gangster spock

flamingbluepanda  asked:

(A.... cabbage?) anyway. Spock, do you like bones' eyes? (Tos) (please expect a lot of questions from me I love this blog)


Spock: His eyes are blue. Further comment is not necessary. 

McCoy: Excuse me? Not necessary?? You’ve written almost thirty poems about my eyes! 

Spock: …Leonard, as I informed you when you discovered them, it was quite logical for me to– 

McCoy: Uh huh. Logical. Is that the story you’re gonna stick to? 

Spock: I merely wished to… express myself after the incident on Sigma Iotia II.

McCoy: Incident? You mean when that gangster…? Oh, Spock. *grins* You know these baby blues only have eyes for you.