gangsters in space

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Tony Stark is my father, too. Can I join in on the Stark Trek marathon pillow fort party?

Absolutely! We’ll order pizza

Since I’m the oldest I get to pick the first episode and I choose A Piece Of The Action

I love me some gangster space husbands

The signs as genres
  • Aries: action, westerns, sports, war/military
  • Taurus: sagas, epics, coming of age
  • Gemini: psychological thriller, murder mystery, mockumentary
  • Cancer: drama, romantic comedy, family
  • Leo: comedy, super hero/comic book, biopics
  • Virgo: crime, satire, historical, medical, documentary
  • Libra: philosophical, court room dramas, political
  • Scorpio: horror, dark comedy, revenge
  • Sagittarius: adventure, survivalist, slice of life
  • Capricorn: mystery, film noir, gangster
  • Aquarius: fantasy, science fiction, space, animation
  • Pisces: romance, magical realism, fairy tales