gangster child


AT with dreamymilkshake! >w< - Gangster au : Sora and Yuzu with winged child and Zarc and Ray!

I really LOVE your parts that you do for me >w< <3 <3 <3 <3 but awwww ; w ; @dreamymilkshake I’m really sorry that I do my part of our art-trade really really really late ; w ; w ; ; w ; I was too addicted to the movies and games 

dreammymilkshake arc-v’s gangster au —>  here

for Sora and Yuzu, at first I was drawing them doing a “scary face” to anyone but no, I have another idea since they said that I could add someone who is non-gangster au to them ^w^  (I always wanted to draw my winged child au with your gangster au >w< )

You know, Wing! Yugo just doesn’t like if someone mocking him back and Gang! Sora just did that to him lol   and Wing! Yuto is loving to be brushed, So Gang! Yuzu just giving him some treatment >w< 

for Ray is kinda police/spy who keep her eyes on Zarc in gangster au but I have another headcanon that Zarc is loving to have her hurt him lol and then, I just watch Gintama ; w ;

PS. hope you liked it ^w^ despite no color ; w ;

((My cousin prank called me and when I answered I just heard a weird guy voice that sounded sick and elderly but also like a child gangster redneck at the same time and all I heard was “something something will u merry meh?” And even though the number was blocked I screeched really loudly in a weird high-pitched old lady voice “YAS!” And my cousin hung up and I’m sick with some weird cough now so I just start wheezing and I couldn’t breath))

omg i don’t know where is this picture is from but what i see in this picture is that

Jeonghan looks like a proud mom with 2 children at the back who he insisted on having a family photo with. Minghao looks like a cute child whilst Wonwoo looks like a gangster child of Jeonghan yet both were forced to take picture with the proud mother.

aw what a cute family picture ♥