“Killing students is moving mexico”

Protest in solidarity with the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa and the 6 inocents who died during the kidnaping

on september 26 the local police of Iguala opened fire to 3 buses killing 3 student, 2 members of a soccer team and 1 civilian and ended with the kidnaping of 43 students from the normal rural school of Ayotzinapa this happened near to a military base who did nothing to stop these actions.

This is not the first time that the mexican government do something like this for many years students and social activist have been disappearing or dying in mysterious circumstances and most of the time are covered up with the mainstream media who only works to praise the government actions and establish separations in society (sounds like facism to me).

This is a country that is tired of being ruled by the same organizations just with different faces, some call it the perfect dictatorship where it doesn’t matter how many elections are held the power always remain with the same group of people, we have been governed for the same corrupt organization for 85 years but even after these almost 100 years of corruption we see a bright future but we have to fight for it even if it cost us our lives, because if we don’t burn then who will light us in this darkness.

#Ayotzinapa #FueElEstado