged (Blonde Redhead)
“Guess we’re equally damaged“

Aeliana Erimond (Tevinter mage, Dragon Age OC)

You are the moon (The Hush Sound)
“The subtle grace of gravity, the heavy weight of stone”

Words for Arabella (Maybeshewill)

Ruby Irving (Sole Survivor, FO4 OC)

Those Magic Changes (Sha na na & Johnny Contardo)
“Been so lonesome since our last goodbye
But I’m singing as I cry-why-ay”

The End of the World (Skeeter Davis)
“I wake up in the morning and I wonder
Why everything’s the same as it was
I can’t understand, no, I can’t understand
How life goes on the way it does”

(For those I haven’t already told: this song came on Diamond City Radio right after Piper rejected her flirt attempt lol)

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So the delusional part of me wants Hux and Ren to runaway together and just live a happy and adventurous life as outlaws. Thoughts?

Hey my pal I’m all about these delusions. So prepare yourself for some space gangster au 

  • Hux resents the idea at first. But it’s their final option.
  • They fled in one of Hux’s private shuttles. Ren was the pilot, Hux the co-pilot. With as many of their belongings as they can bring and all of Hux’s credits (he has quite a lot fortunately)
  • They got to some system they couldn’t pronounce. Full of outlaws and bounty hunters. It wasn’t exactly easy for them to blend in; Hux was quite recognisable. But they were far away enough from the Order that it was never a huge problem.
  • They laid low first. Figuring out where they stood and what they were doing to do.
  • Honestly, they just distracted themselves with sex a lot. Just fucking in every position, on every flat surface on the ship, until they knew each other’s bodies inside out. Knew each other’s sensitive spots, limits, weaknesses, every little detail imprinted on their brains.
  • But after a while, when the credits started depleting, they knew they needed another plan. And since neither of them have much of a moral compass, and even less so when they’re together.
  • So they become space gangsters.
  • And, oh, they become an unstoppable duo. The cold and calculating Alexander Hux and his fearsome consort Ren (not to be confused with the Knight of Ren bc there is absolutely no affiliation at all. None whatsoever.) Basically, you don’t fuck with these two. They are deadly and dangerous. Fear and respected in the Outer Rim territories. Hux designs and sells weapons. Ren does some bounty hunter work here and there. They get into crazy shenanigans.
  • But they are giant domestic nerds when they’re by themselves, okay?
  • Hux grows out his regulated hair, finally, and Kylo feels like he’s found a new religion in it. Especially with the facial hair that burns against his skin just right. Kylo grows his hair out, too.  Past his shoulders. And after a while, Hux develops a little bit of a tan. At least, for him anyway.
  • Kylo teaches Hux how to mediate. He does a lot of it, trying to block out… everything he can. Hux does a lot more ballet; his primary way of keeping fit. Kylo still did around a thousand sit-ups or push-ups a date. Sometimes Hux would sit on his back. They teach each other their own ways of fighting, strengthen one another. Though not overly Force sensitive, Kylo taught Hux would he could. How to feel the universe around you. They communicate through the Force a lot. Good for when they’re out on jobs and they can be grossly romantic without people knowing
  • They change ships every few years, just for safely. Neither of them got very attached anyway. And it’s certainly fun to christen new ships in unsavoury ways. Hux as all but forgotten what his bed felt like on the Finalizer.
  • And of course they want for nothing. Hux wears expensive clothes and collects old books and artifacts for Kylo.  


One rainy evening, they’re lounging in the viewport of their latest ship, parking in the hanger of some bounty hunter hangout, facing each other, nice and snug. Hux is drinking caf and reading, with Kylo absently massaging his feet.

“I’m sorry, Kylo says suddenly, breaking their nearly hour long silence.

Hux lifts his eyes. “You’re sorry,” he repeats. “What for?”

His lover shrugs, lost in thought. “You always thought you were destined to rule. To own the galaxy. I believe I got in the way of your destiny.”

“Well,” Hux sets his book down, looking thoughtful himself, “depends on how you interpret it. I always thought I deserved the galaxy. To cup it in my palms and hang up the stars to my own design…”

Kylo brings one of Hux’s feet to his lips, kissing the toes. “You would have been a great ruler.”

Hux lips tug into a smile. “But the galaxy is worth very little to me now, and if you were absent from it, it would be worth nothing… I suppose you could say you are my galaxy.” He chuckles, quiet and fondly. “So, actually, yes, I do own the galaxy. My galaxy.”

“And the galaxy owns you,” Kylo replies swiftly, leaning close, like a child whispering a secret. “It would be quite lost without you to hang up the stars.”

Mm, I do so love my galaxy.

Wouldn’t want it any other way.