gangster moll

Dear god, THIS.

THIS IS WHY you can never ship Joker and Harley to me EVER again. When she arrived on The Animated Series, it was in a fun, gangster moll style. But we know what happened since. And I’ve had too many friends that have been through similar situations.

I wish I knew who to credit for this. In this ONE panel that DC didn’t even pen, everything that’s been shared in confidence has come back. So DON’T romanticize Joker and Harley in the future. Because that’s not love, and when you look at it honestly, it never was.

What if it turns out that Reid actually is a massive drug dealer and all throughout the shows he’s been dealing on the sly and using contacts within the BAU to keep it secret. What if he’s actually the bad guy! The baddest big bad of them all!

And he escapes jail and the show itself ends with him and his mom (who’s not really ill but faking it to get access to other pharmaceuticals) in a high speed car chase, being taken out in a rain of bullets!

And it turns out Lila Archer is his gangsters moll who has been distributing the drugs throughout Hollywood.