gangster night


IM FUCKING CRYING!!!! THIS IS EVERYTHING IVE WANTED!! I was so sad thinking this was set before gangsters in love but I was fucking wrong and bless MC for asking if Aurora has a girl because this was beautiful and exactly what I needed, Aurora talking about her MC (aka me duh XD) to AFK MC ;________; as soon as she chocked I knew I KNEW it then she had her lamb. God I love her and this made the special for me.

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✮  - must find a place where to spend the night (w/ gangster!hoseok)

Not a single word has been said from the moment Hoseok brought you back to his place. The silence was killing him, but not as much as the look in your eyes as you try to smile despite the sight you were welcomed with as soon as you got home. To say it was a mess would be him trying to be modest with his choice of words. To leave out all the horrific details of the hurricane that came through your apartment, ripping the edges and tearing apart anything it came in contact with… Hoseok’s partially grateful he hadn’t seen it.

Because he would make the faces of the people who did just that.

What he does do is… hold you when you ask him to and stay when you tell him not to leave your side. You can feel the anger festering from within him, against your temple as you press your head there and with one request of please don’t do anything Hoseok tries to calm himself down, all while trying to calm you down. He tells you there’s no way he can’t just not do anything. Messing with another gang leader’s girl and expecting nothing in return is not the way things work around here but in the very least, as you cup Hoseok’s cheek and lure him closer to - “P-Please be safe, then. Not just you… all of you,”

He sighs and straightens you up a little, so it’s easier to gaze into your eyes and let his hand join over yours as your bodies sink into his mattress, “You know I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep,”


He peels your hand off his face, directing it down to the side so his hand rests upon your cheek instead. Gently, as if it’s the first time, Hoseok leans down to kiss you in assurance, like promises being said without being spoken into words and over and over again until he pulls back, like it’s the last but never really is and nods.



Thanks Anthony Mackie, I guess I’ll just go watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Night Before, Gangster Squad, Our Brand is Crisis & Playing It Cool. All oscar worthy movies you decided to be a part of, oh wait they’re all pretty darn awful. Maybe if you were a part of Avengers: Age of Ultron you shouldn’t be talking shit about anyone 🤔🤔🤔