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The King (Kmovie)

Watched this today.  

It has really top of the line actors.  I love every one of them. And movie is timely and definitely well made.  It is also gritty.

The gangster is the only I felt the most for.  We probably were supposed to feel that.

I feel there are more and more dramas/movies these days that make the gangsters more sympathetic than politicians, chebols & criminal justice system.  It is kind of scary.  

But movie is not that innovative.  Nothing in the movie  feels new or fresh.  I kept feeling, I have watched this movie before - perhaps with different actors and told slightly differently but overall, it is kind of the same.

Corrupt prosecution, corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, working together in a corrupt system to become more powerful.  And there are gangsters who help them get the dirty work done.  Then another set of prosecutors targets these group of people, they need small fish to get the big fish etc. etc.  

Significant part of the movie is narrated.  I kept waiting for something big to happen or some kind of twist.  It did not come at all.  

I did not find the movie entertaining.  But it was a good look at the state of the world and I already knew that and I was not sure if I wanted to watch a movie about it.


My Joy Scale - 5

Bad Girls Club..

So I’m writing another mini series on here…. I might finish it. I might not lol. Depending on where it leads me. BUT. I’m dropping a piece of it today. And the rest will be…. Soon 😊

So here it is. I hope y'all enjoy this like the other ones!!

There’s something about the purple dungeon. It’s filled with the worlds most famous athletes. Gangsters, politicians, even your friendly neighbor has been in the room. But only an exclusive bunch. They’re hand chosen, on a specific day. A specific time. And for a specific reason. Reason is: to see me, Venom.

Well that’s what they call me. No I’m not a stripper. I’m not a call girl. I’m not a prostitute. I’m even better. But that’s a secret only kept in the purple dungeon.

The purple dungeon holds 4 of the most beautiful women youd ever meet. Me. Aphrodite, Sap, and Chyna. And we are not available upon request , we request you.

And today… You have been requested by the exclusive Bad Girls Club of the Purple dungeon to engage in a night of epic fantasy. And you have been chosen by me…

Date: January 12, 2016
Time: 8:00 pm.

See you soon….